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Nationwide Immigrant Boycott: Diary of a Bystander

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8 am — While the weekend reports on television told us that the Los Angeles rally would be to the west of us, the Los Angeles Times reported this morning that the first rally is on Broadway leading to the civic center, just blocks to the east. The rally is scheduled to start at noon and Broadway will be closed at 9 am. They expect it to affect all the East-West traffic in downtown. We head out the door in one car in case traffic and parking is bad.

9 am — There was no traffic on the route into LA. Not even spring break traffic was this light. We saw one Jack in the Box closed. Other businesses were open, even as we passed by many Latino businesses. The barricades were just being placed along Broadway.

11:30 am — We slipped out for lunch. People are arriving for the rally now, dressed in white shirts, getting out of buses and cars in groups. There were a few American flags. Most carried nothing. I saw a cab with large ribbons the color of the Mexican flag tied into bow on the roof. Biggest surprise — there are a lot of families with small children.

1 pm — The radio reports that Broadway is covered with people. Looking out my window, this is not media hype. Broadway is filled like Times Square on New Year’s Eve. People are walking north towards the civic center. There’s no spillover onto the side streets, at least 5 blocks south, where I can see. Two points of note:

Parallel to Broadway, people are walking in the opposite direction on Hill. To get to the beginning of the rally and do the whole walk? It’s hard to tell. I don’t see anyone at the Broadway intersections within my view redirecting them.

A line of five police cars with sirens blaring headed north on Hill towards the civic center.

2 pm — Pajamas Media has a couple of reliable bloggers on the ground with reports consistent with what I have observed:

They were joyful, they were non-violent (at least as far as we could see) and they were well-organized. A lot of the organization from the downtown demonstration came, alas, from ANSWER and their extremist ilk, but that didn’t stop us from being moved by the demonstrators and their earnest desire to be Americans and to find honest work here.

2:15 pm — Broadway is clear and the number of people headed south on Hill is increasing. There’s no permit for Hill and traffic is not blocked off. People and cars are intermingling dangerously. Is this just the exit from the rally? People headed to Wilshire to start walking towards the next rally?

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  • Nice report, Justene. I work around Wilshire and 7th. Started noticing marchers around 1:30 or so and a goodly number were streaming to and from other areas for the rest of the day.

  • phillymantis

    the fbi shouldve dropped the worlds largest net on those marchers and sorted them out by their green cards

  • What is wrong with these people? Just apply for freakin citizenship, there is *NO* reason to do it illegally, and then complain when they are caught. Yes, this country was founded on immigration, but legally.

    Plus have they read any news on how Mexico treats THIER illegal immigrants? They expect the USA to be nicer about it? Anyone that thinks illegals should be allowed to stay in the USA, should spend a year living in Van Nuys, California….

    They are illegal, so they can’t get a real job… they get paid crap, so they can never afford to get out of the ‘cycle’ and end up grouping to create ghettos. If they were legal, they could PAY TAXES, CONTRIBUTE to the country, and get better jobs, thus getting out of the cycle.

    Why leave mexico, to continue a a bad ‘cycle’ ?

  • paul

    What is with van nuys, califronia?

  • the illegal mexicans turned it into tijuana… its dirty, covered with homeless people, and you cant walk 30 feet without getting bummed for change or robbed, all the signs are in spanish, the police wont even go there

  • Hex

    Ever been to certain areas of downtown LA? it is full of homeless blacks and whites that do exactly what you are describing. What you describe in van nuys is not something ALL illegals do, and it is not just mexicans that come here into this country illegaly, there are also asians, south americans, and yes, even europeans. And for those of you that think it is as simple as applying for citizenship, its not, I have lived here for 16 years and it will be another 9 years before I can get my paperwork done. Yep, I am on a waiting list. I am allowed to stay here but I can’t drive, get a job, go to school, etc. It would actually be easier if I STAYED illegal. The process is fucked, fix the process and then you won’t have this problem with illegals.

  • Heloise

    Illegal aliens contributing to Obesity in America–especially here in Texas.

    Why? I think it falls under the category of unintended consequences. THink about it: we are constantly being told how the price of things has fallen and we have more food, more produce, more production in the agricultural realm. That spells more food and more junk food.

    THey have taken over the meat packing industry and the burger sellers are making bigger, fatter burgers and people are eating it up.

    THen there is the corn syrup in soft drinks that is literally killing kids. THey care about starving Mexicans in Mexico? Well what about kids here who are starving with the addition of corn syrup to their diets to the tune of 5 or more drinks in one day contributing to obesity–and now–get this: creating diabetes type #3 in kids!! How are they starving? The iron in their blood and the calcium in the bones is literally being leached out with the addition of soda to the diet of young children.

    SUre there are lots of little fat illegal Mexican kids running around, taking up even more space than they are allotted, but they are keeping the black kids fat too. Now it has hit white kids. And you know what happens when white kids get impacted? We get results.

    YOu may not live near a large Mexican population, but here in Texas you have to be rich to escape it. And everywhere you go they have food this, and food that, street vendors all over the place. They eat in class, at lunch, after lunch, unending, never-ending eating with these people. And they have even come to my door, ringing my bell with some homemade stuff trying to sell going door-to-door! Where are the police or ICE when you need them?


  • Heloise

    Hex, you should have stayed where you were obviously.

    The mastery of city dwelling is something that does not come naturally. I mean, animals live in groups but they do not live in concrete jungles–we do.

    As for whole cities going to the dogs because of illegal immigration–that is becoming more common actually. We are told they are revitalizing the country and living and doing things that no one else would do. I don’t buy it.

    Mexico is a third world country just like most of Africa. If we take in the third world we will look just like them in short order.

    France has put them in warehouses just as America did for black Americans. Jews once filled the ghettos of Europe but it took centuries for them to assimilate.

    The bigger the immigrant group, the bigger the target.