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National Polls (10/29/2004)

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Bush: 50%
Kerry: 47%
Nader: Less Than 1%

FOXNews/Opinion Dynamics:

Bush: 50%
Kerry: 45%


Bush: 51%
Kerry: 46%


Bush: 49%
Kerry: 47%


Bush: 46%
Kerry: 46%
Nader: 2%


Bush: 47%
Kerry: 47%

In other words, Bush is still leading by a tiny margin. But he is 50% or above in 3 polls, with Kerry’s best showing at 47%.

I strongly expect Bush to win the popular vote at this point. And the Electoral College vote still favors him, but not by much.

Expect a looong November, as Kerry’s lawyers try to steal this election, just like Gore’s attempted to do back in 2000…

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