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National Guard Responds to Hurricane Katrina

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The national guard is busy responding to hurricane Katrina down south. Will they be there when your state has an emergency?

The Pentagon in their wisdom has decided to shutter a slew of military bases around the country. They say that these bases are being shut because they are cold war relics. This may in fact be partially true, however the overiding concern is monetary. The cost of war on terror is staggering, well over 300 billion and counting so far.

Apparently though we still have billions to squander. The recent passage of the Transportation Bill includes some completely outlandish items. Congressman Don Young, chairman of the transportation committee for example, has set aside 230 million to build a bridge to an island used by a few dozen people. Wouldn’t this money be better spent maintaning our military bases?

Another issue of vital importance is the backdoor draft. President Bush and his advisors have decided to send our National Guard units to Iraq for extended periods. The National Guard is intended to do just that, protect the country. But instead of aiding us in natural diasters like Hurricane Katrina, their are off in the Middle East, guarding mosques.

We have over 60,000 troops stationed in Germany that can be sent there. I don’t think Germany is in any danger, and even if they were so what. Most soldiers in the national guard didn’t sign up thinking they were going to be full time soldiers. Remember all those ads, “One weekend a month”.

The president needs to live up to the promises told to our guardsmen. Some states like Montana in fact, are trying to put presure on Washington over this issue. They rely on the guard for vital help with forest fires, but most have been sent away.

The southern states have been lucky because they have been spared much of the base closures, and have the guard on hand to help with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. When diaster strikes your state will they be there for you?

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  • SFC Ski

    It should be “they are off”, not “their off” other than that, you’ve written nothing remarkable.

  • The bigger story is how Don Young, Alaska’s lone Congressman has wielded this kind of power. A look at the PACs who have heavily contributed to his campaign is very telling. Having been to Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway I can see why the people living there are pissed off. There’s not enough population to support the kind of work that’s to be done. It’s a gross waste of money not to mention a serious assault on the environment. Alaska is one of the few remaining pristine places in America and come hell or high water they’ll screw that up, too. Who ever heard of an 18 mile stretch of highway that leads to nowhere? The Republican Governor Murkowski, his Senate daughter Lisa and Congressworm Young should be driven out of the state on a rail along with all the special interests who have their sights set on one thing: PETROLEUM.

    Wake, up, America!

  • John, you’ve opened the doors for discussion of a wide variety of topics in this piece that have little to do with Katrina yet, at the same rate, they have everything to do with natural disasters within our borders. That proverbial rubber band has been stretched to the max in this country. Even a small disaster at this point could send us over the edge. Imagine, for a moment, if mother nature sent an earthquake to the West Coast.

  • The title of this post seems to have absolutely nothing to do with the post itself.


  • I am glad that the military is finally stepping in, militia law needed to be in effect days ago since people are shooting and killing each other down in the ravaged areas, it has gone crazy down there with looting and killing!