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National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

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“So what?” What does this mean to each of us as individuals? Does it change anything that there is a month dedicated to nationally recongizing something? Why “name” a month if it comes without purpose or meaning.

Recognizing and being aware of Domestic Violence CAN and SHOULD make a difference in all of our lives especially as we approach the holidays and a season filled with “Family Times.”

Domestic Violence is running wild in our country. Research and studies are indicating that our young adults are showing signs of being the most violent generation ever. Additonally, because of the sheer numbers of crimes in our country, we as a civilization are becoming increasingly de-sensitized to individual actis of violence that happen in our own communities every day.

So how can we help our young adults to grow in their understanding of the impact of crime, especially family violence? And how can each of us deepen our empathy and compassion for those who are victimized?

There are many things we can do, some at our dinner tables, others in our offices and still others in our churches or civic groups.

Here are some suggestions:

– Coordinate a group of people to sign-up to support a Battered Women’s Shelter in your community

– Spend extra quality time with your family

– Coordinate a canned food drive for a shelter

– Prepare a giving tree for a victimized family

– Invite a guest speaker to your group to create awareness and involvement

– Speak up when you hear someone speak about violence

– Challenge your children to talk about the words of current popular music

– Purchase a gift certificate for a victimized family

There are so many ways to help. I challenge you to JUST DO SOMETHING.

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  • Eric Olsen

    Thanks for the very fine posts, Steve, sorry I am late getting to them. Super suffestions for concrete action on this one – thanks and welcome!