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Nanny 911’s secret recipe for success

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To live in a five bedroom house filled with more than three kids, to be married to a man with a thriving business, with pets and picket fences thrown in as bonus accessories might seem to some women(especially those who do not believe in contraception) a dream come true.

Reality however proves otherwise. The children act like brats, the pets remain untrained and the husband, a tired man returns home to an irate wife who is either stonewalled or verbally abused. This is the picture we are shown on Nanny 911 time and time again.

No one in their right minds would want to live with these types of families which make the circus look like a calm place to hang out. Yet the nannies are able to normalize these animalistic families to operate on semi-human levels in a matter of days. Their secret – discipline, communication and a healthy respect for the members of the household no matter what their size or age be. Well, maybe, the cameras help.

While this might seem an oversimplification of matters that in their day to day complexities drive the parents towards silent martyrdom and give the kids the upper hand to hijack the family life and run amuck like loose chimps in an unsupervised zoo, the fact remains that these troubled parents are in over their heads forgetting that a fear of an angry parent is a healthy thing and will not stunt or traumatize their kids’ childhood.

A toddler similar to a pup tests his/her boundaries and limits all the time and it is for us adults to be rational and patient while we explain and train them to behave like human beings. This is a fact that we as parents have learnt through numerous trial and errors.

Through all the rational conversations that take place while he cries his heart out we re-in force the fact that our word was the law and yet at other times remind him that he remains the apple of his parents eye who would be praised when he did something right or be given the space and respect when he demands it as he so often does.

Parents also need to remember that kids tend to ape adult behavior. This makes the rule- Practice what you preach to be one of the rules that should be ingrained in the parents’ psyche.

The most important rule that we grew up under remains the most vital one to ensure the development of kids with healthy personalities- My roof, my rules and there are no two ways about it.

Treating these little devils as if they are little ice- cream dolls that may melt under a tad bit of heat is asking for trouble. These little tow heads don’t need cajoling psychiatrists but firm, long suffering parents with a pinch of sense of humor to tide them over the terrible twos and rude pimpled teen years that their progeny will make them suffer through.

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  • I am guilty of watching these shows. My continous thought is constantly: why did you have so many damn kids?

    seriously, you can’t raise one. The second one just mounted troubles… and now you have 4 or 5.

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  • Thanks Scott – I hope it is appreciated by the readers

  • anonymous

    I watch the nanny show. I know alot of kids who need a nanny like the ones that we see on the show.

  • Considering little children being handcuff maybe some parents/kids really do need 911.

  • That last comment is not spam, interestingly – it links to a T-shirt titled ‘Nanny Deb is my Homegirl Ringer T’ – I have to assume it’s intentional humor.

    Is this the real ‘Christopher Guest’, from Mighty Wind, et al?

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  • Kate

    I do admit that for parents who have so little patience, they sure do have a lot of children. If you are going to be a parent, you should be prepared to handle problems effectively and efficiently through proper discipline. I think that these shows definitely allow people to realize that. Anyway, I love the show.

  • Olivia

    It was just brought to my attention that Nanny 911 was canceled. I am really angry about this because I really enjoyed it and it surely promoted a positive message. I was also just informed that season one will be on dvd April 8th. I am thrilled about that, but dissatisfied about the cancelation of a show that is as well intentioned as this one. I believe it was a huge mistake. 🙁

  • Danielle

    It was canceled? OMG that really sucks. My kids and I loved that show. But I suspected it b/c there hasen’t been new episodes in a while. I wish it was still on. It deserves another chance.