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Namco Bandai Reveals .hack//G.U. Followup

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Namco Bandai will look to hack its way into North American Playstation 2s, with the second installment of its G.U. franchise.

Continuing off of the first series as well as its predecessor, .hack//G.U. Vol. 2: Reminisce furthers the story of a game about a game. Haseo returns with his friends as they soon learn they are incapable of logging out of “The World,” following the defeat of Tri-Edge. Thus, the party sets out in a race against time to purge the game’s servers of corrupted data.

The World is the setting of the fictitious MMO game .hack//G.U. is centered around and will only be experienced once again exclusively on the Playstation 2. The .hack video game series (which has an accompanying anime series) is most noted for being an offline game that mimics the game play and interface of an MMORPG.

Currently, the game is scheduled for a combat tune up, as Namco Bandai is promising a fully upgraded battle system. The system will look to include new fighting styles, in-depth party customization and steam bike customization.

Outside of the player’s party, an all-new mini card game will make its way into the series. Titled Crimson VS, the feature will allow players to collect cards, compile decks and compete in Crimson VS tournaments.

In-game cinematics will further tell the unfolding tale of Haseo and crew as their adventure continues on the Playstation 2 this summer.

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