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Naive In Relationship – Moon Conjunct Jupiter and Pluto Opposite The Sun: Astrology-Based Advice

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hot air balloonsHi Elsa,

I am passionate, and so I love too soon and too deep. I am no saint, but I wear my heart on my sleeve. I just find it hard to believe that there are bad people in the world. I trust and value everyone implicitly, until there are clear facts otherwise. It feels like no matter how often these people come and try to screw me over, I bounce back. I hurt, but then I forgive and I move on – and I want to be their friend, despite it all.

For example, the man I have been seeing for the past two months. I found out yesterday that he already has a long-term, long-distance relationship.

The advice from my friends is to change, not my fundamental nature, but enough to protect myself from getting hurt. I don’t want to keep getting hurt either, but I don’t know how to change – or if it’s even what I’d want to. I think it would feel like I was betraying myself.

I don’t know what to do about this. Does astrology hold any clues?

A Romantic

Dear Romantic,

Sound like you have some pretty good friends there. And this is in part because of your nature, which very frankly sounds similar to my own. Personally, I have found it impossible to change. But I do have a perspective on this that might help.

Bottom line, some people can afford to gamble, others less so (or even not at all). Emotionally, I mean. People like you and I with Jupiter (buoyancy) hooked up with their Moon (emotions) are going to have a hard time staying down, no matter what happens. So you see we have some runway here, which is a great fortune. Basically, we can afford to be generous emotionally.

So I do what you do. I place my bet, but I never give more than I can afford to lose. And I work to keep my head on straight. By that, I mean that giving to some people is no risk at all. To others, the risk is very high. I find if I maintain this level of awareness, I can absorb losses when they occur.

Now I could leave this right here, but I liked your question a lot, so I wanted to point something out to you. All that stuff I just said is valid. But you also have Pluto opposite your Sun. This indicates a desire for intense experience, and a tendency to project the shadow. So just put that in your hopper, okay? As it stands right now, you get yourself betrayed and have the ability to recover, but if you make this more conscious… well there are many other things you could do with your energy.

Good luck.

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