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Nader Drops The N-Bomb!

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Story here:

Speaking Wednesday night at a Washington fund-raiser to retire the debt from his 2004 presidential campaign, Nader complained that Democratic Party powerbrokers had kept him off the ballot in such Southern states as Georgia and Virginia – which reminded him of the oppressive Jim Crow laws that denied African-Americans equal rights.

“I felt like a [n-word],” remarked the 70-year-old white multimillionaire graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School.


“If Ed Koch had said what Ralph Nader said, we’d be marching,” Sharpton noted. “This [scolding] doesn’t rise to the level of a march. It rises to the level of a wrist slap.”

Yesterday, Nader told me he was using the word in the same spirit as the Black Panthers of the 1960s – “as a word of defiance.”

But Sharpton retorted: “He’s not a Black Panther.”

Well, Nader is no racist. And I can certainly understand the context in which he used this term. But it was still an unwise choice of words.

But Al Sharpton, of all people, is hardly in a position to be casting blame. He and his followers have puked out more vicious anti-Semitic hatred than just about anyone this side of Tehran.

Nader is, to me at least, a misguided individual who is both idealistic and well-meaning. Sharpton, on the other hand, is a divisive demagogue who wallows in a race-baiting sewer for a living.

Nader would have to drop about 500 more N-bombs for these two “activists” to be even close to comparable in terms of “insensitivity”…

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  • I broke the story for my Chimpstein.com website about Nader calling himself that word during a speech.

    None of the black people in the audience minded, and the criticism of Nader is yet another manifestation of political correctness, left and right.

    He used the word deftly to make a compelling point that he was horribly mistreated during his campaign in the South.

  • Ralph Nader invariably knows what he’s talking about and he uses the English language to great effect, he’s an excellent writer, speaker, communicator. Not enough people understand how lucky we are to have him speak for us.

  • Nader used the correct word, however offensive people who don’t grok the concept of context find it. Sharpton needs to shut up.

  • Bubbles

    Re: Lott…

    Nader is not an elected official, much less a majority senate leader. There’s simply no comparison.

  • I had to post my two cents on this one….

  • I was actually at Nader’s speech when he said it. It wasn’t used offhandedly – he paused very deliberately right beforehand – he wanted, as he’s said throughout his campaign, to make people understand that the country’s discrimination against third parties is a civil liberties issue tantamount to the Jim Crow laws. I think he’s justified.

  • I understand his context. And if you think about, it is the right word to use. Although I’m not sure Sharpton is bright enough to recognize any words other than the N-word. I’m sure Nader could have described in length about being an N-word without using the word, but Sharpton probably wouldn’t have caught it. There is a huge stigma that goes along with the word, but people need to get over the stigma if we are to pass over any racial boundaries that exist. Language can help.

  • Ralph Nader is actually a Lebanese American. I don’t know if that makes him not white, and I’m certain that it doesn’t forgive his use of a raicial epithet (though his usage of it was contextually apropriate, though unfortunate) Just a correction on the article.

  • Don’t worry, I am not offended… just amused. As for the N word, I don’t see any use for it at all. I know rappers like to use it, which is stupid. It’s a malicious word, and I specialize in words.

    Now cracker – that is a funny and expressive word.

  • K

    “Nader is a nutjob….Hey, I admit I voted for him in 2000.”


    Anyway. I’ve only seen this story here and in the original story (linked from Drudge). Why isn’t this all over the place? Let Trent Lott say one nice thing about Strom Thurmond, and we’ve just reinstituted slavery, LOTT MUST PAY! But Nader starts spewing slurs, and it’s a wrist-slap from Al Sharpton and no mention in the mainstream press. Bias? Where?

  • It’s in the same frame of mind and reference as when Robert Byrd used the phrase “white nigger.”

    It’s a little shocking but in context sane minds should prevail. If they want to.

  • Nader is a nutjob. Yes, we all know what groundbreaking work he did in the 70s… but now he is like a slightly higher profile Alan Keyes. Someone give this guy a reality show pronto.

    his self immolation continues, and I wanna watch. What Nader needs is Ari Fleischer to be his publicist. Then, everything can be denied in real time.

    Hey, I admit I voted for him in 2000. The reason was our state was firmly red, and I wanted Nader to get the 5% to force a Federally funded third party. In watching him run in ’04 though, I lost ALL respect for him. He is totally paranoid now, with a healthy does of self granduer thrown in as well.

  • RJ

    No, he’s a brave dude. And smart. Too bad he’s a pacifist socialist…

  • Nader is a ballsy dude. You can say a lot of stuff about him. But he’s no wuss.