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NAACP Image Awards

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The NAACP “honors projects and individuals who have demonstrated exemplary works by and for people of color” with the annual Image Awards. The 35th annual awards were handed out Saturday night in Los Angeles:

    [Luther] Vandross is recovering from a stroke and was not at Universal Amphitheatre to pick up his prizes for best male artist and his music video, song and album titled “Dance With My Father.” The sentimental favorite won four Grammys last month.

    The Gospel music comedy “The Fighting Temptations” won for best movie. Cuba Gooding Jr. was honored as best actor for “Radio,” and Queen Latifah was named best actress for “Bringing Down the House.”

    Hip-hop group OutKast won for outstanding duo or group, and rotund young R&B star Ruben Studdard won best new artist after crooning from his seat in a performance early in the night.

    Studdard thanked his grandmother for “being part of the struggle in the ’60s,” one of several references to politics and the civil rights movement.

    Ray Charles was inducted into the NAACP Hall of Fame after a tribute performance by B.B. King, Stevie Wonder and Bonnie Raitt.

    ….Toni Morrison won best fiction literary work for her novel “Love.”

    Special awards went to the Dave [“some folks is even whiter than me”] Matthews Band and T.D. Jakes, a nationally known evangelist and pastor of Dallas-based The Potter’s House, one of the nation’s fastest-growing churches with 59 ministries.

    Comedian Bernie Mac, who won outstanding actor in a comedy series and outstanding comedy series for Fox’s “The Bernie Mac Show,” thanked those who supported him when he was making the rounds of comedy clubs.

    ……..The awards by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People are determined by show business professionals and NAACP officials nationwide. The ceremony will be broadcast Thursday on Fox.[AP]

I like the Bernie Mac Show a lot – after a promising but iffy beginning, the show has really grown and has become consistently funny, touching, with a solid grounding in human dynamics, the rituals and realities of showbiz, and the joys and pains of maintaining a family – the sugar and the lemon juice complement each other exceptionally well. Last night’s episode where Bernie and his father-in-law confronted their difficult relationship was particularly good.

Regarding Luther: though I admire his spectacular voice, I am not a huge Vandross fan, but I do think “Dance With My Father” is one of his best efforts. When the AP writer says “sentimental favorite,” I am not sure if he is referring to Luther’s stroke or to the song – probably both.

I just recevied a press release regarding the nomination process for the Image Awards:

    Members of the black conservative organization Project 21 are applauding the NAACP for “seeing the light” by determining that a morals clause may be warranted for future NAACP “Image Award” nominations.

    The goal of the NAACP’s annual Image Awards is to honor “those who strive for the portrayal of positive images and meaningful opportunities for African-Americans.”

    Project 21 played a leading role in bringing public attention to the NAACP’s nomination of controversial musician R. Kelly for an Image Award this year in the best album category.

    R. Kelly — Robert Sylvester Kelly — was nominated in the “Outstanding Album” category for his 2003 “Chocolate Factory” album. However, the musician made headlines in 2002 for his indictment on 21 child pornography counts (seven of which have since been dropped) in Illinois. He’s also facing child pornography charges in Florida.

    Appearing on the Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor” on January 14, Project 21 member Mychal Massie questioned the appropriateness of honoring Kelly at this time, and called the NAACP “out of touch” with the needs of black America. Subsequent criticism from Project 21 of the NAACP on this matter appeared in more than 95 African-American and establishment newspapers, magazines and entertainment industry websites.

    As recently as a month ago, NAACP President Kweisi Mfume defended the process by which R. Kelly was nominated. Mfume’s position now has changed — for the better, says Project 21.

    ….At its quarterly board meeting on February 21, the NAACP leadership began a process to change the way artists will be nominated for future Image Awards. Admitting that many past nominees “fail to meet the standards for positive images,” Mfume said, “It’s more important that Image Awards nominees be able to do more than sing, dance, write and act.”

    Project 21 member Massie responds to Mfume’s and the NAACP leadership’s change of heart: “We are pleased that the more rational elements with the NAACP have prevailed and are looking into a morals clause pursuant to the goals of the Image Awards. It should be viewed as nothing less than lamentable that an organization with such an august beginning allowed irrational minds to permit this embarrassment to happen in the first place.”

Obviously, if this is about “image,” “image” should be taken into account. Duh. But for “winners” in this dispute, Project 21’s tone seems a bit on the indignant side.

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  • Shark

    I’m surprised the Religious Right wasn’t there to protest:

    Luther Vandross songs are prorbaly responsible for more gay marriages than all the mayors in California and New York combined.

  • duane

    The term “exemplary works” denotes “examples” of something in the realm of human affairs. For example, my scrambled eggs this morning were exemplary of the culinary arts. But the term connotes something held up as an ideal which we would do well to emulate. Does the NAACP really want to claim that pop stars and actors represent the highest form of human achievement available to the black community? Evidently. Why is that? I don’t get it.

  • Eric Olsen

    Duane, please note the update – it is not unrelated to your comment.

  • duane

    Thanks for the heads up, Eric. Well, I’d have to agree with the Project 21 position on this. Beyond that, I guess I can partly answer my own question from above by noting that for someone to win an image award, they have to have an image in the eyes of a substantial fraction of the public. This — and I think it’s unfortunate — brings it to celebrities, athletes, and — maybe not so unfortunately — politicians. I doubt that they would endorse a politician, since partisanship would likely cloud the issue. But I’m not sure that they haven’t included politicians in the past. However, I think it’s ultimately useless, and probably harmful, to set up celebhood as a desirable goal. There just isn’t enough room for millions of Luthers.

  • Eric Olsen

    This is an age-old issue of celebrating sports and entertainment stars vs. more practical and reachable professions like teachers, doctors, lawyers, business people, etc.

  • Sandra Smallson

    Duane, i will come to you in a second. First, How Fighting temptations can win any award whatsoever remains a mystery. Bernie Mac is the funniest male comedian in the world in my opinion. He never fails to crack me up and its a shame E4 have not carried on showing the Bernie mac show here in the UK.

    The NAACP can nominate Rkelly as many times as they want. The Academy nominated Roman Polanski. End of story.

    Duane, you seem to have a problem with pop stars and actors, just celebrity I guess. You need to chill out. Pop stars or actors have every right to be considered in such awards. None of them claim to be brain surgeons or heart transplant surgeons saving lives day in day out. However, they do have an important part to play in our world. Atleast, some of them do. I don’t think they claim to represent the highest form of human achievement. Who represents the highest form of human achievement? Whatever group of people you mention, there will be another group that think they deserve it. Thats life.

    However, if black people, less privileged, see their fellow brothers/sisters making it in Hollywood, acting or singing, making money, helping charities, gaining respect instead of selling drugs or burglary or whatever negative thing you can think of, who are you to tell them that because these people are simply pop stars or actors they do not deserve to be awarded for inspiring optimism and positive thinking in others?!

    The award says what it is. Project 21 need to stop making a nuisance of themselves. Any black person who projects a positive outlook on life and is an inspiration to the black community whatever their profession deserves to be nominated for this award.

  • Eric Olsen

    Sandra, I don’t have a profound disagreement with you on this, but surely you can’t tell me that a series of awards called “Image” shouldn’t take, um, IMAGE, into account. It was hardly unreasonable for a black group to say that an accused serial statutory rapist (this was hardly the first time – he was diddling Aaliyah when she was 15) might not be an image they would like to see celebrated.

    These awards celebrate the PERSON, the Academy Awards, to use your example, celebrate the achievement – huge difference.

  • Shark

    “…if black people…see their fellow brothers/sisters making it in Hollywood…helping charities, gaining respect instead of selling drugs or burglary or whatever negative thing you can think of…”

    It’s marketing, plain and simple.

    And there are better levels of “respect” that the kind one gets for being a meat puppet in Hollywood.

    If they wanted to reward “Image” they migh pick successful blacks in any field OTHER THAN HOLLYWOOD OR SPORTS.

    Any minds on their list other than Toni Morrison? Just curious.

  • Dave

    Did any white people win? I guess we were excluded. That’s racism. I forgot, only white people can be racisit.

    R Kelly is a child loving pervert, Michael Jackson is a black ” wanna be white” child molester. Oh yeah. Bernie Mac is a fucking idiot. He’s the reason the last Charlie’s Angels movie flopped. Only the “white women loving brotha’s”want to see a black dude around nice looking white women. Doesn’t it bother the black ladies that white women are preferred over all other ethnic groups combined. Sad but statistically true.

    They deserve these awards. It’s the only time Denzel and all his other homies can win anything. The public, by going to the types of movies they do’ and the box office ratings are the reason they lose over others. C’mon. Who is going to get excited about a man “Denzel” holding a hospital hostage so his son can get a fucking brain transplant or whatever it was. And what about Morgan Freeman? Notice how he’s always playing the role of a “retired or ex-something” who’s older and wiser and his services are always in need, but he’s never thrilled about comung out of retirment. Of course I wouldn’t mind banging the crap out of Hallie Berry and I would eat Beyonce’ like a tossed salad.

  • Eric Olsen

    Has the cheese man returned? No, he would never offer to consume Beyonce or couple with Halle Berry, both of whom, I am certain, would be flattered into a swoon over such an admission by a white man – any white man.

  • Sandra Smallson

    Duane: It seems no matter what topic you and I are on, it will all boil down to the same thing. You spend your time generalising about a whole load of things because of supposed experience etc that you claim to have. I take each thing on its merit or not. There you are, saying..those meat muppets in Hollywood. Ofcourse, respect varies according to what it is that you are being respected for. Respect however, is respect. As long as one is respected in ones own field, there is no need for anyone to be envious of the respect another person gets. What does Luther vandross care that Colin Powell is a respected Politician. Luther is not a politician, he is a musician, thats what he does, and he is respected for that. If that means a person called Duane credits powell or whoever more than he would credit a musician or an actor, so be it. Thats life, dear Duane.

    You can keep on rating degrees of respect if it makes you feel more intelligent than you are. Then you refer to minds..what makes you think that because a person is an actor or a sportsperson, they may not be a great mind? Your outlook on life and human beings is so limited and narrow, I can’t imagine how you go on. Your bitterness towards these people must be worrying for those around you. Its okay to dislike certain individuals. Nevertheless, your tendency to class a collection of people under headings of profession, or what they like, or what their creative output is, and use those self made headings to jusge them as categorically as you do is truly a matter that only you can resolve. You need to search within:)

    I respect teh doctor who performed life saving surgery on a young girl at the great ormond street hospital and saved her life. I respected Barry White as a brilliant musician. Now, why I should be incensed that an award show has chosen to award Barry White and not this young black doctor saving childrens lives, esacpes me. Why I should feel the need to insult the minds or the deeds of someone in Barry Whites field esacpes me. I don’t know what you get from all that anger. The doctor can not write the songs that Barry White writes. Barry white could not have performed a bone marrow transplant. I do not think that now makes Barry White a lesser mind simply beacuse some in society may view a bone marrow transplant as more difficult as writing music. It probably is more difficult and perhaps more important but that doesn’t make Barry unworthy to receive any accolade that comes his way simply because there are people out there saving lives. There are people out there writing articles that expose civil unrest/corruption etc that change lives in countries and are far more important than any of Toni Morrisons offerings. This does not prevent the Toni Morrison you praise from collecting an award for her literary work.

  • Sandra Smallson

    Eric, ofcourse they should take image into consideration. Ofcourse it does not look right to be seen to be awarding a man who has been accused..lets all remember now Eric..accused of child molestation. Innocent until proven guilty. The point that the Academy awards achievement is weak. Are you telling me that if Sadaam spent his time in jail, or Osama in his cave, or the Washington sniper in his cell, writing a screenplay , you would have no problem with the Academy nominating or awarding them with Oscars?

    In the entertainment business, image and achievement work together. You of all people should know that, Eric. We have no idea what Toni Morrison does behind closed doors. We have no idea what Colin Powell does behind closed doors. All we know are the people we see in public life. The image we are led to believe is them. In the doing of whatever it is they do, they portray an image and that is what we know. To distingusih b/w image and achievement in this instance makes no sense. Michael Jordan is an inspiration to black boys. Nevermind that he allegedly cheats on his wife regularly. He is an inspiration because he is a great sportsperson and uses his celebrity to help others less privileged. Thats his image intertwined with what he does which led to his achievements. They are all linked.

    Dave: You do not deserve a response. Your post is a complete nonsense and I pity you.

  • Sandra Smallson

    Forgive my keyboard dyslexia at certain points in my posts…teh,,becuase,,etc..I have no idea why that happens:) Perhaps it’s because I type with 5 fingers on the right and a thumb on the left:)

  • Roger

    About Dave and not deserving a response, well all I have to say that it is pretty much accurate. I’m not discrimanatory to any gender, color or ethnic background, but somehow we have all female insitutions,all black institutions and every other program that is color or gender specific. If (in 2004)a white male decided to start a program that was open only (advertised) to white men all hell would break loose. You can’t even open up a fucking Ice Cream stand without having to have both genders as well as every ethnic breed of human being that ever existed respresented in the company. Even if you only have a staff of two.

    I’m sorry but I was in a position where I was forced to hire UNQUALIFIED minorities. Once tne two females (who happened to be friends)were hired they refused to wear a mandatory head covering because they spent $50 to $100 dollars every week on a new style. After only three weeks I was approached by both requesting that I only schedule them for 25 hrs or less a week because they were getting Government assistance and making too much money would cut out or affect the amount of the assistance. In fact when they were scheduled more than 25 hrs the bitch’s would call in or sometimes not even show up. Finally I fired the lazy whores. I don’t hire people just so they can make a little cash on the side for a new doo.
    Fuck affirmative action. If you can’t do the motherfucking job go learn a trade and do something beneficial instead of wasting valuable time of people smarter than you. I even put up with hearing excuses like “I got a flat on my way to do my drug screen”, “can I do it next week”? One time I called a cab because there were three who rode in one car. They made it to the Piss Test. Two of the three failed and got fired.

    Yeah, ask HollyWood why they chose Denzel to play that character of a man holding a hospital staff hostage because his son needed a transplant and not Tom Cruise or Harrison Ford.

  • Shark


    I don’t want to break up the machine gun timing of your spiel, but meat puppets Toni Morrison and minds was mine.

    SHARK. ~okay? Not duane.

    And I’d address some of your points, but I couldn’t really figure out what the heck you were saying.

    Less coffee. More lucidity.

    And brevity is a virtue.


  • Roger

    Sandra: about comment/posting 13.
    Maybe you should free a few of those right fingers from your vibrator and get that left thumb out of your asshole!
    I know it might feel good to you, but you’re not an Octipuss. Maybe you should get a good dog and a jar of peanut-butter. That might help you multi-task a little better.

  • Right after reading this entry, I thought I knew of who would be behind Project 21. I went directly to a site that details funding of far Right foundations and bingo! — I was right. Project 21 is another of the efforts by the Olin, Bradley, Scaife and other far Right groups to appear to have minority followings. They pick someone of the right complexion, give him a little money and claim he represents some conservative minority presence. But, the ‘group’ is just a front for the views of the white far Right. A description of Project 21:

    NCPPR’s projects include Project 21, a conservative African American organization that opposes affirmative action and the minimum wage and has issued news releases in support of genetically modified foods. Project 21 has been funded by R.J. Reynolds, and it has lobbied in support of tobacco industry interests, opposing FDA regulation of the industry, excise taxes and other government policies to reduce tobacco use.

    For Shark and others who are clueless about people of color, smoking and related health problems are much worse in among African-Americans, Hispanics and Indians.

    I have blogged other groups sponsored by the same foundations at SR, but maybe it is time for an update. One name some of you will recognize is Walter Williams. He is also funded by the far Right foundations.

  • Shark

    MacDevil, here’s where you’re an embarrassment to the ‘progressive’ / ‘left’.

    Regardless of who is behind the R.Kelly flap, IT WAS ABOUT HONORING a friggin’ KIDDIE PORNOGRAPHER FOR AN IMAGE AWARD.

    Does that strike you as ODD? You’re not shocked because the people who pointed it out are ‘conservative’??!

    That’s the shock, lady. You’re blinded by your mindless ideology.

    If the organization (NAACP) had NOT been black, the ‘artists’ had not been black, and some child pornographer or wife-abuser had been honored by an IMAGE award, I should think you’d be all over it with your typical insane outrage. “Misogynist! Child Abuser! White men exploiting the less powerful minorities!”

    HYPOCRITE doesn’t even cover your sorry ass. You are the most rigid, bigoted, and ignorant person on this board.

    We need a new word for you!

    HYPERCRITE! Yeah, that’s you.

    For Shark and others who are clueless about people of color, smoking and related health problems are much worse in among African-Americans, Hispanics and Indians.

    Gotta get the slur in, despite the fact that it has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE REMOVAL OF A CHILD PORNO BOY FROM AN IMAGE AWARDS CEREMONY.

    Nice try, hypercrite.

  • LOL! ‘Hypercrite’? Describes Psycho Shark fairly well. (Shaking head.) Not merely insane and stupid. He can’t spell either.

  • Also note that Walter Williams doesn’t need funding from some nefarious group. He doesn’t have or need any special money. He’s a college professor and a popular author. He makes a living.

    He doesn’t need a bunch of special funding. He’s an academic, not a politician- though I bet my Libertarian Party would JUMP at the chance to spend what little money we have on running him for president if he wanted to do so.

  • Sandra Smallson

    Really Roger? I coulda sworn it was Duane. Just change Duane for Roger as you go along which I note you have already done if not one would not be subjected to what I can only refer to as a moronic kindergarten taunt in your response to my post 13. Puhleeze, grow up! Did u think that was funny? Or did you think I was going to respond to that in kind? You are obviously easily excited and little minds often are.

    I actually do not have any disagreement with some of what you have posted. How you think Dave’s post supports what you have posted, is what escapes me. Maybe you share the same views as dave but your post is a totally different matter entirely.

    I sympathise with the complaint of an award show being strictly for black people. I suspect they started it because they felt ignored during the mainstream awards. I have no problems with that complaint. I also have no problems with your complaint about affirmative action. You obviously have a particular case personal to you that has caused the disintegration of your brain so you are unable to reason like a normal person and have affiliated yourself to Dave’s post which is nothing short of rantings from a demented ignorant mind.
    Many times people have been forced to give jobs to lazy trailer trash white folk simply because they are white, when a well educated black person could have done the job. Now, you have the reverse happening because of affirmative action. It happens both ways. Its a problem. But the tendency of people on this board to generalise is a bigger problem.

    As far as Denzel in his movie. It is this exact point of yours that confirmed to me that you need to be locked up for a few days till you regain your self. If a weapon were put in your hands right now, you would be a murderer. What a ridiculous point. How daft can you be? Even God could not have made you this stupid. You must have come into it all by yourself. Why did Hollywood make Christian Bale play the Psycho? Why Couldn’t Will Smith play it? Why did Hollywood let Anthony Hopkins play Hannibal? Why couldn’t they give it to Samuel Jackson? Why did Hollywood let Christopher Lee play dracula? Surely, Morgan Freeman could have done it. I mean this level of stupidity is unheard of. I really feel sorry for you and your cohorts if this is how y’all reason along with Dave.

    If you are claiming that Denzel got that part because he was black and thats the sort of thing black people do..oh well, die by your own sword. Dracula, serial killers,etc, thats the sort of thing white people do anyway, thats why only white actors can play pedophiles etc because its predominantly a WHITE THING. How silly is that sort of reasoning?!

  • Sandra Smallson

    What they say is really true, if you get fools together no matter their distinct physical traits, it would be impossible to tell the difference. Now, Shark is the one I mistook for duane? Roger, I think I have now mistaken for Shark. Dear oh Dear:) Ok, Shark,take the first 13 or so words of Roger’s post as meant for you. Phew! Here I am verbally brawling with these gutter rats and I am in total confusion as to who is who. Ok, back on track.. Shark, if you couldn’t figure out what the heck I was talking about, why say anything to me at all? As far as your call for brevity, brevity may well be a virtue for princes but when I am responding to a complete fool such as yourself, surely its too great an expectation to request that anyone interacting with people with stunted minds to be brief all in the name of appearing virtuos? if ever there was a complete fool, it would be you my young imbecile.

    By the way, I dont drink coffee, I drink tea. Thanks for asking.

  • Pray that Dave — who apparently thinks women rich in melanin are good for only one thing — gets a brain, a heart, and a clue. Hell, he could be a one-man traveling companion for Dorothy Gale.

    The unfortunate Dave writes: “They deserve these awards. It’s the only time Denzel and all his other homies can win anything.” Um, Denzel Washington has two Academy Awards. (I would imagine the esteemed actor would have “friends,” not “homies.”) Halle Berry has an Oscar. Whoopi Goldberg does too. Granted, the pigmentationally challenged don’t win many, but every now and again, their talents are recognized by mainstreamers.

    And he asks, “Did any white people win? I guess we were excluded.”

    Dave Matthews would be described by many as “white.” He won an Image Award even though he is not “black.” Same with Steven Spielberg, who won three. Then again, most of the winners aren’t “black,” either — they are brown in hue.

    Truth is, though, I am not and have never been wild about awards being centered around people of certain pigmentations (which means I don’t like the Oscars either), and I certainly would not belong to a melanin-focused organization. But I do recall the not so recent past, when heavily pigmented humans did not have any shot at other awards — that’s why things such as the Image Awards came about. Are events such as the Image Awards and the Miss “Black” America contest or institutions such as “black” colleges useless now? There is a topic for debate…

    Long live Luther! Especially if he is responsible for gay marriages.

    As for R. Kelly, ewwwwwww. I believe he can — and should — fly. Far, far away.

  • Roger

    Natalie, and Sandra:
    I am in no way racsist. I actually date a girl on occassions who is African American and in turn will double date with another bi–racial couple. Two of the three minority females that I spoke of in posting#14 were white. Every scenerio that I spoke of regarding me hiring was true. I fact one of my best employees was black. I would not have lost him for anything. In fact I secretly paid him 75 cents more on the hr than his white male counter part for being the best. I say what I say because it is true and can be backed up. My girlfriend Tina(the black lady)has similar views. She has her RN degree and didn’t get extra points for her skin tone (she woludn’t have needed it anyway). This business I was speaking about was a restaurant. Please answer a question for me. Would you put your job in jepordy over a few employees who refused to follow rules? What about having a couple of cocaine snorting “white trash” bitch’s not showing up for work because too many hrs would put some of their “FREE” taxpayer money in Jepordy. If you owned your own business would you want to be forced to hire totally unqualified people when you had two excellant resume’s on your desk? Run a fucking ad in the paper and hire these idiots to work for you.

    Tina is a very smart and sexy lady’ and she along with some other African American aquantinces don’t beleive in affirmative action. As far as the movies it has been minorities complaining that they are not getting enough leading roles. Well it’s all about $$$. The movie ratings and the actors and actresses in the films dictate who is cast in future films. Halle Berry is one of a few who has a proven tract record.Equal is equal.Denzel hasn’t won that much because his films for the most part suck as determined by the box office ratings, not just a few people. Do your research on all of these topics and prove me wrong! Not in a single or isolated incident but find evidence to rebut my statements! Please…

  • Eric Olsen


  • Shark

    In case you were wondering, TODAY’S READING DIRECTIONS ARE:


    You’re welcome!

  • Eric Olsen

    I don’t have a problem with awards springing up to give underrepresented groups recognition, although over time they do become – it is to be hoped – anachronistic. I think focusing on something like “image” is fine and still has meaning and merit, but again, that makes the nomination of a serial statutory rapist all the more odd and problematic.

  • Roger

    What is underrepresented? What happened to desegragation? I was always taught to win on my own merits and talent. Maybe we can put a gun to the movie goers heads and make them watch stupid “give my kid a fucking heart or I’ll kill everybody” movie. Call something “all white” then Jesse Jackson and Al (LOUD MOUTH) Sharpton would hit all fifty states in record time raising all kinds of hell and suing everything white.

    As I have stated on here berfore I work in the Investigating field. Mostly Child custody and cases where a child and/or children are in a compromising situation. In Short, I hate a fucking child rapist like R Kelly and Michael Jackson. Sadly from all that I have seen if either pervert serves time they will definately be in protective custody. They both need to be raped and ass fucked. Now that I think about it the NAACP’s shit is weak. R Kelly my ass. Great image. I think now I fully understand the purpose of these awards. My apology.

  • The unfortunate Dave digs deeper: “I actually date a girl on occassions who is African American and in turn will double date with another bi–racial couple.”

    And this interestingly spelled statement proves you aren’t racist in what way? So you are willing to fuck a melanin-enhanced woman. BFD — slaveowners did that frequently.

    And I note that you apparently ignored the FACTS that Dave Matthews and Steven Spielberg have won Image Awards and that Denzel Washington has TWO Oscars, a distinction VERY few actors have earned. And he has done much more in his career than play that desperate dad willing to do violence to save his child’s life.

    For the record, this non-racial human is against affirmative action on principle, as I oppose pigmentational preferences of any kind, whatever the motivation behind them.

  • “A girl who is African-American. . . ” and apparently a fool.

    Sandra, don’t sweat the name thing. Psycho Shark and some of the other disruptors of Blogcritics use more than one screen name. It is part of the ongoing game they play with Eric, who has the wool pulled over his eyes so much he might as well wear a ski mask all the time. So, Dave and Roger may well be one of them.

    The point I had hoped to make bears repeating: People who object to homosexuality usually have a reason other than religion for doing so. I believe Benjamin is an example.

  • MD, Eric and I have access to information you do not: The IP addresses from which each comment is posted. In short, we know when people are posting under alternate names and when they are not. While it isn’t actually against the rules to post comments under more than one identity, I can tell you with certainty that Shark has never done so. Roger and Dave, on the other hand, both post from similar accounts with the same nationwide service provider.

    More than one person can have the same ideas without being in collusion or being the same person. It happens all the time.

    Eric has no wool pulled over his eyes, and neither do I. That you might want to minimize the number of people who have arrayed themselves against you is understandable, but in this case incorrect.

    There are bad people in this world, MD, but you owe Shark an apology. He does not, as you clearly stated, use more than one screen name.

  • Or, it could be that ‘We uppity Negro haters stick together,’ eh, Phillip? If you were to tell me a traffic light was green, I would suspect it was red until I had verified that for myself. Considering that you are one of the persons egging Pyscho Shark on, I will maintain my skepticisim.

    And, yes, that is a paraphrased remark above. Paraphrasing has a long history in writing and it is not going to disappear because you claim to be unable to grasp it.

  • What in the ever-living name of buddha are you raving about, MD? I HAVE BEEN ON YOUR SIDE since you joined this place, and no matter how many people have asked for you to be booted, both publicly and privately, I have stood my ground. When you left on your own, I asked you to come back.

    You know nothing about my life, and I’m not going to enrich your life by telling you anything, but I can assure you this: YOU ARE WAY OFF TARGET.

    You don’t know the crap I put up with from that butthole Al Barger since I refuse to talk to him until I get an apology over that ridiculous racist guest of his. The only “egging…on” of Shark I’ve ever done is in your vivid imagination. You made a specific accusation, and I can demonstrate proof to the contrary. You are wrong, and you lash out with more false accusations to cover the fact.

    I have ever been your defender, MD, but you have just burned that bridge. I’m done with you now.

  • Well, considering your remark on the other thread, maybe I am overreacting a bit. But, you can’t buddy up with people like Pyscho Shark and expect to be considered objective, Phillip.

  • Shark

    Phillip, thanks. I was about to ask you to use your technical expertise and expose MacD in yet another blatant lie.

    You did so and I thank you.

    You’ll notice:

    * MD didn’t apologize
    * MD didn’t admit she was wrong.

    What did she do? SHE ATTACKED YOU. “‘We uppity Negro haters stick together,’ eh Phillip.”


    The self-delusion continues.

  • Sandra Smallson

    No sweat, macD. Roger, Schroger, Dave Shave, I don’t really care what they call themselves. I don’t even care if one person uses 5 names. What is it to me if 1 person is insulting me or 5 people are insulting me? The numbers mean nothing to me. Especially with this lot. I either have to deal with one dimwit or deal with 5 dimwits, it’s Still dealing with some spastic or the other.

    By the way, I agree with the main point of all your posts on this topic as should any reasonable discerning individual.

    As far as apologising, I am befuddled. Why should you aologise to Shark? I do not understand Phillip’s request or demand and the emotional guilt trip that his post seems to convey. We have all said harsher things to each other without apologising and we’ve moved on. Why on earth should you suddenly apologise to Shark simply bcos you felt he was one of those with multiple names? And did Phillip demand or did he suggest? what is this? A nursery? Are we kids? You apologise if you want to MacD and quite frankly Phillip, its not very becoming the way you went about explaining how you’ve been on her side when so many haven’t. what do you want? An award? Surely, we can credit you with principles enough to know that when you agreed with her its because that’s how you felt and when you disagreed with her, same thing. Is she supposed to refrain from saying anything negative towards you even when she feels you deserve it simply because you’ve had her back in the past? what? Is this some kinda blackmail? Macdiva pls do not think I am causing trouble b/w u and phil. I am just using your name as you are the person involved here, to make a general point. You and phil sort your stuff out but I think the way Phillip has gone about it is truly shameful. How Phillip did not see that his post would encourage louts like Shark makes me believe I have been labouring under misfounded expectations of common sense from some on this board. Geez!

    As for the current road this topic is taking, I have lost interest. Its almost turning into a ku klux march. A subtle one, but not subtle enough. There are complaints that every individual can identify with and understand but the levels that Dave/Roger/Shark are going to, to make whatever point it is they claim they are making,just stinks. Lots more I could say(as usual:) but I would rather not:) Calm down people.

  • Roger

    Go to hell. Does the truth hurt. Oh and as far as calling people rascist and using terms like KU KLUX KLAN you are letting your mouth (actually your keyboard) overload your ass. I’m in the Private Investigating field. I’m certified with a special software that only certified or state licensed Investigators or law enforcement can use or access. I generally give my “yahoo” e-mail but since you are so special I am giving one on this posting that comes straight to my computer. Give me a shout, and not from a library(even though I’d still get a good idea of your area)from your computer. If you want to make cowardly, slanderous and defamatory statments about people then I’ll find out who you really are and legally drag you through the mud. I’M NOT 5 PEOPLE I’M (1)!!!

    Try me and see if I can’t get your real name and origin. You will be very popular before long. Try me coward. I’ll bankrupt you in the legal system. Watch what you say about people because I use my real name and a lot of people know me. Using words like “blackmail” etc., can get you in to more shit then you realize. I’ll be awaiting your

  • Shark

    SANDI on the verge of a nervous breakdown: “dimwit…spastic…lout…Ku Klux Klan…Lots more I could say(as usual:) but I would rather not:) Calm down people.”




    Hey Sandi, u evr hrd uv the wrd IRONY?

  • Sandra Smallson

    Ooooooh, I’m shaking in my boots, Roger, Schroger.. I really am. Are those scribblings of yours meant to be threats? I think u need to research the Law on which you base your threats:) If my post is your surce of complaint, your case will be thrown out of any court. Michael Jackson/ R Kelly’s people have a better chance against you in this area of Law than you would have against me. So, while you are flinging empty threats abound, I think you better watch your own back and not worry about mine:) You need to research the Law on defamation and slander before you spew your drivel.

    On the other hand, your threats sound of the illegal kind, ROTFLMAO. I really am shaking in my boots, but tell u what sugar, where I’m from, that shit just won’t wash. You do whatever illegal things you need to do to find me, and then try some shit on..it’s not America hon, you just freaking try me. You’ll be amazed at the repercussions. That’s no threat, its a promise. I am not that much of a coward to threaten faceless names on the computer. Am I supposed to send you an email to aid your discovery? You must have far more time for me than I have for you. Just some advice, human to human, dont throw threats out on the internet, you have no idea who you are referring to, you have no idea where they are, you know nothing. If your emotions can not cope with such discussions, do not get involved in such debates. If this is the sort of behaviour you use to scare the beejesus out of the little children you work with, hey, you are dealing with an adult here. That nonsense just will not wash, my friend.

    It is still somewhat gratifying to see that my post has got you enraged and it obviously hit a spot:) Ahhh..pauvre imbecile:)read your post again, you must now feel ashamed of how much of your mental state you have revealed in that post. Its okay, I may treat you with kid gloves henceforth:) and I advice others to do the same, you are in a fragile place right now.

    Shark, you now bore me.

  • Roger

    You are a coward. You never struck a nerve with me, I’d just like to reveal you and humiliate you. Working as a Private Investigator I’m used to getting close to people and getting under their skin and in their minds. You are the one who was so upset over the truth about the NAACP shit. You are so weak that you coldn’t put up a ligitamate debate over the issues that started all of this. Anyone with sense won’t waste time on freak like you. I also couldn’t help but notice that you have the longest postings on here, but with the least amount of validity. I have been laughing and having fun with all of this. Just knowing that people are pissing you off enough to make you write those long (empty)postings. Success! Keep writing and we’ll all keep laughing. I just wanted to hear from you personally. Go ahead and email me.

    Oh yeah, if “it’s not America” what is it. And FUCK your so called “serious reprocussions”. LOL!!!
    HA,HA,HA you skanky crack whore.

  • Roger, this is a warning. Your personal insults go way beyond the pale, but your most recent comment can be easily construed as threatening because of its reference to working as a private investigator and getting close to people, etc.

    We very rarely drop the hammer on people around here, but you’re walking a tightrope right now. Please think before you post, and consider your words before you post them.

  • Sandra, people say many insulting things around here all the time. I don’t like them, but our official comment policy states clearly that such things are allowed. However, when someone makes a specific accusation against a specific person, that should either be backed up or retracted.

    If someone calls you mean names, as Roger has done, that’s allowed despite being unpleasant. But if someone states that you, Sandra, have done something bad that you haven’t done, you would certainly want your record cleared immediately if not sooner. If “using multiple names” seems trivial to you, not worth the energy, think of “jumped parole” or “robbed someone” – something really disturbing.

    It is for making a specific and false accusation against someone that I stated that someone (incidentally, not you) owes someone else (amazingly, also not you) an apology. Was it a demand? I don’t think so, it was a simple statement of fact. Regardless of what you or anybody else thinks, MD really does “owe” Shark an apology. Apparently it will not be forthcoming. But it wasn’t my “demand” that caused that debt, it was MD’s baseless and specific accusation against which I’ve provided solid evidence.

    P.S. I see a lot of comments on this site, and yes, most of the time I feel that a lot of us are acting like children. Since you ask. 😉

  • Roger

    I’m not threatening anyone. I have a ligit email and nothing to hide. If you read a previous post I stated I would “legally” to what I said I would do. The government takes hate gruops and racsist very seriously. As I said in previous postings I know a lot of people and don’t appreciate idiots like her trying to associate me or my name with HATE GROUPS like the KKK. This is a free country and I have the right to research and investigate anyone, anywhere, anytime,PERIOD! Remember the key word is “LEGALLY”. I don’t break the law I would be a freak’n idiot to try something illegal especially when you already have both of my e-mail addresses. I’m not stupid. I merely started off debating the Image Award issues, but some people don’t like what they hear then comes the personal attacks. Again the KKK is a group that is under the watchful eye of the Fed’s and if someone is such a crybaby that they use that shit because they don’t like an opinion they and their motives should be scrutinized. Correct me if I’m wrong but the Ku Klux Klan is much worse than “Skank Whore”.

  • Roger, the relative gravity of insults is entirely in the eye of the beholder. Some people might take the KKK label as a point of pride, while I doubt anybody would take any pride in the second.

    I’ve already stated that I don’t like the majority of insulting comments around here, yours included, but I’m not going to do anything about them so long as they just stay insulting. Be as infantile as you want to be, and as you have been.

    But while you are now making great noise about legal investigation, I have reread your previous comment and I still maintain that it walks a fine line. If you are indeed a former private investigator, then you surely must know that most people don’t appreciate what you do when they are the target. To publicly suggest that you might do that might be legal (though I believe that threats of legal actions can themselves still be illegal under certain circumstances) but it is ill-advised.

    You’ve been warned, keep it in mind.


  • Roger

    Below is a statement made by someone on one of your other postings. The term “what comes around goes around” in referance to blowing things up is one reason I say things like I said to Sandra. I make no apologies. Who is to say that this person calling thmselves “Judy” isn’t making a serious subtle threat or that her and Sandra are one in the same. No one knows when you use either fake names or fake email.

    by Judy on February 27, 2004 09:05 AM:
    Gee he must have hit a nerve,it figures you americans think your your shit don’t stink.Figure you can blow the hell out of everyone and aren’t accountable.What goes around comes around!

  • Roger

    Boy! I’ve read a lot worse on Blogcritics. Not Former! As for the law I also posses a degree in Paralegalism and I know what crosses the line and what doesn’t. Go to the law library (not the internet)and do your research on law before you dictate an inaccurate opinion. Better yet call your attorney.
    In fact in most states you can call someone evey name in the book, say I’m going to kill you or make every theart conceivably possible but until you follow through with it you haven’t broken the law expect under certain circumstances. You are acting like I was making racial slurs and things of that magnitude. If the thought of me being in the line of work that I am in sounds uneasy to you or anyone else then I guess you can ask me to leave. I have lived and experienced more in 34 years than most people in two life times. I feel that I have a wealth of knowledge to share on this site. However if someone is so immature as some are on this site that they have to launch personal attcaks when they hear something that hurts their feelings, then maybe they should go somewhere else. I like to debate with mature people. If saying something about R Kelly bothers you then rebut the statement with something credible. I would have never have stooped down if some weren’t so immature.

  • Sandra Smallson

    Phillip, I insist that you ask Roger to apologise to me for suggesting that I and a certain Judy are the same:) If you check you will see that is baseless..LOL. I await your early response..no, I understand your response to my post Phil and as you say it depends on the person. I didn’t and still do not think that to accuse someone of having multiple names is such a big deal in this particular scenario. Besides, Shark seems like a big boy, he can take it:)

  • Sandra Smallson

    Roger, a degree in “paralegalism” .. LOL .. LOL .. ROTFLMAO .. and you actually felt no shame in writing that? really? LOL..We are so clearly not on the smae level, surprisingly by your own admission. There are so many holes/flaws/lies/wrongs etc in your recent posts that only someone who cares about you can take the time that is needed to put you straight or only those with degrees in PARALEGALISM(Nudge, nudge, wink, wink:)I prefer to allow you to continue to make a fool of yourself:)If not for fools like you the rest of us would have no one to look down on and feel superior to.

    I am okay with you not thinking that I have made any valid points regarding this topic. I mean, what is credible in your world? whats valid in your world? Ofcourse, by your world I mean the world of people with degrees in “PARALEGALISM”..LOL. If I were ever to appear credible or make valid points to you then I would be utterly ashamed of myself. Why? In a nutshell, if we actually knew each other and worked in the same place or moved around the same circles, with your degree in “PARALEGALISM”:) you would be the man sitting at the desk by the table near the elevator that I send to photocopy my documents and proof read my letters, sometimes make me tea and other such brainless and mundane tasks. Don’t misunderstand, I love Paralegals, without them a Lawyer’s life would be hell. However, for most, it’s a stepping stone and not a thing to brag about at the age of 34.

    Whats worse? I am a good 6 years younger than you and what you are now so proud of and are shameless enough to boast of, I did during summer vacations while obtaining a LAW degree a good 7 years ago. THERE IS NO DEGREE IN PARALEGALISM YOU FOOL. MOREOVER, there is NO SUCH WORD AS PARALEGALISM YOU SPASTIC. Oh, there might be in America;) but I doubt it, and I’m sure the 100’s of learned folk on this site will confirm its non existense. PARALEGALISM?..LOL..that means you do not even have half the knowledge of an undergraduate. You dont know the first thing about Law. I really am going to have a field day with this comment of yours at the office tomorrow. We’ll definitely raise our glasses to you later on. Have a flapper on Roger’s account:)

    As an aside, for those who like cocktails..flapper..champagne mixed with rum and crushed strawberries:) Try it, its a delight:) Plus, i apologise to any of the hardworking Paralegals or people out there. My mocking of Paralegals is strictly directed at Rog not only because of his attitude but because he has a degree in PARALEGALISM:) LOL.

    Here’s to you Rog, and all those with degrees in PARALEGALISM..lol..you are a riot:)PARALEGALISM, PARALEGALISM,..LOL..Rog, you coulda atleast checked it out first, hon. Is this long? I tried to make it longer than usual just for you my pet:)

  • Roger

    I’m sorry for your stupidity, but that is what the practice of legal assisting or paralegal is referred to. My first text book is entitled Introduction to Paralegalism. The more you talk the weaker you are.

  • Roger

    MR.PHILIP HAS DECIDED TO KICK ME OFF OF HIS SITE BECAUSE IN HIS WORDS by philip winn, “I don’t care about your rights”. That’s real big. They smear the ones they fear!!! Once I decided to possibly expose people who use various phony names & email addreses he freaked. I said nothing harmful and in fact it was all more than legal.

    I do not know what kind off Mickey Mouse site this is but I do know for a fact that it is in a large part sponsored by a Porn Site. Click on the banner above “Diary of a porn Publisher”. When you do, you can scoll down and see pictures of all kinds of filth including pictures of men bending each other having anal sex… A lot of good people who thought this site was ligit was shocked by the blatant pornography and SODOMY!!! Be Warned, this is questionable teritory for your computer.

  • 1. I have never stated that I would kick you off of any site, either here or in email or in any other communication. That is completely false.

    2. I never stated that “I don’t care about your rights,” only that what is legally permissible may not be permissible here.

    3. Feel free to suggest anybody you think is using alternative identities, and as promised, I will investigate them. Iit has been clearly stated many times that using more than one identity is not in itself a bannable offense, so long as one is not masquerading as another existing user.

    4. If you have something to say about the ad, feel free to say it on the appropriate page, where comments were solicited. This isn’t it.

    5. Phillip is my first name, not my last. Also, you spelled it incorrectly.

  • Sandra Smallson

    Phillip, is this favouritism? Why are you not confirming to Roger that I am not Judy? Yet you jumped in to confirm to MacD that shark was not dave or dave was not Shark, I forget. I know I am not one of your favourites but you are not one of mine either so we are square:) Still, I expected you to carry out your duties in the same way.

    Roger, Schroger, my poor misguided cretin. I repeat, so that you do not make a fool out of yourself in a place where it might be more damaging than this site. There is no word like PARALEGALISM. There is no degree in PARALEGALISM. I am even astonished to hear that they have establishments that teach people how to be legal assistants. Surely, anyone with administrative knowledge can do the job. Moreover, it is often Law students that are Paralegals until they get their LAW DEGREES not PARALEGALISM. There are some who are permanent paralegals but you will find that some HAVE law degrees like the lawyers they assist(those are the most helpful ones) and some are just secretaries who work in a Law firm.

    That there is a text book for it, is also a mystery to me. Then again, since YOU are the one telling me this, its no surprise. It’s probably like an idiots guide to working in a Law firm. Maybe they made it for empty vessels like your 34 year old self. I think we are both now tired of each other.

    Still, it would not be fair if I did not tell you, and I mean it sincerely, from a Lawyer to a Paralegal..There is no word as paralegalism (check your dictionary) you went to a school that should never have existed and had no clue what they were doing to have handed out a textbook with the title you claim..and more importantly, check the definition of degree..THERE IS NO DEGREE IN PARALEGALISM. Take care. Enjoy:)

  • Roger

    I’m sitting here looiking at a book entitled “Intrduction to Paralegalism” by author William P. Statsky. Term Paralegalism can even be found all over the internet. I’m sure if anyone cares they’re smart enough to use the net to find the truth and/or the book. Just another example of how stupid you portray yourself. Idiot!

  • Roger

    Below is futher info for your Pea sized brain. http://www.compareshopbooks.com is one place you can find it. I guess next you’re gonna tell me that the Black’s Law Dictionary by Garner doesn’t exist either. You are the type that the more you say the more stupid you look to others.

    Introduction to Paralegalism: Perspectives, Problems, and Skills by William P. Statsky
    Published: 08 May, 1997
    ISBN: 0314201475
    List Price: 92.95

  • No, Sandra, it isn’t favoritism. As everybody around here seems to forget, I receive zero compensation of any sort for doing anythin here – the same as everybody else. Combine that with the fact that I take posters MacDiva and Shark more seriously than non-poster Roger, and the fact that Roger’s suggestion wasn’t as directly stated as MacDiva’s accusation, and there you have it. Apples and oranges.

    But it is true, I have checked the records, and the comments from Sandra Smallson share nothing in common address-wise with any comments from anybody else. In other words, Judy is not Sandra.

  • And to answer the next question, it does not appear that Roger and Dave are the same person, either. Both use the same dialup internet provider, so the IP addresses are often the same. It has also been suggested to me that their style and focus are very similar, but Roger has explained that he is acquainted with Dave, and I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt.

    So it appears that MacDiva, Shark, Sandra, Judy, Roger, and Dave are six separate people. If I’ve missed any others, feel free to email me at the link at the top left of the page.


    P.S. Remember, too, that it isn’t actually against the rules to use more than one identity, though I take a dim view of people conversing with themselves. We allow for multiple identities primarily so that people can make personal statements about sensitive issues without damaging the image they have built under their normal persona, not so people can play games and falsify widespread support.

    What is against the rules, always, is posting a comment as another existing person at Blogcritics.

  • Sandra Smallson

    Thank you Phillip.

    Roger, listen and listen carefully, I will not say it again. There is no word like PARALEGALISM and there is no DEGREE in Paralegalism. I hate it when the little people refuse to learn. I have checked like you’ve asked me to. I am a Lawyer. I have no problem learning new things. I had no fear in checking because I am quite confident in my knowledge. I don’t know everything. I mightn’t know a lot infact. Nevertheless, what I know, I know.

    Such a book does exist from the author you’ve named. However, I am sure if you send an email to Statsky, he will tell you himself, that there is no word like Paralegalism in the English language. Authors do it all the time..make up a word, sometimes by adding a hyphen..like..paralegal-ism..or they coin a phrase. Now, the reason you are still arguing with me and I am confdently telling you as it is, is simply because I have a university education and you do not.

    When you get to my stage you dont allow yourself to be force fed information when it comes to academics. You question its origin and its authenticity. If any of the poor souls that attended that 6 part course in “paralegalism” had had the brain God gave a cockroach maybe some of you might have asked your tutors or Statsky what Paralegalism means. I think it is clear from reading what your lectures were to consist of that you were just learning administrative tasks.
    Adding ism to the word Paralegal was maybe Statsky’s way of making Paralegals feel they were doing a degree course. I’m afraid a mere adding of “ism” cannot make Paralegals have the same know how as people with Law degrees. There’s a reason its an LLb and being a Paralegal is like being a secretary. You can not go to university to become a Paralegal, please stop making a fool of yourself. I pity those children you work with.

    I note you have shown me no proof of what a degree in “paralegalism” is called. PLG? PPL?

    Oh, forgot to add..even one of the senior partners had a field day with you Rog:) I got them to log on and read your post..LOL. I’m getting a free drink for bringing them such amusement on what was a stressful day for all of us. I have logged on now and you are just pure stress relief:) I think Mr Statsky can get away with that book on little people like you. Let me assure you that he wouldn’t dare walk into a decent Law firm or an even half decent one and argue the merits of his word.

    I bet you he is a Lawyer himself. Lawyers are known to make up words. He might even be applauded for coming up with that and thanked for trying to improve the quality of Paralegals. Still, I bet you, no person with a University Education would attend such a course because that is like 7 steps down. It’s made for those who can not afford a uni education or are not smart enough to become Lawyers or even go to uni.

    Thats your prob, Rog. Inside you is an attorney at law desperate to jump out but sadly your retarded brain can’t accomodate your dreams.

  • Sandra Smallson

    Ah, just got an email from one of the people that loved you today Rog. I’ve been told there’s even more than one book. There’s one by a Kimberly ransdell or something..We note though that these courses are American based and all these authors are American. LOL. Figures:) I should have known. Downright typical. There is a reason it’s called the ENGLISH language. Maybe, you want to pick the 2nd book up Rog, might help you out.

    I still refer you to the Oxford dictionary or the all knowing Thesaurus, you will find that indeed there is no word like Paralegalism and shame on those authors for misleading a certain, hopefully small, section of young America.

  • Roger

    Sandra dear,I don’t know where you are from but, if you are an attorney I sure as hell wouldn’t want you on my side. As I showed you above not only are there text books with the word Paralegalism in the title, if you check most all community collegs offer a 2 year degree and some are now offering 4 year degrees. I for once wish good ole Philip would research this one and end your whining about the word “Parlegalism” Would a real lawyer or degreed legal assistant please help me shut her pie hole about this subject.
    Again here below is the peice I posted above. I have even given you a site to find it.
    Introduction to Paralegalism: Perspectives, Problems, and Skills by William P. Statsky
    Published: 08 May, 1997
    ISBN: 0314201475
    List Price: 92.95

    Sandra from posting #52
    “Still, it would not be fair if I did not tell you, and I mean it sincerely, from a Lawyer to a Paralegal..There is no word as paralegalism (check your dictionary) you went to a school that should never have existed and had no clue what they were doing to have handed out a textbook with the title you claim..and more importantly, check the definition of degree..THERE IS NO DEGREE IN PARALEGALISM. Take care. Enjoy:)”

  • Sandra Smallson

    TWO YEAR DEGREES AND FOUR YEAR DEGREES IN PATRALEGALISM? I am outraged. You are a fool so I don’t believe you but if this is true then this is the cause of all the problems in America. What a complete departure from law as known since time immemorial by the world at large. Jesus Christ. What people use common sense to do they’ve made a degree out of it in America. Bloody Nora! What next? A degree in FILE CLERKERY? or Clerkism? You go to a “community college” for 4 years to come out and work as a File Clerk?

    You should even be more ashamed for revealing more information about this travesty, Roger. Can we ignore each other for a while now? You’ve saddened me. I know you are a lost cause, but to tell me that there are colleges of lost causes is really upsetting.

    Run along now Rog, somewhere I fear a village OR a community college:) is being deprived of an idiot.

  • Roger

    It is because America is the greatest country in the world. We are smarter, richer and more powerful than any country in the world. The Attorney’s and the legal system here is more advanced and decades ahead of countries like yours. Hence the need for DEGREEDED PARALGAL’s not the sub par legal assistants in your country. We are so superior in the law that the very best DEGREEDED PARALEGAL in the USA is the equivilent to an average attorney in your country as well as others. Leave it up to the good ole USA to set the bar higher.

  • Roger


    Please type in this. It list every college in every state in the USA that offers all types of paralegal program’s. OH Yeah, brace yourself for the SHOCKER! There are also Master Degree programs. Please don’t pass out. That further supports why a good USA educated Paralegal is as good as one of your average attorneys. Sorry to be tne messenger of bad news.

    I bet it also bothers you that people like me a PI or actually a bail bondsmen like my friend Dave can go anywhere, anytime any place where a suspected criminal my be hiding and break down the door even at night with kids in the house. With out a warrant.

    I actually do some of the skip-tracing while Dave and “Big Josh” break down the doors and drag their ass out.

  • Sandra Smallson

    Jesus, Mary & Joseph. “DEGREEDED”? What the F* is DEGREEDED? Look, just leave me alone. You are depressing me. There is no word like DEGREEDED for crying out loud. And if you are supposed to be a Paragon of better American education then American education is a disgrace and I would rather attend the University of Basra in good old Iraq than attend the sort of schools you’ve attended and come out a complete imbecile not fit for kindergarten and not even with the knowledge of a 5 yr old English girl being homeschooled by a trainee teacher. Scram. you’ve entertained me long enough with your own particular brand of dumbness. What next, the chants of U.S.A, U.S. A?

    You are an apology. A disgrace and should have your passport taken away from you. Those schools should be shut down. The founders jailed and the students sent to rehab. DEGREEDED! Good heavens! A person as daft as you belongs to no country. Not even the United States of America. No, I will not check any more sites you send me to. These sights are a menace to the educated. If we had known illiterates would prove to turn out like you have, we would have insisted on paying your way through a decent college. Don’t you have any talent? take up a sport. Academia is not 4 u, sugar.

  • Roger

    I meant Degreed ! If a spelling error is all you have, then quit crying. I’m sure I could scan your postings and find misspelled words. I am giving you web sites and other info and all you can do is act like a spoiled 13 year old. Does the truth about the American legal system bother you that bad. If you tried to practice in an American Court, some good trial Attorney’s that I know would grind you up and spit you out like a peice of rancid meat.

  • Roger

    Phillip and Sandra,
    First of all Phillip I was surprised and impressed at the above postings. As far as misspelling your name it could happen again because my middle name is Philip with one L and I commonly use it in lieu of Roger if I am traveling during an investigation. Secondly to Sandra: I’m sorry for calling you names especially a SCW. I don’t know you and have no reason to act out toward you. Phillip or no one else is asking me to do this. I’m a Christian even though I don’t live like one or talk like one. All I can say is that I was less than a man for saying that to you, whoever you are. So again, sorry…

    As for David (Dave)he uses my system for use in accessing certain paid legal programs and software for work related projects. He’s not around much, but I have secured the system so he can only access what is relavent to a tracing. I haven’t read all of what he has posted but I will apologize for that to.

  • No problem, Roger, thanks for the comment. I appreciate the further clarification about Dave.

    Um, one last thing, though. This post should be about the NAACP Image Awards. It would be nice of comments were somewhat related to that! 🙂

  • Sandra Smallson

    Rog, no need to apologise. I did not take it to heart and I wasn’t offended. Everything is all in the heat of the discussion. You are the bigger person, for apologising:) Also, you are not alone. I am a christian and I am yet to act like one so don’t beat yourself about that. It’s a shared palava:)and please do not feel less of a man. Pour que?!

    We may well rumble again but we’ll get over it and move on. I hope this apology does not mean u will quit calling me a skank crack whore? I expect u to keep up the good work:) Enjoy.

  • duane

    Music swells, they turn, and walk away into the sunset, curtain falls.

    Now, what was the topic again?

  • jaded naivety

    I think, (and I am fairly certain that others would agree with me)that you are both acting idiotic and childish. I can see that you two equate knowledge with a piece of paper called a “degree”. I can assure you that having a “degree” in anything does not show anything other than that you can do homework, and grind through 4 or more years. My formal education came from Berkely and SMU,(incidentally I don’t use either one in my current position, by choice) but I have learned many many things of true use from those, as I believe you put it “stepping stones”…. you are both the epitome of the masses that are incapable of free thought, and think that the end-all be-all is a “degree”.
    I would choose a veteran “stepping stone” over you 9 out of 10 times.

    grow up.

  • Sandra Smallson

    Jaded Naivety, you would probably be late for your own Funeral..LOL. If you actually understood the posts you would see why there was an argument about degrees in the 1st place. Neither one of us is claiming that to have a degree means you are the cleverest person in the world, but please feel free to assume so. I think I have stated the virtues of common sense many times. In any case, I am not sure why you think you would be in any position to choose b/w me and anyone. I very much doubt that.

  • Roger

    Jaded Naievty,

    Who pulled your damn chain, and just what great things have you done? Punk Ass! (Besides play with youself). You probably have never had a significant other outside your Boo Hoo “Berkley” Paper. I bet when you look at it, it turns you on. If my profiling skills are correct you think Axl Rose is cool and still secretly breast feed from your mom.

    As far as part of your screen name “Jaded” you wouldn’t know jaded if it bitch smacked you like a cheap whore.
    Actually 90% of my Investigating involves child custody and children who’s welfare and best interest are being compromised. It’s one thing to come across an indictment no one knew about on a questionable father who has been charged with two counts of child rape (not his own), but it’s another to put a face to the child’s name. That doesn’t even scratch the surface on all the thing’s I’ve seen. Jaded my ass! You’re probably jaded on gay porn and Cheese Wiz. Go back to Berkley and spend some time at the Star Trek convention… I’ll get to SMU later. Which SMU?

  • Roger

    Jaded Nav!

    What do you meen by veteran stepping stone. If it’s a so called experienced mentor that’s not a veteran. I spent a short time on active duty in the US ARMY and then in the National Guard as a Military Police Officer.

  • Roger

    It’s been almost a year since Luther Vandross had a stroke. Maybe I’m naieve but I’d like to know why you “Shark” and/or Goldfish thinks Luther Vandross is responsible for “more gay marriages”.
    Just wondering.

  • Roger

    I really don’t know anything about you but what I do know is (when I’m not hyped up)that every human-being has a heart and soul. Everyone feels the same kind of pain and emotions.

    My point is think before you speak, because I usually don’t. That is my weakness.

  • Shark

    Roger: “Maybe I’m naieve but I’d like to know why you “Shark” and/or Goldfish thinks Luther Vandross is responsible for “more gay marriages”.

    It was a friggin’ joke.

    And Phillip, Duane, and Jaded– please don’t insist Roger/Sandi stick to the subject. And don’t get between them, either.

    This is a mating ritual between two garrulous pinheads. They’ll pummel each other into a sexual frenzy, then start trading nekkid jpgs and fawning IMs.

    Just sit back and watch. Before you know it, they’ll be starting their own family of hyperactive Christian Lexicographers and little aspiring paralegalisms.

  • Roger


    Duh Dumb ass I figured it was a joke. It sounded more like an of beat sarcstic remark about Luther’s music. You’re probably an Axl Rose fan. “SHARK”, did your mommy name you that or are you just another nameless shit stirrer?

  • Roger

    I’m wondering what purpose is served by consitantly using a fake name(shark, jock,jaded naievty) and representing yourself as a fraud/phony. I unerstand doing it as Phillip stated when a poster wanted to weigh in on a sensitive or controversial issue. Other wise fuck off. I can only laugh at “sharks, “jocks” ( which bye the way we all know is used to support testicles)and other Mickey Mouse crck pots.
    Shark I don’t know MacD but I couldn’t help in noticing some of your comments like the one below. You are probably the type that runs crying to a boss or other authority figure because you’re a damen cry baby that is always tattle telling and finger pointing. I bet you are still drinking Infamil and eating mashed carrots. LOL

    Comment 35 posted by Shark on March 10, 2004 05:27 PM:
    Phillip, thanks. I was about to ask you to use your technical expertise and expose MacD in yet another blatant lie.

    Let a dead dog lay, please! I apologized to Sandra because I said some really harsh things. So why stick you nose in. I wish know it respect Phillips wishes and stick to the NAACP Image Awards.