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THE CROW is going a similar way like HIGHLANDER. After a first part you absolutely had to adore, the sequels were more and more disappointing. As of 2003 the myth of a man coming back from the dead to take revenge for his murder has seen two sequels: THE CROW: CITY OF ANGELS (1996) with Vincent Perez in the leading role and THE CROW: SALVATION (2000) starring Eric Mabius and Kirsten Dunst. And – we shouldn’t forget the tv-series that’s been on air from 1998 on.

Yet there’s no end for the dark and action filled story. In the beginning of June production started for THE CROW: WICKED PRAYER. Again there is going to be a totally new cast, that sounds quite promising: Luc Crash (David Boreanaz) is the leader of a biker gang called Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. In order to become an immortal demon he kills poor Jimmy Cuervo (Edward Furlong) and his girlfriend Lily (Emmanuell Chriqui). However, Jimmy comes back with the help of the crow to avenge Lily’s death and to stop Crash from completing his ritual.

In addition to Edward Furlong (you might still know him as John Connor from TERMINATOR II) and David Boreanaz who is best known for his role as the two-sided vampire with a soul on ANGEL, Dennis Hopper will co-star in the movie!

The movie will be losely based on the novel by Norman Partridge with the same name. According to a source this site mentions, the script promises either to top the first movie and reinvent the whole myth anew or to totally flop. When THE CROW IV will hit cinemas in 2004, we can decide which of the possibilities is true.

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