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MySpace Makes Room For The Office Staff

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All you seem to hear about MySpace, the über I-can’t-believe-60-million people actually-use-this-thing social networking phenomenon of they’re-bigger-than-jesus.com proportions, these days is how parents are freaked out that their kids are getting stalked and how, while creepy low-budget local TV news intro music plays in the background, your kids may be next.

The truth is that MySpace is a wacky free-for-all, replete with bands trying to hawk their musical wares, kids amassing friends networks and, let’s face it, oodles of teens dragooned into the chaos of modern life trying desperately to separate themselves through the means of an electronic personal space.

And: lots of people try to use the thing to get laid.

It’s also run through-and-through with bizarre findings and hidden treasures of e-gold. These come in the form of profile pages, the hub of the MySpace (and social networking) experience. People tend to surf around profile pages like the rest of the online world surfs around the Internet: they click what they find interesting. In the case of MySpace, it’s not unlike digging through the $3 T-shirt bin in the basement of Canal Jeans, if you really think about it.

For instance, I’m a huge fan of The Office, the U.S. spin-off of the BBC sitcom classic. Lo and behold, I discovered that some of the characters have their own profiles. The characters, not the actors. Pam Beesley (Jenna Fischer in real world life), for instance, Dunder Mifflin’s receptionist, tells us in her blurbs section: “I’m engaged. I work as a receptionist at Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company in Scranton, PA. I’ve been here for a little over 3 years. It is exactly as exciting as you think.” We also find out via the Interests section that character Pam is into Illustrating (which fans of the show know that her somewhat rock-headed fiancée believes to be a waste of time), Lyle Lovett, Spinal Tap, Desperate Housewives, and attended Marywood University from 1998–2000 (Education major / Art minor).

We venture ever more deeply into Nurse Betty-verse in the comments area. a-catty checks in, addressing character Pam directly:

Daer [sic] Pamela,
You and James are my favorite part of the show. I seriously think you should brake up with Roy and marrie [sic-er] James. It’s so obvious you to love each other. Please kiss him already. I know you like him, correction, love him. You two would make the most lovely couple. Please, just go out with Jim already. Well, take my advice. Comment Back.

In the Friend Space area, we see that Pam has befriended other characters from the show, such as B.J., Angela, Toby, and Meredith (who, hilariously, looks to be passed out in her profile photo and, oddly, proudly announces from the top of her own profile page: “I still have a vagina”).

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