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My Votes for the Critiqees

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Here we go!

Best short series or special: The Forsyte Saga. I enjoyed it tremendously, and I’ve watched my tape of it again more than once. Good Show, PBS!

Best film: The Hours. Those ladies were fabulous.

Runner up: Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Tolkien Rocks, and the movie was really good.

I thoroughly regret having no opinion on books of 2002. I am pretty sure I have never read a book the year it came out–not once in my life. I gravitate to the old, approved classics. Teachers of literature approve of me.

But maybe I should join the new millenium.

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  • The Theory

    i’m the same way with books… the only book i’ve read which was released recently was the newest John Grisham book.


  • With guys like Grisham or King, I usually wait ’til their books appear as remaindered copies in the bookstores – which tends to put me two to three years behind. (Recently started reading King’s Hearts In Atlantis,/I>, for instance, after finding it on the bargain shelves at Borders.)

  • Oops – messed up on the html coding. . .

  • Maybe Oprah has the right idea when she decided to pick the classics for her new & Improved book club.

    I guess I’m not the only one who’s stuck in the literary past.

    It’s cheaper, though, too…You can find all the books you want at a used book store.