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My Top Ten Sad Songs

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Music is meant to be a joyful, delightful sensation. But unfortunately, mankind also saw that, in addition to happiness, music can also express sorrow. Sad songs have been with us for ever it seems, but with the advent of pop music, sad songs just got more prominent.

The following is a list of my personal top ten sad songs. I will stress the use of the word “my” in that sentence. I am not suggesting that my list is the absolute authority or the grand Bible of sad songs; they are simply the songs I personally object to on the grounds that I find them … well, sad:

Your SongElton John: Most people would probably suggest “Sorry is the Hardest Word” as Elton’s saddest song, but the accordion which gives the tune a slightly Gallic touch amuses me too much for me to consider it sad. I find his first chart success sadder. When Elton pleads, “I hope you don’t mind if I put down in words, how beautiful life is while you’re in the world,” it is a bit disturbing, as if he thinks the object of his affection will laugh at him for being so sappy.

Forever AutumnJustin Hayward: The Moody Blues’ lead singer scored his first solo hit in 1978 from a concept album based on “War of the Worlds.” The sense of loss – “‘Cause you’re not here, ’cause you’re not here” – makes this song particularly sad, especially given all the minor chords this song is structured around. The flute notes that mark the end of every chorus are especially dirgeful.

Colour My WorldChicago: Again, as with Elton John, not many people would agree that this was Chicago’s saddest song, or probably not even sad at all. It is supposed to be uplifting, in a slow, ballady kind of way. However, the very fact that it is so slow and includes chord changes that I find unpleasing is why I find it a bit sombre. And, just as with “Forever Autumn,” the flute at the end doesn’t help.

Silent All These YearsTori Amos: No-one ever partied to Tori Amos and this song is a very good example of why. Grief-stricken with every note played, Amos lets her heart bleed about the experience of rape. I’m not criticizing the song on that ground. If you’re going to write about rape, then “Silent” is the way to go about it, expressing perfectly the feelings of violation and loneliness resulting from such a horrible experience. However, it doesn’t mean I want to hear it. Whenever this song played on local pop radio back in 1997 when it was released, I had to walk out of the office.

YesterdayThe Beatles: The Fab Foursome certainly knew how to pen a sad tune, and “Yesterday” is the most doleful of the lot. Again, the minor chords, the violins, the sense of loss, the longing for a time when things were happy before they turned bad. Not a song I’m very fond of.

Everybody’s Talkin’Harry Nilsson: Nilsson had his fair share of woeful tunes. “Without You” and “Remember (Christmas).” But somehow, “Everybody’s Talkin’,” in my opinion, is just that bit sadder than those. I don’t know why, but the guitar playing in that song evokes loneliness to me.

Listen to Your HeartDHT: I’ve heard this one enough on soft-rock stations to know that I’m sick of it. Another run-of-the-mill song about the breakup of a relationship. Sounds like a Tori Amos song. ‘Nuff said.

Separate LivesPhil Collins & Marilyn Martin: A sorrowful dirge about a couple breaking up and going their separate ways. You can almost believe that Phil and Marilyn are a real couple singing their good-byes to each other. Definitely not a party tune.

Life In a Northern TownThe Dream Academy: What is it about this damn song? Everyone seems to love it. Some find it relaxing, some find it dreamy, others like it because it’s an ’80s tune. To me, the wind effects and the dreary guitar chords make it one of the saddest tunes I’ve ever heard. I hated this one the moment it came out.

Most people don’t seem to realize that the song was written about English folkie Nick Drake who died from an antidepressant overdose in 1974 (no-one can say whether the overdose was deliberate or just a tragic mistake). The fact is, he died, suicide or not, and the Dream Academy sang about it. A sunny morning that turns to a rainy evening, an entertainer who captivates a town that has nothing else to cheer it up leaving on a train for a final goodbye – is this not sad? It was a prominent example of post-punk folk rock and it sounded a bit Mamas and Papas-ish, so all the Baby Boomers naturally adored it, feeling like they were being taken back in time by listening to it. I don’t think that changes the fact that the song is sorrowful. Besides, I have a more personal reason for thinking of the song the way I do. When it hit the charts in February 1986, the Challenger shuttle had just blown up. So for me, for many years, the “northern town” full of despair was Concord, New Hampshire and the local hero that left town for good was Christie MacAuliffe.

My Heart Will Go OnCeline Dion: Most people, when compiling a sad song list, would include this one. So I may as well do so. There really isn’t much to recommend this song. To her credit, Dion didn’t even originally want to record it. She had to be persuaded by her husband to do so. Not the saddest of the lot, but pretty depressing all the same.

So there you are, my top ten sad songs list. Agree? Disagree? Have any songs to add yourselves? Let’s hear them (or not, as the case may be)!

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  • Interesting list, Mark, and excellent writing also. most of these songs wouldn’t occur to me if i was considering the idea of “favourite sad songs”, which, i’d imagine, is why such lists are so fun to indulge in for a time, that different perspective on a particular record, that particular record, even, that has lain hidden midst the pop culture until now, least as far as yours truly is concerned. For sad Beatles songs, i think i would consider “Julia” to be a particular tear-tugger. i’m pretty sure it concerns Lennon’s mother, but even regardless of this, the song is so beautifully mournful that it never fails to piss all over my day when it comes on.

    There’s a song by my beloved Bright Eyes concerning a suicide attempt, or the thinking leading up to it anyhow, called No Lies, Just Love, that is incredibly tender and moving, but that i can’t listen to, nonetheless. It’s just too damn sad.

    Also, a song by Billy Bragg called Tank Park Salute that concerns his late father. Heartbreakingly beautiful, and sad as all hell.

    (an as a semi-disgusting side-note, on my own recent net-record shindig i devoted a song to the study of sad songs, number called Sad Song Sung. i won’t link, it’s linked enough here an there)

    I’m tryin to think of a sad Dylan song…

    Oh, my god, of course, possibly the saddest song the man ever penned, If You See Her, Say Hello. i still have trouble imagining how he brought himself to write that so soon after the whole relationship-ending carnage. On The Bootleg Series Vol. 2 (or is it 3?) there’s an even more harrowing version, where he goes so far as to say “If you’re making love to her, kiss her for the kid / who always has respected her / for doin what she did”). those are just stunning words to be arrising from that sort of situation.

  • Vern Halen

    And don’t forget………. Sad Song by Lou Reed off of Berlin – perhaps the saddest song of all.

  • Aaron stole my thunder with Dylan’s “If You See Her” from an album of (mostly) sad break-up songs Blood on the Tracks.

    I would also offer “Waterloo Sunset” by the Kinks, “Caroline, No” by the Beach Boys, “Sadly, Beautiful” by Paul Westerberg, and “I Know” by Fiona Apple.” “Warmth of the Sun” by the Beach Boys is especially melancholy for being inspired by and on the same day as JFK’s assasination.

    By the way, “Everybody’s Talkin'” was written by and originally performed by Fred Neil.

  • The saddest song I know is “Kentucky Avenue” by Tom Waits. It starts off with the singer talking about the latest news in the neighborhood — “Eddie Grace’s Buick got four bulletholes in the side/Charlie DeLisle’s sittin’ at the top of an avocado tree” — and then it becomes apparent he’s talking to a girl, a girl he loves, a girl he wants to run away with. Come on, he says, just the two of us, we’ll run away, we’ll do fun things, we’ll play pranks on the people we can’t stand.

    While he’s talking about all these things, all these plans, all these dreams, comes this heartbreaking revelation:

    I’ll take the spokes from your wheelchair
    and a magpies wings
    and tie `em to your shoulders and your feet
    I’ll steal a hacksaw from my dad
    and cut the braces off your legs
    and we’ll bury them tonight in the cornfield

    Put a church key in your pocket
    We’ll hop that freight train in the hall
    And we’ll slide down the drain all the way
    To New Orleans in the fall…

  • Flounder

    “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” by Sammy Hagar always elicits a tear.

  • hank williams. your your

    hank williams your your
    cheating heart. larry cheating



  • Vern Halen

    “Sad Song” by Lou Reed – should go without saying.

  • Garth Brooks – She’s gonna make it – goes into areas no song should

    …She’s gonna make it
    And he never will
    He’s at the foot of the mountain
    And she’s over that hill
    He’s sinkin’ at sea
    And her sails are filled
    She’s gonna make it
    And he never will

    And you know it’s not like she’s forgot about him
    She’s just dealing with the pain
    And the fact that she’s survived so well without him
    You know it’s driving him insane

    And the craze thing about it
    Is she’d take him back
    But the fool in him that walked out
    Is the fool who just won’t ask

  • Sara

    I think Britney’s “Everytime” is kinda sad.

    And “Unbreak my heart” By Toni Braxton.

    And the Titanic song! I saw the movie again yesterday, and I was SO close to crying!!

  • So am I, everytime I see it, I wish they had deleted everything from the point the ship is launched till when it is just about to hit the iceberg – what a waste of film-stock!

  • Sara

    Yea, 🙂
    But I just can’t stand watchin when the guy dies in the water!

  • Some good choices in the post and comments. My top two of the moment are:

    -Tim McGraw’s “Live Like You Were Dying” (I know it’s meant to be inspirational, but I think of his Dad every time {my hero Tug McGraw} and get all choked up)

    -Dido’s “White Flag” is another song that breaks me every time.

  • The classic country weeper from Hank Willims–straightforward and effective:

    Hear that lonesome whippoorwill
    He sounds too blue to fly
    The midnight train is whining low
    I’m so lonesome I could cry

    I’ve never seen a night so long
    When time goes crawling by
    The moon just went behind a cloud
    To hide its face and cry

    Did you ever see a robin weep
    When leaves begin to die?
    Like me he’s lost the will to live
    I’m so lonesome I could cry

    The silence of a falling star
    Lights up a purple sky
    And as I wonder where you are
    I’m so lonesome I could cry

  • I actually think “Hunter” is a sadder Dido song than “White Flag.” I think “WF” is a bit catchy. “Hunter” starts off promising but gets tediously dreary.

    Britney Spear’s “Everytime” is pretty awful, I’ll agree with that one.

    One song I forgot to mention – and people will think I’m crazy because most people love this one – is “Dreams” by The Cranberries. I’m not fond of the chord structure in that one, I tend to find songs that are too heavy on the E major scale sad, it’s the one major chord I don’t find happy …

  • Sara


  • Sara

    cuz I do!!

  • Man. So many.

    George Jones – He Stopped Loving Her Today
    Neil Young – Tired Eyes
    Morphine – I’m Free Now
    Tom Waits – Whistle Down The Wind
    Nick Cave – Nobody’s Baby Now
    Johnny Cash – Long Black Veil
    Freedy Johnston – This Perfect World
    Gram Parsons – $1000 Wedding
    The Pogues – A Pair of Brown Eyes
    Jim White – The Wound That Never Heals
    Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart

    Thats like, 11, which is one more than ten, but to be honest my favorite songs are the weepers so I figure I ought to throw in as many as I can. As a service to you all, y’know.

  • KYS

    Jackson Browne’s “Sleeps Dark and Silent Gate” gets me every time.

    Sometimes I lie awake at night and wonder
    Where my life will lead me
    Waiting to pass under Sleep’s dark and silent gate

    I found my love too late
    Running around day after day
    Looking for the time to play
    While my old friends slipped away

    Never should have had to try so hard
    To make a love work out, I guess
    I don’t know what love has got to do with happiness
    But the times when we were happy
    Were the times we never tried

    Sitting down by the highway
    Looking down the road
    Waiting for a ride
    I don’t know where I’ve been
    Wishing I could fly away
    Don’t know where I’m going
    Wishing I could hide
    Oh God this is some shape I’m in
    When the only thing that makes me cry
    Is the kindness in my baby’s eye

    Sometimes I lie awake at night and wonder
    Where the years have gone
    They have all passed under
    Sleep’s dark and silent gate

  • Terry

    How about Queen’s “Who wants to live forever”

  • Rob

    How about:

    “Hurt” – NIN, but especially the Johnny Cash version. He sounds like he’s forcing the last remaining breath in his lungs out to sing that song.
    “Fire and Rain” – James Taylor
    “Prince of Darkness” – Indigo Girls (I may have the title wrong). This song gets me every time!

  • Rob, “Fire and Rain” is one of the best contemporary folk songs I’ve ever heard. I don’t consider it sad. Wistful and pensive maybe, but not really sad.

    It seems that most people tend to concentrate on the lyrics in a song. While that’s certainly important in judging a sad song, I personally judge a song more by its music – the chord structure: What key is it written in? That’s most important to me.

  • For instance, it’s like that country song “It’s Getting Better All the Time,” by Brooks & Dunn. If it’s getting better all the time, why the fuck is your song so damn sad?!

  • mark, do you think that “Silent All These Years” is sadeer than “Me and a Gun”?

    hmm…maybe the latter is better described as ‘disturbing’.

  • Sean

    Minstrel Boy — Traditional song, covered by Joe Strummer for Black Hawk Down soundtrack.

    Love in Vain – Robert Johnson

    Alabama – John Coltrane

  • Guppusmaximus

    Great topic!

    It reminds me of a book that I once heard about”The Art of Crying” where we are our most creative during times of depression…

    My List(Not in order):
    Toad the Wet Sprocket,”Pray your Gods”
    Opeth,”Hope Leaves”
    Elvis Presley,”How Great Thou Art”
    Dokken,”Alone Again”
    Second Coming,”Travisty”
    Big Wreck’s,”That Song”
    Sting,”Shape of My Heart”
    Candlebox,”Cover Me”
    Porcupine Tree,”Collapse the Light into Earth”

  • in the sorta-classical world there’s the Gavin Bryars “Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me”….build around a tape loop of an old homeless man singing this short hymn-type thing.

    that might be sadder than the mega-powerful Bryars work “The Sinking of the Titanic”.

  • Another vote for “Hurt,” but I like the original version better. Cash may well be the superior performer overall, but Nine Inch Nails’ version really gets to me.

    The instrumental theme to “Midnight Cowboy” by Ferrante & Teicher is another good one.

  • Of Beatles’ songs, I would definitely pick “Eleanor Rigby” over “Yesterday.” Dying alone and unmourned takes the sadness sweepstakes.

  • For lost love:
    “But I’d trade all of my tomorrows for one single yesterday
    To be holding Bobby’s body next to mine”

  • I have a quibble with the beginning of this post. I don’t think it’s “unfortunate” that music can express sorrow as well as happiness. *Life* is sorrow as well as happiness. It would be a unique form of sadism to have a so-called uplifing song foisted on you when you’re not goddamn happy.

    Here are some more shades from the darker palette:

    John Prine – Sam Stone
    David Bowie – Heroes
    Supremes – Love Child
    Procol Harum – Whiter Shade of Pale (and Annie Lenox’s version)
    The Band – The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
    Nico – Frozen Warnings
    Pink Floyd – Brain Damage/Eclipse
    The Who – Behind Blue Eyes
    Donovan – Atlantis (I know the spoken-word part is hokey, and he’s kind of an also-ran as a performer, but maybe that makes it even more effective)

  • zingzing

    “i see a darkness” by bonnie prince billy. johnny cash covered this as well, but the original still takes the cake. runner up–> “new partner” by palace. same writer… must be a sad man.

    i think “new partner” gets me right now… the lyric describes a man who’s done something bad to a woman (maybe cheating) and he realizes that he’ll have to pay for it. bam! that’s me. it gets even sadder because, as the chorus goes, “you were always on my mind… but oh, i’ve got a new partner riding with me…” jesus christ, i don’t even have that. of course, it’s only been a few days… nothing like a woman to make you forget about women. 2006 is a disaster.

  • I absolutely LOVE ‘Your Song.’ I’m also fan of the sadness in ‘Alone Again Naturally.’

    For pure cheese, there’s ‘Teen Angel’ and ‘Billy Don’t Be a Hero.’ I have a whole dance routine to the latter, choreographed with my neighbors at the age of seven. It still rocks. “I heard his fiancee got a letter…that told how Billy died that day. The letter said that he was a hero…she should be proud he died that way. I heard she threw the letter…awaaaaaaayyyyyy.” (Sniff.)

  • reggie von woic

    I swear “my heart will go on” still turns on my water works. I try to avoid listening to it in the company of others.

    Is Nancy Sinatra’s “bang bang” (in the kill bill soundtrack) a sad song? i don’t know but it just makes me feel all empty inside.

  • unknown

    i actually thing this song has quiet a sad tune;
    ‘song to say goodbye’ by ‘placebo’

  • Jet in Columus

    Baby I’m a want you-by Bread.

    “Baby I’m a want you,
    Baby I’m a need you,
    You’re the only one I care enough to hurt about”

  • Jet in Columbus

    Okaaaaaaaaaaay-top this-if you dare
    Sweet Dreams, by Patsy Cline

    Sweet dreams of you
    Every night I go through
    Why can’t I forget you and start my life anew
    Instead of having sweet dreams about you

    You don’t love me, it’s plain
    I should know I’ll never wear your ring
    I should hate you the whole night through
    Instead of having sweet dreams about you

    Sweet dreams of you
    Things I know can’t come true
    Why can’t I forget the past, start loving someone new
    Instead of having sweet dreams about you

  • “Bang Bang” borders on sad, but doesn’t quite get there. After all, I’ve heard a dance-edit version of this in nightclubs! I especially like Vanilla Fudge’s version of it.

  • Steve

    Well, these two examples may be obscure to American listeners but two British sad songs that stick out for me are “Empty Spaces” (1989) or “Through The Barricades” (1986), both by Spandau Ballet and “Sugar Mice” by Marillion (1987).

  • reggie von woic

    Evanescence: My last breath

    “…closing your eyes to disappear
    you pray your dreams will leave you here
    but still you wake and know the truth
    no one’s there

    say goodnight
    don’t be afraid
    calling me calling me as you fade to black…”

  • Liam

    everyone forgettin one song
    is dat one from the film ladder 49 :'( it gets me everytime
    Robbie Robertson – Shine your light

  • Scott Butki

    I second the nomination of Johnny Cash’s version of Hurt and would add a few Peter Gabriel songs

  • megan

    i think that what hurts the most is more effective than any other sad song out today!

  • jane

    tommy nilsson – “öppna din dör”

    “like a rose” – a1

  • jane

    “desperado” – westlife

  • jane

    stevie wonder – “shelter in the rain”

  • jane

    michael jackson “heal the world”

  • jane

    limb bizkit – “behind blue eyes”

  • jane

    stage dolls – “hard to say goodbye”

  • jane

    simply red – “if you don’t know me by now”

  • jane

    really touching theese songs.. (the music) the text is probably touching too, but i think the music matter more than the text..

  • azz

    darren hayes..delta goodrem cover lost without you

    How am I ever gonna get rid of these blues
    baby I’m so lonely all the time
    everywhere I go I get so confused
    your the only thing thats on my mind

    On my bed so cold at night
    I miss you more each day
    only you can make it right
    no I’m not too proud to say

    All I know is I’m lost without you
    I’m not gonna lie
    how am I gonna be strong without you
    I need you by my side
    if we ever say we’d never be together
    in the end you wave goodbye
    dunno what I’d do
    I’m lost without you

    I keep trying to find my way
    and all I know is I’m lost without you
    I keep trying to face the day
    I’m lost without you

    If I could only hold you now
    make the pain just go away
    can’t stop the tears from running down my face (ho)

  • Mike

    Full of Grace -Sarah mclochlan

  • Brad Paisley & Alison Krauss – Whiskey Lullaby

    One of the saddest songs I have ever heard.

    She put him out like the burnin’ end of a midnight cigarette
    She broke his heart he spent his whole life tryin’ to forget
    We watched him drink his pain away a little at a time
    But he never could get drunk enough to get her off his mind
    Until the night

    He put that bottle to his head and pulled the trigger
    And finally drank away her memory
    Life is short but this time it was bigger
    Than the strength he had to get up off his knees
    We found him with his face down in the pillow
    With a note that said I’ll love her till I die

  • KH

    Willie Nelson’s ‘You were alway on my mind’
    makes me cry.

    “Little things I should have said and done,
    I just never took the time…
    You were always on my mind,
    You were always on my mind.”

    “Tell me, tell me that your sweet love hasn’t died.”

  • She’s got you-Patsy Cline

  • pepper

    definately Don Mcleans’
    The Grave
    one of the few songs where his voice reaches an emotional pitch. great lyrics and hauntingly sung

  • hi

    i miss you – incubus

  • Shnitzel

    “amy in the white coat” as well as “padriac my prince” by bright eyes are some of the saddest songs I have ever heard. especially “amy”.
    “june 18 1976” by pedro the lion also gets me teary eyed.
    elliott smith also writes alot of sad stuff.

  • Chris

    Quite right about Jonny Cash’s version of Hurt.

    It seems that Jeff Buckley has been omitted. Much of his Grace album is very sombre, dealing as it does with death, break-up, subconsciousness.

    * Lover, you should’ve come over.
    * Grace
    * Last goodbye
    * His cover of Hallelujah, originally by Leonard Cohen.

    Many of the demo recordings for his uncompleted second album are pretty sad too, as well as the rarities, outtakes, B-sides and live recordings e.g.

    * Mama you been on my mind, originally by Bob Dylan
    * The boy with the thorn in his side, originally by The Smiths.

    Moving on, I’ll throw some other stuff into the mix:

    * Off he goes by Pearl Jam
    * Country feedback by REM
    * Blower’s daughter by Damien Rice
    * Melancholny and the infinite sadness by Smashing Pumpkins is pretty melancholic (funny that, eh?) but perhaps not, strictly speaking, sad.

  • ESPGuitars

    Alice Cooper – Might As Well Be On Mars

    Anthem Rock – ish. But sad all the same.








    OH AND



  • Cipriano Algor

    Just to add some foreign touch to the mix:

    – “Carmen Jones” and “Voces de tango”, Enrique Bunbury.-
    – “Mumuki” and “Milonga del ángel”, Astor Piazzolla.-
    – “Elegía”, Joan Manuel Serrat.-

  • Jessica

    Guppusmaximus mentioned Porcupine Tree’s “Collapse The Light Into Earth” which is amazing because I choreographed one of my best works to that piece of music. I would also have to say Fiona Apple’s “Never is a Promise” Tara Maclean’s “For You” and Sia’s “Breathe Me” should be mentioned. Those are really sad songs that get to me. “1000 Oceans” by Tori Amos is also amazing. What else? Oh and the song “On My Own” and “Out Here On My Own” are musical kinda sadness

  • Adam

    Way to fall – Star sailors
    Thats the saddest song i found, found those songs kinda…just songs. This just has an impact on you

  • Nate

    Vote for Hurt by Mr Cash. I also like the Pearl Jam version of last kiss. That song has to be one of the saddest of all time

  • dawdaw

    I didn’t think I saw any of these up here, but they are all fantastic songs.

    Reba McEntire – How Can I Help You Say Goodbye
    Alexz Johnson – Skin
    Allison Krauss – My ain’ True Love
    Evanescence – Forgive Me
    Flyleaf – Supernatural
    Julie Roberts – Unlove Me, Men and Mascara
    Lifehouse – Everything
    Le Notre Dame de Paris – Danse Mon Esmeralda
    Natalie Grant – Held, Always be Your Baby
    Rascall Flatts – what hurts the most, pieces
    Tupac – Changes
    Bethany Dillon – My Love Hasn’t Grown Cold, Be Near Me
    Breaking Benjamin – So Cold
    Waking Ashland – Shades of Grey, Hand on Deck

    “Shades Of Grey”
    I and I am to blame,
    I sit here in shame.
    I threw you away again.
    And I, I send you my best.
    I try to lay this to rest,
    When you were my everything.
    Shades of Grey,
    And please fade away.
    And oh what have I said in vain?
    Hey, and I’ll look away,
    Pretend I’m okay.
    I’m back on the road again.
    And please, could it be true,
    That I still love you,
    And my loves unworthy.

  • shadowcat

    Some fantastuc sad songs,I have been compiling a play list called SAD for a while now just to listen to when i am down or just want a cry, the best are

    Somewhere only we know-Keane (a must)
    picture- kid rock and shery crow
    shame-matchbox 20
    immortality-celine dion & the beegees
    seasons-good charlotte
    all out of love-air supply
    love bites-def lepard
    you were always on my mind-elvis presley
    seperate lives-phil collins
    iris-goo goo dolls
    nothings gonna stop us now-starship
    joey-concrete blonde


  • yd

    You Never Know – Immortal Technique

    a song about a guy who falls in love with the most beautiful pure girl everyone wants…they become great friends but when he tells her how he feels she pushes him away and he ends up in jail. Wen he finally gets out he goes to visit her..and finds a letter addressed to himself from her. In the letter she explains she loves him with all her heart…and she is dead. She never gae herself to him because she was sick and had a blood transfusion which gave her AIDS…its sooooo sad

  • lovetunes.de

    OMD : The romance of the telescope
    Daniel Johnston Dead Lovers Twisted Heart
    Morrissey : Moonriver
    George Michael : Jesus to a child
    Nirvana : Polly
    Radiohead : Let down
    Roxy Music : In every dream home
    TV Personalities : Prettiest Girl in the world

  • hi. i always say my Immortal by evanescence is really a sad song. And Nothing else matters by Metalica.

  • Zimmy

    too many
    James Taylor – You Can Close Your Eyes
    Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here
    Ben Harper – Another Lonely Day
    Joni Mitchell – River
    Sarah McLaughlin – Arms of an Angel
    Extreme – More Than Words

    Another good one from a movie is try a little tenderness from duets.

    Also the song at the end of Titanic..NOT the celine dion one but the onbe the band plays while the boat is going down. That song makes that scene sad.

  • Zimmy

    Oh and definately Arnold McCullers rendition of freebird at the end of duets!

  • Zimmy

    By The way that titanic song that the band plays while the ship sinks is called “nearer my god to thee” by I Salonisti

  • O/A

    What a lovly list bro, I really liked your choose.
    You make it very powerful with your wrriting..

    Keep’em comming.

  • joy

    I am going through a very tough time in life.I am very afraid of life, devoid of any confidence & am so vulnerable since nobody is there to hold my hand.

    But i can’t let go. i have people to support who are so innocent & lovely. They need me.
    Maria Carey’s HERO makes me cry and at the same time tells me to fight back.

    I am trying, trying very hard. It is a irony people call me joy.

    Maria Carey’s HERO – It makes me cry every time i listen.

    There’s a hero,
    If you look inside your heart,
    You don’t have to be afraid
    Of what you are.

    There’s an answer,
    If you reach into your soul,
    And the sorrow that you know
    Will melt away.

    And then a hero comes along
    With the strength to carry on.
    And you cast your fears aside
    And you know you can survive.
    So when you feel like hope is gone.
    Look inside you and be strong.
    And you’ll finally see the truth,
    That a hero lies in you.

    It’s a long road,
    When you face the world alone,
    No one reaches out a hand
    For you to hold.

    You can find love,
    If you search within yourself,
    And the emptiness you felt
    Will disappear.

    And then a hero comes along.
    With the strength to carry on
    And you cast your fears aside.
    And you know you can survive.
    So when you feel like hope is gone.
    Look inside you and be strong.
    And you’ll finally see the truth,
    That a hero lies in you,

    Lord knows,
    Dreams are hard to follow.
    But don’t let anyone,
    Tear them away.

    Hold on,
    There will be tomorrow.
    In time,
    You’ll find the way.

    And then a hero comes along.
    With the strength to carry on
    And you cast your fears aside.
    And you know you can survive.
    So when you feel like hope is gone,
    Look inside you and be strong.
    And you’ll finally see the truth,
    That a hero lies in you.

    That a hero lies in you.

  • Anders

    I must say you people have found some very sad songs, no doubt. But i feel compelled to add a few to the list, which you might enjoy when you’re down and sad.

    Counting Crows – Color Blind
    Mazzy Star – Look down from the bridge
    Gary Jules – Mad world
    David Gray – Please forgive me
    David Gray – Sail away
    Bruce Springsteen – The ghost of Tom Joad
    Bruce Springsteen – Philidelphia
    Dire Straits – Brothers in Arms
    Peter Gabriel & Sinead Oconnor – Blood of Eden
    Peter Gabriel – I Grieve

    Those songs are no doubt some of the greatest songs to listen to when you feel like every thing is going wrong.

    Kind Regards

  • Robert

    These songs are more for the people that last there girlfriend and still feel for them.
    1.GoodBye My Lover, by James Blunt
    2.What Hurts the Most, by Rascal Flatts
    3.Tonight I Wanna Cry, by Keith Urban
    4.I’m Moving On, by Rascal Flatts
    5. The Day You Kissed Me, by Rascal Flatts
    6. When I Go Down, by Relient K

  • Robert

    goes with the above list, i cant believe i almost forgot about this song
    7. Here By Me, by 3 Doors Down

  • Darren

    Jeff Buckley – Dream Brother

  • Darren

    men without hats – safety dance

  • Darren

    Jeff Buckley – You and I

    vocals put me in a trance and send shivers down my spine

    very powerful whenever feeling upset

  • Darren

    Tim Buckley – Hallucinations

    sorry guys but stuff is popping into my head

  • kayla

    after going through the list i have just downloaded a load of the tracks you all wrote about. thought i would just say that another sad but inspiring song especially for me as i recently lost my dad is “janet jackson” – “together again”

  • Nolwenn

    Yann Tiersen :Monochrome
    Archive : Good bye
    Patti Smith : Pissing in a river
    Jeff Buckley : Halleluiah
    La rue Ketanou : La fiancée de l’eau
    REM : Imitation of life
    …and others i have forgotten

    for the moment there are the ones i have.
    sorry i haven’t got a real english/US culture of sad songs…(’cause i can’t understand all lyrics even if melodys look sad…)
    so la rue ketanou is french…

  • Rach

    Top songs! Here’s some to add..

    9 Crimes – Damien Rice
    Bird York – Into The Dark
    Beck – Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime
    Verve Pipe – The Freshman
    Jeremy Enigk – Don’t Go Racing
    Moby – Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?
    Bruce Springsteen – The River
    Bernard Fanning – Shelter For My Soul
    Metallica – One
    Amos Lee – Sympathize
    Ben Folds Five – Brick
    Aimee Mann – Save Me
    James Morrison – The Pieces Don’t Fit Anymore

    Got more but I went on for long enough. Cheers folks!

  • christa

    Have you guys heard…

    Fix You – Coldplay
    Arms of an Angel – Sarah Mclahclan
    Miss You Love – Maria Mena
    Deliver me – Sarah Brightman
    Only Time – May it Be – Enya
    There You’ll Be – Faith Hill
    Dido – Here With Me
    Mad World – Gary Jules
    Uninvited – Alanis Morissette
    Orange sky – Alexi Murdoch
    Lost Cause – Beck
    The Luckiest – Ben Folds
    Forever – Ben Harper
    I’ll Be Missing You – P Diddy ft. Mase
    Crossroads – Bone Thugs in Harmoney
    Blue Eyes – Cary Brothers
    So I Thought – Flyleaf
    Where’d Ya Go – Fort Minor
    Hear Me Out – Frou Frou
    Gon Till November – Wycliff
    Bed of Lies – Matchbox 20
    Save yourself – Sense Field
    Hands – Jewel
    Goodbye – Natalie Imbruglia

    That is a pretty good list…. One of those songs is gauranteed to help you let it all out if you’re feeling down.. TRUST ME THEY ARE ALL SO VERY DEPPRESSING!

  • christa

    Candel in the Wind – Elton John
    – Song was written for Princess Diana’s funeral
    The Little Girl – John Michael Montegomery
    Tears in Heaven – Eric Clapton
    There Can be Miracles – Mariah & Whitney Houston
    **Epiphany – Stained
    Please Remember Me – Tim McGraw
    Good Riddance – Green Day

    **Fields of Gold – Eva Cassidy

    – Let me tell you, When my best friend died a few years ago this song really gave my peace. If you have lost somebody that you love who was old, maybe had cancer, or in critical condition you will connect with this song immediately and start crying the first time you hear it. It stirrs the heart. I think this is my favorite sad song from my list along with Fix You by Coldplay.
    Those songs are just unforgetable and moving!

  • warren

    I don’t know what right I have to post on here what I would consider a sad song to be as everyone who reads this will be of a different opinion but two of the saddest songs I have ever heard are….
    1)whisky lullaby-brad paisly and alison krausse
    2)dj sammy-heaven the 9/11 remix
    yes I know that any who see’s the letters D and J together will assume it’s a dance song but realy it’s not its a very very sad tribute to those who died in the 9/11 attacks and every time I hear it I must confess I get all teary eyed

  • I was wondering if anyone knows the song
    That is a sad song!
    I was wanting the words and the guitar chords.. if anyone has them.. please share them? Thanks…

  • Jamie

    some great songs, some of my personal tear jerkers wuld have to be:

    * Fallen: Sarah McLachlan
    * Shine your light: Robbie Robertson
    * Say goddnight not goodbye: Chantel Kreviazuk
    * This womans work: Kate Bush
    * Goodbye: Patty Griffen
    * Tell me there’s a heaven: Chris Rea
    * Wreck of the day: Anna Nalick
    * Drugs dont work: The verve
    * The living years: Mike& the Mechanics
    * Everybody Hurts: R.E.M

  • Penny

    Gary Jules’ cover of “Mad World”

    Went to school and I was very nervous,
    No one knew me,
    No one knew me,
    Hello teacher tell me what’s my lesson,
    Look right through me,
    Look right through me,

    Trickling piano and alienation.

  • marcel

    radiohead: street spirit, now that´s a sad song

  • jake

    Johnny Cash’s version of “Hurt” seems to be the most widely agreed-upon, and I would have to concur. However, I would also add:

    “Divorce Song” by Liz Phair
    “Reason To Cry” by Lucinda Williams
    “Love is Like a Bottle of Gin” by the Magnetic Fields
    “When It’s Cold I’d Like To Die” by Moby
    “One by One” by Billy Bragg & Wilco
    “Hackensack” by Fountains of Wayne
    “You Must Love Me” by Jay-Z
    “Girl From the North Country” by Bob Dylan
    “Death Is Not The End” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
    “I Can’t Go To Sleep” by the Wu-Tang Clan

  • hendy

    1)Tuesdays gone-lynnard skynard
    2)Bittersweet motel-phish
    3)iris-goo goo dolls
    4)sympathy- goo goo dolls

    those are some potent songs

  • Lindsey

    just lookin through here and there are some really good songs here. Some of my favourites are:
    Skin- rascal flatts
    the christmas shoes- new song

  • kayla

    colin raye-holes in the floor of heaven

    makes me cry everytime 🙁

  • mia


  • terry

    Names terry,17,my top 10:

    1)Sineade O’connor, nothing compares to you- gotta be the most hurendous tear jerker.
    2)REM, everybody hurts- …..wow
    3)Gary jules, mad world- shit song but has a wierd effect on me.
    4)Meatloaf- i would do anything for love- AWSOME
    5)Stone sour, bother
    6)Bryan adams, everything i do ( i do it for you)
    7)Will young, who am i?
    8)Savage garden, truly madly deeply
    9)Theme tune to We Were Soldiers called…lay me doone.
    10)Britney spears- everytime

  • Tyler Donaldson

    I`ve listened to most of the songs listed and still the sadest song i know is

    Counting Crowes- Raining in Baltimor

    soo so sad..

  • BP

    Band: Bloc Pary
    Song (s): “Compliments”

  • Ali

    Love the inclusion of ‘Forever Autumn’ in the original list: it’s not one you see mentioned very often, but I love it.

    My personal favourite heartbreaker is ‘Boulder to Birmingham’ by Emmylou Harris. Surprised it’s not been mentioned yet…

  • Sister Ray

    “When It’s Cold I’d Like To Die” by Moby – I definitely second that! I divested myself of a Moby album because I couldn’t take the bleakness when I was down.

    I haven’t heard it a lot, but I find King Crimson’s “I Talk To The Wind” a melancholy song.

  • Aimee

    Linda Ronstadt, ‘Long, long time’. It’s a heartwrenching song about unrequited love.
    Vertical Horizon, ‘Best I ever had’.
    Bob Dylan, ‘Don’t think twice, it’s alright’.
    Moody Blues, ‘Wildest Dreams’
    Pearl Jam, ‘Black’

  • Sanjae

    Tori Amos – A Sorta Fairytale
    Shakira – Antologia
    Stevie Nicks (Sarah Mclachlan) – Love Is
    Mazzy Star – Fade Into You
    Buffy St. Marie – The Big Ones Get Away
    Kate Bush – This Woman’s Work
    Britney – Everytime
    Alison Krauss – It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference
    David Fonseca – Someone That Cannot Love
    Sarah Mclachlan – Do What You Have To Do

    Saddest songs I have ever heard, there are more but those are my favourites. A Sorta Fairytale begins the list in that order.

  • mac

    listen to nearly all of the above…still none compare to:

    artist.. Bellx1
    album.. MUSIC IN MOUTH

    Enjoy the depression!

  • Kathy

    “Picture” by Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow.

    “Livin’ my life in a slow hell
    Different girl every night at the hotel
    I ain’t seen the sun shine in 3 damn days
    Been fuelin’ up on cocaine and whisky
    Wish I had a good girl to miss me
    Lord I wonder if I’ll ever change my ways
    I put your picture away
    Sat down and cried today…”

  • Shivu

    My fav is Without You by Harry Nilsson. This pops my heart to water.


    No, I can’t forget this evening
    Or your face as you were leaving
    But I guess that’s just the way the story goes
    You always smile but in your eyes your sorrow shows
    Yes, it shows

    No, I can’t forget tomorrorow
    When I think of all my sorrows
    When I had you there but then I let you go
    And now it’s only fair that I should let you know
    What you should know

    I can’t live if living is without you
    I can’t live, I can’t give any more
    Can’t live if living is without you
    I can’t give, I can’t give any more

  • George Sterling

    Have you ever listened to?

    – Rickie Lee Jones–On saturday afternoons
    – Martina McBride– Concrete angel

    They are so sad, always make me cry

  • April S.

    Chicago or Peter Cetera “can’t fight this feeling any longer” john waite – “missing you”
    that one song on st. elmos fire always makes me cry and aerosmith- don’t wanna miss a thing
    eric clapton- tears in heaven dolly parton – i will always love you. old song “Daddy’s home” it’s always gotten me since i was tiny Phil Collins “against all odds”. Brooks and Dunn “Believe and bad goodbye. Diamond Rio- “you’re gone” and “one more day”, Garth Brooks- “the dance” and unanswered prayers

  • kariera

    Ray LaMontagne, Empty

  • Jen

    I have to agree with

    Diamond Rio – One more day
    Gary Jules – Mad World
    Sarah McLachlan – Fallen

    And will add

    Stupid – Sarah McLachlan
    Unfaithful – Rihanna
    Heaven 911 Remix – DJ Sammy
    Arms wide open – Creed
    Speeding Cars – Imogen Heap
    Superman – Five for Fighting

    And coming in a number one, definitely my favourite is:

    Two Beds and a Coffee Machine – Savage Garden

  • The Noss

    Wow, that DJ Sammy (9/11 Remix) hits me hard personally didnt think much of Arnold McCullers version of freebird

    Some awesome songs here.
    Nearer my god to thee is a decent piece,
    A couple id like to add are, in no specific order;
    The Cascades – Rhythm of the rain
    Aqualung – Falling out of love
    Ben Folds Five – Brick
    Blink 182 – Lost Without You
    Blink 182 – Stay Together for the kids
    Bobby Vinton – Lonely
    Boxcar Racer – Elevator (more the lyrics than the music)
    Boxcar Racer – Letters to god
    Celine Dion – Falling Into You
    Creed – Im Falling Even More In Love With You (not sure if thats the song name)
    Creed – One Last Breath
    C.C.R. – Who’ll Stop The Rain
    David Gray – Lullaby
    David Gray – This Years Love
    David Gray – Be Mine
    David Gray – Sail Away (yeah i know, what can i say i like david gray)
    Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show – Sylvias Mother
    Almost Anything By Enya (i love her music)
    Eric Clapton – My Fathers Eyes
    *Amici – Senza Catene (Unchained Melody)

    ok im gunna stop now before i get to carried away, just my personal list of songs when im a bit down 😉

    *This song is in latin and also the notes played differ from the “Righteous Brothers” version of “Unchained Melody” (on another note, i dont particularly find this song sad per say, i just find it good to listen to when im a bit down. Oh, also its an opera piece so be warned 😛 )

    Anywho Peace, Noss

  • sarahsazzle

    how about everything but the girl i dont wanna talk about it,
    i can tell by your eyes that you’ve probably been crying forever, and the stars in the sky dont mean nothing to you there a mirror,i dont wanna talk about it how you broke my heart if i stay here just a little bit longer if i stay here wont you listen to my heart. if i stand all alone will the shadows hide the colours of my heart blue for the tears black for the nights fears the stars in the sky dont mean nothing to you there a mirror.
    other really sad songs are dont it make my brown eyes blue crystal gayle, talkin in your sleep crystal gayle and im already there lonestar thanks for your time

  • Some of my favorite sad songs were already mentioned, but here a a few more:

    Foolish Games – Jewel
    Probably Wouldn’t Be This Way – LeAnn Rhimes
    Written in Stone – Vern Gosden?
    Whoever Finds This – Charley Pride?
    Tell Me I Was Dreaming – Travis Tritt

  • Hasie

    Hi, impressive sad song list and thanks for all the other entries, found some great ones on the lists.

    A few of my sad songs:

    Lou Reed – Perfect Day
    Lou Reed – Perfect Day (with Bono, Elton J, Bowie)
    Josh Groban – Remeber when it rained
    Josh Groban – You raise me up

  • kenndel

    I agree…
    One of the saddest songs Ive ever heard has to be Savage Garden – Two beds and a coffee machine
    The melody is so sad on its own, without the lyrics :'( sob x

  • kenndel

    Must also add
    Lifehouse – Everything (so sad!)
    Lifehouse – Storm
    Evanescence – My immortal
    Ben Moody – Everything burns
    Coldplay – Fix you
    Faith Hill – There you’ll be
    Britney Spears – Everytime
    Senses Fail – Save Yourself
    Mariah Carey – Against all odds
    Something Corporate – Me and the moon
    Snow Patrol – Run
    Snow Patrol – Chasing cars
    U2 – With or without you
    Jewel – Hands
    Kelly Rowland – Stole
    Celine Dion – Think twice
    Sting – Fields of gold

    Just some 🙂 x enjoy

  • Annie

    Ruby Tuesday ……..Melanie Safka
    You are not alone ……… Michael Jackson
    Crying ……….Roy Orbison
    Take a bow …….Madonna
    Always on my mind …………….Pet Shop Boys
    The living Years……… Mike & Mechanics
    Dont wanna miss a thing ……..Aerosmith
    Drive ……….. The Cars
    Everybody Hurts ………Sad Cafe
    Goodbye my lover ………….James Blunt

    These are only a few to mention

  • I can’t believe no one has mentioned “Where’ve You Been?” by Kathy Mattea! I can’t even listen to that one!

  • mette

    VNV Nation – Beloved

  • Dr Dreadful

    Sunshine on My Shoulders by John Denver. Subtle, ironic, yearning and almost ineffably sad. Though ostensibly, like so many Denver songs, in praise of nature, the tag line should tell you all you need to know:

    “Sunshine almost always makes me high.” [my emphasis]

  • Inguz

    River; Joni Mitchell

    The Drugs Don’t Work; The Verve

    For A Dancer; Jackson Browne

  • Sus

    Sappy – alwasy brings tears to my eyes are

    George Michael – Teacher


    Vince Gill – Nobody Answers When I Call your Name

  • There are so many sad songs nobody could possibly list all of them but you’ve done a great job. As you mentioned they are your saddest songs and I think everyone will have their own.

    My own are:

    Gina Jeffrey’s “Saving Grace”
    Kiss’ -A world without heroes
    Slaughter-Fly to the angels
    Jo Dee Messina-Heaven was needing a hero
    Garth Brooks-Beaches of Cheyenne

    Just to name a couple. Loved the list though

  • alistair

    dream mother-jeff buckley
    run-snow patrol

    the saddest song i own – I stopped to fill my car up – Stereophonics

  • ALZ

    The saddest song I have ever heard is ” I Started A Joke” by Bee Gees. This song can just kill someone due to its enormousy sad melody and lyric. By far, this is the saddest song in the world for Me.

  • Tony c

    What about Elton Johns “talking old soldiers”on the Tumbleweed connection album…that was his best and not many people have heard of it…great choices btw…

  • cj

    Me and little Andy- Dolly Parton is about a little girl, her dog and drunken parents who don’t love her.

  • Anthony

    I miss you/ Blink 182

    livin for you/ Boston

    Dont Cry daddy/ Elvis Presley

    Tears in heaven/ Eric Clapton

    i wish it would rain/ Phil collins and Eric Clapton

    Flaw My letter/( its a heavy sounding song but the lyrics are what make it sad)

    House of Chains/ Future leaders of the world

    The cowboy rides away/ George Straight

    Tears fall down/ Hootie and the blowfish

    John Micheal Montgomery/ The little girl

    La Contestacion/ Los lonely boys( in spanish but the beat and the guitar give it a sad feel. La Contestacion=The Answer)

    Far Away/ Nickelback

    Peal Jam/ Lightning Crashes

    Roy Orbison/ Crying

    these are just a few that came to my mind

  • g

    Run – Snow Patrol
    Do What You Have To Do – Sarah McLachlan
    Street Spirit – Radiohead
    Exit Music (for a film) – Radiohead
    Unintended – Muse
    Foolish Games – Jewel
    Don’t – Jewel
    Lost – Anouk
    Hey Michelle – Anouk
    The Drugs Don’t Work – The Verve
    Black – Pearl Jam
    Cold Water – Damien Rice
    9 Crimes – Damien Rice
    This Years Love – David Gray
    Gone With The Sin – HIM
    Without You I’m Nothing – Placebo
    Centrefolds – Placebo
    The Scientist – Coldplay
    You’ll Follow Me Down – Skunk Anansie
    Overcome – Live
    Lightening Crashes – Live
    Drive – Bic Runga
    Another Lonely Day – Ben Harper
    Sullivan Street – Counting Crows
    Colorblind – Counting Crows

    a very mixed list – all i can think of right now…but there are certainly more

  • Dave

    How about

    Coldplay – fix you

    U2 – One

    Uncle Cracker – Follow Me

    We’re In Heaven (slow) – DJ Sammy

    Knokin’ on Heavens Door – Guns n Roses (well I think its sad)

    Robert Miles – Children

    Muse – Starlight ( A sad song doesnt hav to b soppy…does it?)

    Coldplay – The Scientist

    Destroy she Said – Circ

    You’re a superstar – Love Inc

    Thats what I reckon shud b there in ur top 10…lol…I reckon they’re pretty sad anyway – compared to other songs. I think there is also a difference in some of these sad songs, there are like the depressing sad songs and the uplifting sad songs – if u get ma drift. Im propably talking shite. Anyway cya

  • G

    try these ones:

    “Waltzing Mathilda” Tom Waits
    “Laurens Walking Angelo Badalamenti
    “Mocking Bird” Barclay James Harvest
    “Famous Blue raincoat” Leonard Cohen (actually, any song of Cohen would make you plunge in a deep ocean of depression)
    “A day in the life” The Beatles
    “I cried for you” Katie Melua
    “Ten years gone” Led Zeppelin
    “Ballade de Melody Nelson” Serge Gainsbourg
    “It’s all over now Baby blue” Van Morrison
    “Sodade” Cesaria Evora
    “Radio Cure” Wilco
    “Gandhura” Kunsertu (good luck to find it)
    “Comptine d’un autre été” Yann Tiersen
    “The ground beneath her feet” Bono & the Mdh Band
    “yumeji’s theme” In the mood for love soundtrack

  • Cassie

    Don’t cry – Guns and Roses
    When I look to the sky- Train
    your song- Elton John

    those three make me cry…
    I love them

  • bliffle

    What a naieve list! No mention of Mahlers “Der Absheid”, or any number of songs by Piaf or Brel.

  • Steph =]x

    Concrete Angel by Martina McBride is really sad =[
    She walks to school with the lunch she packed
    Nobody knows what she’s holdin’ back
    Wearin’ the same dress she wore yesterday
    She hides the bruises with linen and lace

    The teacher wonders but she doesn’t ask
    It’s hard to see the pain behind the mask
    Bearing the burden of a secret storm
    Sometimes she wishes she was never born

    Through the wind and the rain
    She stands hard as a stone
    In a world that she can’t rise above
    But her dreams give her wings
    And she flies to a place where she’s loved
    Concrete angel

    Somebody cries in the middle of the night
    The neighbors hear, but they turn out the lights
    A fragile soul caught in the hands of fate
    When morning comes it’ll be too late

    [Repeat Chorus]

    A statue stands in a shaded place
    An angel girl with an upturned face
    A name is written on a polished rock
    A broken heart that the world forgot

    [Repeat Chorus]

  • Bitter sweet home – Limp bizkit

  • Ruby’s Arms – Tom Waits

  • josh

    Yesterday was not penned by all the Beatles, it was paul and only paul, in fact the others didnt want the song released

  • Jae

    Fleetwood Mac – Silver Springs, Landslide
    The Cure – Pictures Of You
    +44 – Lillian
    Keith Urban – You’ll Think Of Me
    Avril Lavigne – When You’re Gone, I’m With You
    Third Eye Blind – How’s It Going To Be
    Boxcar Racer – Sorrow
    Garbage – Cup Of Coffee
    Gary Allan – What I’d Say
    My Chemical Romance – Cemetery Drive
    One Less Reason – September, If You Want Me, A Day To Be Alone
    Linkin Park – My December
    Blink 182 – All Of This
    Gavin DeGraw – Just Friends
    The Rolling Stones – Angie
    Goo Goo Dolls – Name

    I’m going through a rough time in my life and right now, these are the songs that are saddest to me.

  • Tom

    My Sad Songs Are

    Dj Sammy – Heaven (9/11 Remix)
    Elton John – Candle In The Wind (princess Diana’s Funeral)
    Bryan Adams – Everything I Do
    Aerosmith – I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing
    John Denver – Annie’s Song
    Stevie Wonder & Dionne Warwick – Thats What Friends Are For
    Faith Hill – There You’ll Be

    cant think of anymore at the moment but i think these are quite sad songs 🙁

  • Tom

    Oh And more songs

    Enya – Only Time 1 (i think thats what its called anyway)
    Meatloaf – Anything For Love
    Guns & Roses – November Rain
    Elvis – You Were Always On My Mind

    Ill Try Think Of Some More sad ones 🙁

  • Anonymous

    That’s a crock of shit that you judge the emotional value of a song almost entirely by what key it’s written in. A “song” by definition is called such because of it’s lyrics. The lyrics of a song are the most important part and are the basis for the emotional value of any song.

  • Jae

    James Morrison – Pieces Don’t Fit Anymore

  • Charlotte

    Yay! I’m so glad to see Bands such as Flyleaf in the list… I wasn’t sure how well known they were. I’m listening to Supernatural at the moment too! Here is my little list of songs:

    1. Supernatural – Flyleaf
    2. When It Rains – Paramore
    3. Hallelujah – As sung by Jeff Buckley
    4. Understanding – Evanescence
    5. So I Thought – Flyleaf
    6. October – Evanescence
    7. Dream Brother – Jeff Buckley
    8. All Around Me – Flyleaf
    9. Missed Me – Dresden Dolls
    10. Believe In Dreams – Flyleaf

    As you can tell… I’m quite a big fan of Flyleaf. It’s difficult making lists like these because my mind goes blank and I can only think of a few musicians. ha.

  • I thought all the songs above were sad in some sort of wayy

    however here is my list…not in order…jus proven to make me cry 🙁

    Fix You – Coldplay
    One Last Breath – Creed
    Two Beds And A Coffee Machine – Savage Garden
    Low – Kelly Clarkson
    Run – Snow Patrol
    Here Without you – 3 Doors Down
    Someday – Nickelback
    Its Not Over – Daughtry
    If You’re Not The One – Daniel Bedingfield
    Tabaco Y Chanel – Bacilos
    No Necesito Nada – No Te Va A Gustar
    Braveheart Theme – Enya
    May It Be – Enya
    Kiss From A Rosie – Seal
    Wherever You Will Go – The Calling
    With Or Without You – U2
    My Immortal – Evanescence
    Broken – Seether Ft. Amy Lee

    Just some of my personal favourites!! xxxx

  • Round Here – Counting Crows
    The Day You Went Away – Wendy Matthews
    Fast Car – Tracy Chapman
    Missing You – 1st Ladi

    They’re all really sad & really good yeah!

  • Kings of Leon – Milk (I love it)
    Blink 182 – I’m lost without you
    Alan Silvestri – Everything about you (no words but it gets me anyway, it’s from what woman want.)
    James Blunt – Goodbye my lover. (A bit irritating now but has to be included.)
    Seal – Kissed by a rose
    Bowling for soup – When we die

  • Coke

    Henry Purcell – When I am laid in earth

  • David Fang


    WEll anyway, interesting list but I would recommend my favourite sad song, Concrete angel. The video makes it even sadder =( Well you should try it.

  • daniel

    i loved your songs i just lost my nan i was crying not to cry xoxoxoxoxoxox

  • The Haze

    Jackie Brown by john Mellencamp. It just rips your heart out,man.

  • Kiko

    How ’bout:

    A Place Called Home – Kim Richey
    Love Song for a Vampire – Annie Lennox
    Runaway – The Corrs
    Samson – Regina Spektor
    Into Dust – Mazzy Star

    Whether it’s cuddled up in bed or staring out the window, these songs, I think, are some of the top choices.

  • Kara

    that song from the movie ‘Josie and the pussycats’ i think it’s called ‘You don’t see Me’

    that one had a sad tone.

  • Serena

    I loveee sad songs! they are probably my fave…duno why…just love them!

    i love

    good charlotte – change, where would we be now, you’re gone
    miriah carey – agianst all odds, hero, we belong together, dont forget about us
    hope – who am i to say
    ashlee simpson – beautifully broken, catch me when i fall, dancing alone, say goodbye
    ashley tisdale – unlove you
    kellie pickler – i wonder, my angel
    paula abdul – cry for me, missing you
    ricki lee – breathe
    superchick – beauty from pain
    98 degress – why are we still friends
    fergie – big girls dont cry
    pearl jam – last kiss
    dj sammy – heaven 9/11 tribute
    westlife – like a rose, the rose
    all for one – i swear
    backstreet boys – show me the meaning of being lonely
    bryan adams – i’ll be right here waiting for you
    the carpenters – rainy days and mondays
    enrique iglesias – hero
    evanescene – my immortal
    geri halliwell – walk away
    hoobastank – reason
    kelly clarkson – because of you
    lindsay lohan – confessions of a broken heart
    mandy moore – cry, only hope
    pink – dear mr president
    simple plan – perfect
    spice girls – goodbye

    and those are just a few of the ones i love!

  • Will

    silent all these years is not about her rape….

  • Imogen

    Coma White by Marilyn Manson is EXTREMELY sad.

    I know some of you will be like Manson…eww he’s a freak, he’s not sad, just scary and stuff…well he kinda is ( no offence, I do like manson but I can see where the haters are coming from) anyway, coma white is a very sad and emotional song.

    Please try it, give it a shot, you’ll love it.


    Theres something cold and blank behind her smile
    Shes standing on an overpass
    In her miracle mile
    You were from a perfect world
    A world that threw me away today
    Today to run away

    A pill to make you numb
    A pill to make you dumb
    A pill to make you anybody else
    But all the drugs in this world
    Wont save her from herself

    Her mouth was an empty cut
    And she was waiting to fall
    Just bleeding like a polaroid that
    Lost all her dolls
    You were from a perfect world
    A world that threw me away today
    Today to run away

    A pill to make you numb
    A pill to make you dumb
    A pill to make you anybody else
    But all the drugs in this world
    Wont save her from herself.


    With the guitar and slow drums, this song really makes you wanna cry, plus Manson has so much emotion in his voice. Not at all what might be expected.

  • daniel

    hey hey i loved your songs when your gone

  • no-name

    Well, I’m a fan of Marilyn Manson and from all his songs, I find Coma White (and Coma Black,too) very emotional and sad song, even some people will say “He’s weird” and that stuff. Anyway, everytime I listen this song, it really makes me cry!

  • Chelle

    Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd.

  • Vye

    One of the saddest songs I’ve ever heard is “Alyssa Lies” I don’t know the artist’s name, but it is an extremely sad song…

  • isablell

    my favorite are:

    bryan adams : sound the bugle now, to you i will always return, heaven
    immortal technique- dancing with the devil
    tim macgraw- if youre reding this im alreday home
    snow patrol- chasing cars
    james blunt- Goodbye my lover
    the corrs -long nignt
    hinder- better than me

  • SammyP, DallasTX

    So much sorrow, so many sad songs, so little time! Thanks for all the listings! Can’t hardly wait to see how sad they make me. Here’s my short list:

    Over Time – Lucinda Williams (solo version or even better, duet w/ Willie Nelson)

    One Little Song – Gillian Welch

    Under Cold Blue Stars – Josh Rouse

    Fade Into You – Mazzy Star

    Bluer – Over the Rhine

    Till I Can Gain Control Again – Emmylou Harris (or even more woeful, Van Morrison’s take on it)

    We’ll Sweep Out the Ashes in the Morning – Gram Parsons/Emmylou Harris

    More Than This (There Is Nothing) – Norah Jones

    Who Knows Where the Time Goes – Judy Collins (or an even more baleful version by Natalie Merchant)

    . . .

  • english son

    jason micheal carroll sang the song alyssa lies
    hope this helps

  • Adam

    Same old Story but garth brooks

    wolves by garth brooks

  • Veronica

    Iris Goo Goo Dolls, Melancholy by Iced Earth, Porcelain Heart by Barlw girls, Open Arms Mariah Carey, Soulmate by Natasha Bedingfield

  • Breanne

    Omg the best sad songs are by elisa

    “Dance” elisa. it gets me everytime

  • c-town

    moments-emerson drive

  • loving lucy, always will

    remy zero – shattered, slipknot – vermilion pt 2, the crystal method – nothing like you and i, ricky martin featuring Le Mari de Chambao – Tu Recuerdo (really sad song, i never figured ricky martin could move me so much) and the list goes on…unfortunately when we are sad we should listen to some tunes to cheer up but we always push ourselves more into pain by listening to vein slicing songs

  • loreena

    NEIL YOUNG PHILADELPHIA. Absolutly haunting

  • the sadest song i know would have to be rose by jonnhy cash or last kiss by pearl jam

  • john

    goood list :-]

    mariah carey – hero
    jimmy eat world – hear you me
    r.kelly- i belive i can fly
    p.diddy – i’ll be missing you
    faith hill -there you’ll be
    delta goodrem- together we are one
    celine dion r.kelly – I’m your angel
    lighthouse family- forever you and me
    Jaci Velasquez- imagine me without you

    all time number 1
    would be celine dion- my heart will go on

  • john

    Ohh and missing you – 1st lady
    makes you cry :-[

  • margery

    I’m Just a Ghost in This House–Alison Krauss
    Alone Again, Naturally–Gilbert O’Sullivan
    The Moon’s a Harsh Mistress–Jimmie Webb
    Bluebird–Emmy Lou Harris
    Faithless Love– Linda Ronstadt

  • Zina

    A really sad song i think is happy birthday by flipsyde.

  • Demmi

    “And it feels like” By Leanne Rimes is a song in which i will have to say i have never come across before.
    This remarkable piece uses such delicate sentences for lyrics and makes the song so truthful and meaningful that it break me into tears most times.

    I remember every touch, every flower,
    Every word you ever said
    I remember how we looked at each other the very first time we met
    I’d never forget

    I remember every smile, every letter,
    Every kiss you gave to me
    How we talked and you’d hold me for hours until I fall fast asleep
    You said you would always be there should I need your arms around me
    But now that I’ve fallen to my knees I don’t think you give a damn about me

    And it feels like running out of time
    And it feels like I’m the last thing on your mind (oh, oh)
    If I can touch your skin, I can hear you breathe,
    Every way you tell me what’s wrong
    ‘Cause it feels like, You’re already gone

    Did you leave in the middle of the night and forget to say goodbye
    Did you feel it was time to go but you didn’t want to see me cry
    It gets harder and harder for me to believe that you still love me
    Get on with it baby if you’re gonna leave
    Its not worth saving

  • Allie

    Don’t Forget Me – Way Out West
    All I Want – Susie Suh
    Not As We – Alanis Morissette
    Remembering Sunday – All Time Low
    Sleep – Azure Ray
    Waiting For You – Ben Harper
    A Place Called Home – Kin Richey
    You’ve Changed – Bettie Serveert
    Open Invitation – Black Motorcycle Club
    The Matter Of Our Discussion – Boom Dip
    Tragedy – Brandi Carlile
    The River – Bruce Springsteen
    Maybe Not – Cat Power
    Traveling Soldier – Dixie Chicks
    Gabriel and the Vagabond – Foy Vance
    A Vespertine Haunting – Goodbye Tomorrow
    Clean Getaway – Maria Taylor
    Stay – Michelle Featherstone
    The Great Escape – Patrick Watson
    Worn Me Down – Rachel Yamagata
    Fog (Again)(Live) – Radiohead
    Breathe Me – Sia
    For Blue Skies – Strays Don’t Sleep
    Love Will Tear Us Apart – Susanna and the Magical
    Do You Want To Come With – Stephen Fretwell
    Pills – The Perishers
    Bonnie Brae – The Twilight Singers

    soo its a really long list lol
    but work your way through it i promise its work it:D these are some truely amazing songs
    p.s the ones in caps are my favs



  • Benny

    Daym, ur good man.. but try hallelujah by jeff buckly!

  • i dnt have any coment but only want to say why only true lovers suffered alot?

  • Oh my, good catagory for a list!!!!! My choices angle towards the personal psychology department. Kudos to Sister Ray (#30) for ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ and a total thumbs up for John (#17) and Joy Division’s ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’.

    I’ve got one song that has really affected me (one very close to me could have written this song). The song is from Joy Division’s ‘Closer’ album, entitled “Isolation”

    I’m doing the best that I can,
    I”m ashamed of the things I’ve been put through,
    I’m ashamed of the person I am

    WOW, is Ian Curtis crying out or what!!??? I have not seen the movie ‘Control’ yet, but I wonder if the pathological and sociopathic environment that has surrounded his whole life is researched.

    Of course, Ian Curtis commits suicide right before their first USA tour…

    Then, you know, Kurt Cobain’s suicide is no mystery. Every song was a cry for help.

    It is a sick, sad world.


  • To take JD’s album further, one song sings:

    God and his wisdom take me by the hand
    God and his wisdom make me understand…
    (repeat, becoming more intense)

    Then that song is followed by “Means to an End”. then ‘Heart and Soul” after that.

    The whole album (Closer) is so intense. It was a pre-cursor to what followed. Almost like a suicide note.

    Happy holidays, folks….Make it thru this one…


  • bliffle

    How about Opera, which is replete with sad songs? Often sung as the Soprano/tenor is dieing, in the last scene, with a dagger in the chest and finally delivers the gorgeously sad song we’ve been waiting for an hour and a half.

    But songs that are simply sad are too easy. Every would-be poet and singer spends an inordinate amount of time and effort composing Sad Songs. Anyone can do it.

    Tougher and better are sad songs that contain a defiance proclaiming one’s assertion of survival over the sadness. this is where some of my favorites (songs like “I Fall To Pieces”, “She tHinks I Still Care”, “Little White Cloud That Cried”, “Across The Borderline”, etc. Country music has a million of them) fall down.

    The Brits used to have the corner on these songs, guys like Sir John Suckling:

    WHY so pale and wan, fond lover?
    Prithee, why so pale?
    Will, when looking well can’t move her,
    Looking ill prevail?
    Prithee, why so pale? 5

    Quit, quit for shame! This will not move;
    This cannot take her.
    If of herself she will not love,
    Nothing can make her:
    The devil take her! 15

    And on another occasion:

    Out upon it, I have loved
    Three whole days together;
    And am like to love three more,
    If it prove fair weather.

    In modern times the French seem to have occupied the territory for this type of song, finding irony in everything as usual. Edith Piafs “no regrets” comes to mind among others. Even Jacques Brels “don’t go away”: told that it was often described as the most sadly romantic song ever, Brel said quite the opposite! He intended to show what a fool this lover was and how hopeless, with his obsequious pleas and extravagant promises!

    And, of course, the famous Sinatra hit song “My Way” was written by a defiant French cafe singer.

  • bliffle, well said. the opera world is full of tragedy.

    thank you for the Edith Piaf mention. been a follower for a long time (more than 30 years…). And good point with Sinatra…


  • morgan

    i got one that hasn’t been mentioned yet its by Regina Spektor its called “Samson”

  • Devin

    Here are some I find to be very sad, almost all of them are country. Some people don’t have much patience for country, but for me I feel country has the most feeling put into the lyrics, so if you don’t like the sound at least go look up the lyrics for these great songs!

    – “John Wayne Gacy Jr.”-Stephan Sujhan? (it has kind of a creepy feel to it, but it makes you sad for all of the victims involved)

    – “Whiskey Lullaby”-Allison Krauss & Brad Paisley

    – “Sad Little Girl”-John Michael Montgomery

    – “If You’re Readin This”-Tim McGraw

    – “Remember When”-Alan Jackson

    – “The Dance”-Garth Brooks (my cousin sang this at his brother’s funeral)

    – “You’re Gonna Miss This”-Trace Adkins (It’s really sad how life passes by so fast)

    – “He Stopped Loving Her Today”-George Jones

    – “Don’t Worry Baby”-The Beach Boys (the movie Deja Vu made this song sad for me)

    – “What Might Have Been”-Diamond Rio

    – “Let Them Be Little”-Lonestar

    …and my all time favorite sad song is:

    – “For the Good Times”-Ray Price (This song reminds me of my grandpa alot because Ray Price is his favorite artist and this is one of his favorite songs, so it has a lot of sentimental value but the lyrics really pack a punch…)

  • Aerosmith I dont wanna miss a thing
    Damien rice 9 crimes
    Flyleaf – Supernatural
    Leona Lewis – Bleeding love
    Placebo my sweet prince
    placebo pierrot the clown
    placebo peeping tom
    the bird and the bee -fucking boyfriend
    snow patrol run
    05 – Counting Crows – Colorblind
    08 – Placebo – Without You Im Nothing (Feat. David Bowie)

    10 Mika – Happy Ending
    11 – Vermilion II
    Blink182 – I Miss You
    Luke Pickett – Empty Corridors

  • hhhmmm… reviewing this article and thread, I listed some Joy Division and Kurt Cobain into the mix. But, now that I think about it, those two belong on a different list.

    This article is about SAD songs. JD and Kurt belong on the “Most Horribly Depressing” list. That is another article.

    Rock On,

  • Stefan

    good job! so many sad songs! may I add some more

    Christopher Cross – Think Of Laura
    “Every once in a while I’d see her smile
    And she’d turn my day around
    A girl with those eyes could stare through the lies
    And see what your heart was saying

    Think of Laura but laugh don’t cry
    I know she’d want it that way
    When you think of Laura laugh don’t cry
    I know she’d want it that way

    A friend of a friend, a friend till the end
    That’s the kind of girl she was
    Taken away so young
    Taken away without a warning

    I know you and you’re here
    In everyday we live
    I know her and she’s here
    I can feel her when I sing

    Hey Laura, where are you now
    Are you far away from here
    I don’t think so
    I think you’re here
    Taking our tears away

    Lione Richie – Goodbye:
    “I wanted you for life,
    you and me in the wind.
    I never thought there’d come a time,
    that our story would end.

    It’s hard to understand,
    but I guess I’ll have to try.
    It’s not easy,
    to say goodbye.

    For all the joy we shared,
    all that time we had to spend.
    Now if I had one wish,
    I’d want forever back again.

    To look into your eyes,
    and hold you when you cry.
    It’s not easy,
    to say goodbye.

    I can remember all those great times we had.
    There were so many memories, some good, some bad.
    Yes, and through it all, those memories will last forever.

    There’s peace in where you are,
    maybe all I need to know.
    And if I listen to my heart,
    I’ll hear your laughter once more.

    And so I’ve got to say,
    I’m just glad you came my way.
    It’s not easy,
    to say goodbye.


    different, but still quite sad:
    Bob Carlisle – Butterfly Kisses
    “There’s two things I know for sure:
    She was sent here from heaven and she’s daddy’s little girl.
    As I drop to my knees by her bed at night
    She talks to Jesus and I close my eyes
    and I thank god for all of the joy in my life
    Oh, but most of all

    For butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer;
    sticking little white flowers all up in her hair;
    “Walk beside the pony, Daddy, it’s my first ride.”
    “I know the cake looks funny, Daddy, but I sure tried.”
    Oh, with all that I’ve done wrong, I must have done something right
    To deserve a hug every morning And butterfly kisses at night.

    Sweet 16 today
    She’s looking like her mama a little more everyday
    One part woman, the other part girl.
    To perfume and make-up from ribbons and curls
    Trying her wings out in a great big world.
    But I remember…..

    Butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer;
    sticking little white flowers all up in her hair.
    “You know how much I love you, Daddy, But if you don’t mind I’m only gonna kiss you on the cheek this time.”
    Oh with all that I’ve done wrong I must have done something right
    to deserve her love every morning and butterfly kisses at night.

    All the precious time
    Like the wind, the years go by.
    Precious butterfly.
    Spread your wings and fly.

    She’ll change her name today.
    She’ll make a promise and I’ll give her away.
    Standing in the bride-room just staring at her.
    She asked me what I’m thinking and I said
    “I’m not sure-I just feel like I’m losing my baby girl.”
    She leaned over

    gave me butterfly kisses with her mama there,
    Sticking little white flowers all up in her hair
    “Walk me down the aisle, Daddy-it’s just about time.”
    “Does my wedding gown look pretty, Daddy? Daddy, don’t cry”
    Oh, with all that I’ve done wrong I must have done something right.
    To deserve a hug every morning and butterfly kisses

    I couldn’t ask God for more, man this is what love is.
    I know I gotta let her go, but I’ll always remember
    Every hug in the morning and butterfly kisses…”

    and for those of you, who know German:
    Roger Cicero – Ich haett so gern noch tschuess gesagt
    “Ich hätt’ so gern noch Tschüß gesagt
    Noch einen letzten song mit Dir gemacht
    Ne Handvoll Jazz am Piano

    Ich hätt Dich gern in’n Arm genommen
    Noch einen letzten Ratschlag
    Von dir angenommen
    Ein letztes „Machs gut, mein Sohn“

    An Deinen goldnen Händen
    Lernt’ ich Laufen, Schwimmen und Fahrrad fahren
    Ich hab ihn oft kopiert
    Deinen Verführercharme

    Natürlich wars nicht immer einfach
    Wir haben oft und manchmal laut diskutiert
    Du hast halt auch im Leben
    Gerne viel improvisiert

    Ich hätt’ so gern noch Tschüß gesagt
    Noch einen letzten song mit Dir gemacht
    Vier Hände voll Jazz am Klavier

    Ich hätt’ Dich gern in’n Arm genommen
    Einen letzten gut gemeinten Ratschlag
    Von einem netten Mann genommen
    Ein letztes mal „Machs gut, mein Sohn“
    von dir gehört

    Ich hätte noch so gern Tschüß gesagt …”

  • Cheryl-Lynne

    Hmm.. Well. I have three songs which I think are rather sad..

    Amanda falk – For Adam
    My Chemical Romance – Cancer (Really hits me. I lost a friend to cancer..)
    and 8mm – Liar

  • martha

    “Picture” by Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow.

    “Livin’ my life in a slow hell
    Different girl every night at the hotel
    I ain’t seen the sun shine in 3 damn days
    Been fuelin’ up on cocaine and whisky
    Wish I had a good girl to miss me
    Lord I wonder if I’ll ever change my ways
    I put your picture away
    Sat down and cried today…”

  • Arjun Neil Menezes

    Ozzy Osbourne – Goodbye To Romance is really sad, made me cry

  • Sam

    Well i think that the song “fields of gold” is a very sad song.

    But well done, you have successfully managed to capture my heart and make me want to commit suicide (not seriuosly of course)

    But seriously well done – alot of effort must have gone into that

  • How did this list get completed without “The Rose” by Bette Midler?

  • Disney Chick

    God Help The Outcasts from the Hunchback of Notre Dame – The movie version has more soul I think, than Bette Midler’s version but still overall an excellent sad song 😀

  • tiara

    lua-bright eyes
    what sarah said-death cab for cutie
    absolutely zero-jason mraz
    baby blue sedan-modest mouse
    positive negative-modest mouse
    trailer trash-modest mouse
    this place is a prison- the postal service
    tiny vessels-death cab for cutie
    no lies, just love- bright eyes
    you could be happy-snow patrol
    yellow birds and coal mines-the scene aesthetic (or gregory and the hawk)
    the bolder thing to do-gregory and the hawk
    i’ve been eating (for you)-bright eyes
    i miss you when you’re gone- the cranberries
    the blowers daught-damien rice
    accidental babies-damien rice
    kody-matchbox 20
    back 2 good-matchbox 20
    let her cry-hootie and the blowfish
    kill-jimmy eat world
    strange and beautiful-aqualung
    little motel-modest mouse
    grey ice water-modest mouse
    transatlantisism-death cab for cutie
    bankrupt on selling-modest mouse

    basically, i am very indie oriented. bright eyes, modest mouse, as well as death cab for cutie have many sad songs that may spark tears. i hope this helps, i read the entire list and tried not to repeat anything, even other songs i thought would go well on my list.

  • Aaron

    I have two words Jeff Buckley.

  • Winger

    Completely biased… in one genre of music..
    And to be completely honest, this is a terrible list!

  • Nicole

    my favourite sad song atm is OneRepublic – Stop and Stare.
    Its about thinking to yourself “how the hell did i get here” and you want to be anywhere but there. I think to me its personally sad because i want to change my life “make one last appeal for the life i live” but “i think im moving but i go no where” and its like your stuck at the one place you want to be out of.

    download it. you may not find it sad but the first time iu heard it i cried and it took me 2 days to work out why. Its probably one of those songs you have to connect with in the “this song was written for me” way.

    i alos think
    Beyonce – Listen
    The Last Goodnight – Pictures of you
    Kelly Clarkson – The trouble with love.
    Red Jumpsuit Appartus – Guardian angel; face down.

  • Frank Edoho

    Well well! Lotsa sad songs from you guys,but my list is invincibly the best.
    forever love-Anna Nalick
    My my my-Rob Thomas
    Easier-Kandy & Faith Evans
    looking for love-R Kelly
    Miracle of love-Eurythmics
    Tell me one more time-Gareth Gates
    unbelievable-Craig David
    Don’t break my heart-Shanice
    Just when i needed you most-Randy Vanwarmer
    Land of the sea & sun-Baha Men
    Your Love-Diana Ross
    So sad a song-Teddy Pendergrass
    You mean more to me-Lionel Richie
    the promise-Tracy Chapman
    No one loves you like i love you-Atomic Kitten
    Time goes by-Spice Girls
    never just for a ring-Toni Braxton
    Rule the world-Peter Cetera
    I COULD GO ON & ON & ON & ON

  • Frank, the only sad thing here is your trite taste in music!

  • Michael

    Whats “sad” to me is something tthat provokes memories, a nostalgia and longing for something that might not even existed.
    Kim Mitchell – All We Are
    Colin Newman – Alone
    The Sound – Silent Air
    Radiohead – Street Spirit (fade out)
    Pearl Jam – Black
    John Lennon – Love
    Concrete Blonde – Joey
    The Tea Party – Release
    David Bowie – Ashes to Ashes
    Whitesnake – Is This Love (im half joking, messed me up as a kid.)

  • Dan

    For one sad song, I like Danny O’keef’s one hit, “Good time Charlies got the blues”.

    “some caught a freight, some caught a plane,
    find the sunshine leave the rain.
    They say this town’ll waste your time,
    I guess their right, it’s wastin’ mine.”

    Another favorite, albeit a sad favorite, is an unexpected Ozzie Osborne/Black Sabbath introspection. I think it’s titled “changes”

    “Rocket man” by Elton is thouroughly sad, yet whimsical. It seems to capture the unique loneliness that a singular astronaut might feel.

    Hendrix’s “the wind cries mary” sports a very somber tone, but has beautiful lyrical imagery.

    “the traffic lights, they turn up blue tommorrow.
    and shine an emptiness down on my bed.
    the tiny island sags downstream.
    ’cause the light that lived, is dead”

    Maybe the saddest tear provoking song of all time is the Hollies’ “he ain’t heavy”. It’s really a song about strength, or resolve. Maybe both.

    Ray Charles forces you to feel the heartbreak of unrequited adoration with “you dont know me”

    “…I never knew the art of makin’ love.
    though my heart aches with love for you.
    afraid, and shy, I let my chance go by.
    a chance that you might love me too.”

    although I’d bet he’d win the girl if he’d sing those words to her.

    I’m not sure who’s credited with writing “leaving on a jet plane”, but John Denver is convincingly sorrowful.

    Women are perhaps the most adept at elliciting sadness. Carole King does me in with her mournful passages, and elegantly heartfelt lyrics in “so far away”.

    Linda Ronstadt also plays on my impulsive male protective inclinations with her song, “long long time”. So sad. I want to hug her for a long long time. Probably won’t help though. ’cause she’s heartbroken.

  • Jennifer

    here are some sad songs please listen to them if u havent yet .

    cinderella – steven curtis chapman

    big big world – emilia

    have you ever – brandy

    time – 1st lady

    my goodbye – brian

    for the nights i cant remember – hedley

    she’s so sorry – hedley

    all songs from Yellowcard

    six whole days – matt palmer

    through the pain – diddy

    damaged – ben franklin

    why did you have to go – frankie j

    how do u cope – frankie j

    dont wanna try – frankie j

    daddys little girl – frankie j

    dear father – sum 41

    emotionless – good charlotte ******* best song

    all Paula Deanda

    like you’ll never see me again – alica keys

    one more day – Uness

    imagine me – kirk franklin *** Also Watch Video it sad

    mama – boys 2 men

    nuborn – one chance

    one step at a time – jordin sparks

    soldier heart – r kelly

    still got it – donnell shawn

    strong – jordyn taylor

    the weekend – rookie of the year

    thug holidaY – trick daddy

    tongue tied – faber drive

    turn around – samantha jade

    i wished you loved me – tynisha keli

    with you – chris brown

    you – rascall flatts

    almost lover – a fine frenzy

    next to you – a fine frenzy

    all i see – kylie minogue

    anyone of us – gareth gates

    blue front door – brian

    broken – digga

    my regret – banky w

    by his wounds – mac powell

    its hard – elias

    over it – katherine mcphee

    everywhere i go – katherine mcphee

    goodbye – jagged edge

    promise – jagged edge

    your eyes – six piece ft jagged edge

    hurting child – george nozuka

    hurt me with the truth – jeremy greene

    i miss you – darren hayes

    let go – Dj Sancho ***** saddd

    destiny – love and basketball

    miss your girl – kasey

    missing me – rj helton

    my last serenade – joey moe

    come with me – sammie

    And so much more to give i have at least 1000 or more just listen they really touch the heart cause they touched mine

  • paige

    311- beyond the gray sky

  • Ellen

    I really Liked that song called ‘Hope theres Someone’by Anthony and the Johnsons, thats the only song i like of his, I don’t know what it is about this song, theres just something that makes me feel suddenly very tired and lonely… I know its a weird effect.. but thats what it does…

  • Not sure what gave you the idea that sad songs saw an explosion with pop songs. A few classical pieces off the top of my head:

    Barber’s Adagio for Strings – hard to be sadder that this one. Used incredibly effectively in Platoon. I’d say it’s done to death but hard to do this one to death – it’s too beautiful.

    First movement of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata – the piece most popular with people who can only half play at public pianos because it’s easy to do badly, but really dark when done well.

    Shostakovitch’s Fifth Symphony – Strident, scary, sad, defiant, victorious – an amazing amount of stuff packed into one amazing piece.

    Chopin’s Nocturne in B Flat Minor – Incredibly sad with beautiful sunlit parts thrown in just to remind you of what you’ve lost.

    “Neptune, the Mystic” in Holst’s “The Planets” – has that weird otherworldly choir – reminds me of the space baby floating alone in 2001 – A Space Oddysey. Very spooky.

    Kind Im Einschlummern from Schumann’s Children’s Kinderschenen – Sad and nostaligic.

    Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis by Ralph Vaughan Williams – A bit like the adagio but beautiful in a Vaughan Williams sort of way.

    Lots more out there.

    A zillion others and lots of stuff with sad material interspersed with more positive stuff.

  • rachael

    Flogging molly- far away boys
    Flogging molly- If i ever leve this world alive
    Steve Earle- Galaway Girl

  • Olivia-Rose

    Amos Lee – Colors
    Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek
    Nick Cave – Into my arms
    Wallflowers – Empire of my mind
    Van Morrison – Beside you
    Vanessa Carlton – Annie
    Tim Buckley – Song to siren
    Sia – Breathe me
    Ryan Adams – Wonderwall (oasis cover)
    Red House Painters – Have you forgotten
    Raine Maida – Earthless
    Pete Murray – Better days
    Neil Young – Helpless (the last waltz)
    Matt Wertz – Come away
    Lesley Gore – Better angels
    The Be Good Tanyas – Junkie Song

    I could go on and on…but that’s probably enough tears to last a life time.

  • Milo

    I am actually looking for a sad song but i can not remember the name, or much of the words actually. I hate when this happens, but i desperately want to find it. It has a line that goes ‘i wonder if you still got that look in your eyes’.
    Any help will be great..

  • Kat

    hey some of my sad songs

    When she loved me (toy story 2)

    Don’t cry for me Argentina (Madonna)

    Cannon Ball (Damien Rice)

    Citadel (Anna Nalick)

    Citadel is a sad song but maybe only to me- It really portrays the nervousness of someone leaving school and growing up.

    What if I fall
    What if I don’t
    What If I never make it home
    what if I bleed
    What if I break
    What if I find that I can’t take…

    sorry if my song list sucks….

  • DWH

    Monuments and Melodies by incubus

  • cam

    la mar- the beautiful girls
    cross roads- trac chapman
    dont fight it- the panics

  • Luna

    I love sad songs loooooooooooooooooooooool…
    REM, everybody hurts, is soooooooooooooo sad!!!!

  • topazjulez

    Just gotta add
    Stole – Kelly Rowland
    River Lullaby – Prince of Egypt Soundtrack

  • Gunny

    The following recommendation is so SAD they will NOT play it over the air waves! Which, in of its self, should be indicitive of just how SAD this SAD song truly is:

    Artist: Elton John
    Album: Caribou
    Song: TICKING
    Track #: 10
    Time: 7:34
    Lyrics: http://www.eltonography.com/songs

    “An extremely quiet child” they called you in your school report “He’s always taken interest in the subjects that he’s taught” So what was it that brought the squad car screaming up your drive To notify your parents of the manner in which you died

    At St. Patricks every Sunday, Father Fletcher heard your sins “Oh, he’s unconcerned with competition he never cares to win” But blood stained a young hand that never held a gun And his parents never thought of him as their troubled son

    “Now you’ll never get to Heaven” Mama said Remember Mama said Ticking, ticking “Grow up straight and true blue Run along to bed” Hear it, hear it, ticking, ticking

    They had you holed up in a downtown bar screaming for a priest Some gook said “His brain’s just snapped” then someone called the police You’d knifed a Negro waiter who had tried to calm you down Oh you’d pulled a gun and told them all to lay still on the ground

    Promising to hurt no one, providing they were still A young man tried to make a break, with tear-filled eyes you killed That gun butt felt so smooth and warm cradled in your palm Oh your childhood cried out in your head “they mean to do you harm”

    “Don’t ever ride on the devil’s knee” Mama said Remember mama said Ticking, ticking “Pay your penance well, my child Fear where angels tread” Hear it, hear it, ticking, ticking

    Within an hour the news had reached the media machine A male caucasian with a gun had gone berserk in Queens The area had been sealed off, the kids sent home from school Fourteen people lying dead in a bar they called the Kicking Mule

    Oh they pleaded to your sanity for the sake of those inside “Throw out your gun, walk out slow just keep your hands held high” But they pumped you full of rifle shells as you stepped out the door Oh you danced in death like a marionette on the vengeance of the law

    “You’ve slept too long in silence” Mama said Remember Mama said Ticking, ticking “Crazy boy, you’ll only wind up with strange notions in your head” Hear it, hear it, ticking, ticking

  • Nicole

    Hallelujah by Rufus Wainwright is a very, very sad and tragic song.

  • A.P.


  • Bri

    Peter Gabriel: Here Comes the Flood……amazingly depressing

  • charlotte


  • Renee

    “Only Hope by Mandy Moore”
    I have 2 reasons why this song makes me feel all sad.

    Reason 1: It reminds me of “A Walk To Remember”[a sad movie in my opinion] in which the song was in and is part of the movies soundtrack.

    Reason 2: This line always gets me
    “And I know now, you’re my only hope”
    And right after she sings ‘hope’, this dreadful piano and I think a violin plays… It’s really beautiful but it makes me so sad.

    If you haven’t heard of it, go listen to it!

  • santy

    y would add open arms of journey

  • Amory

    I think Faith Hill’s “There You’ll Be” is extremely sad. It’s the one from Pearl Harbor. “Arlington” by Trace Adkins, “Holes in the Floor of Heaven”, “Remember When” by Alan Jackson… There’s a lot of sad songs!


  • Martiniano

    David Gray – Shine
    Dave Alvin – Andersonville
    Mark Knopfler – Done with Bonaparte

  • martiniano

    And of course Johnny Cash’s version of “Hurt”

    David Gray “Please Forgive Me”

  • David D

    ok and your all forgetting one now comes the night by rob thomas

  • Buck

    Not sure if it’s been pointed out – a couple nitpicky things:

    “Your Song” is misquoted, it’s “how wonderful life is” rather than “how beautiful.”

    Also, “Everybody’s Talkin'” isn’t a Nilsson song, nor is “Without You” – he just had popular covers of them.

    Some have mentioned “Sad Song” by Lou Reed, I would nominate “The Bed” from the same album (“Berlin”).

    If it hasn’t been mentioned, The Kinks’ “Days.”

  • alexis

    heres my list.

    1.Who Am I to Say – Hope
    2.Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley
    3.Bang Bang – Nancy Sinatra
    4.Hurt – Johnny Cash
    5.Brick – Ben Folds Five
    6.Mommy Dont Drink Me to Bed Tonight – Mandy Moore
    7.Porcelain Heart – Barlow Girl
    8.Yesterday – Beatles
    9.Let It Be – Beatles
    10.Anyone Else But You – Moldy Peaches

  • alexis

    And most likely dizzy and iris by the goo goo dolls, my heart will go on (titanic theme), time of your life by green day, seize the day by avenged sevenfold, golden slumbers by paul mc cartney, CANCER BY MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE.

  • Lorna

    1. Kimya Dawson-The Beer
    “I tried to scream ‘fuck you’ but blood was pouring out my mouth.”

    2. Belle & Sebastian-If You’re Feeling Sinister
    “Anthony went to his death because he thought he’d never feel this way again…and if there is something else beyond, he isn’t scared because it’s bound to be less boring than today.”

    3. Bob Dylan-Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right
    “I wish there was something you would do or say to try and make me change my mind and stay, but we never did too much talkin’ anyway.”

    4. MewithoutYou-Silencer
    “‘So the peace you had,’ she said, ‘I must confess I’m glad to see it go.'”

    5. MewithoutYou-Carousels
    “Down by the tracks, watching trains go by, to remind me-there are places that aren’t here.”

    6.Defiance, Ohio-I’m Just Going to Leave
    “Even on the best days in September, it’s hard to find my peace of mind. I’d like to blame it on the weather.”

    7. Defiance, Ohio-Road Signs Always Look Better Looking Over Your Shoulder
    “We could take a fast car or maybe just close our eyes and when we open them the world we wantcan be the world we know.”

    8. The Offspring-The Kids Aren’t Alright
    “Jenny had a chance, well she really did. Instead she dropped out and had a couple of kids. Mark still lives at home because he’s got no job. Just plays guitar, smokes a lot of pot. Jay committed suicide, Brandon OD’ed and died.”

    9.Nirvana-Something in the Way
    It’s way more about the tone and the deadness in his voice than the lyrics necessarily.

    10. Belle & Sebastian-Beautiful
    “They let Lisa go blind. The world was at her feet and she was looking down. They let Lisa go blind. But everyone she knew thought she was beautiful, Only slightly mental, Beautiful, a bit temperamental.”

  • 1)I want none of this – Radiohead
    2)Street Spirit – Radiohead
    3) Unintented – Muse
    4) Hurt – NIN
    5) Berlin – Lou Reed
    7) My Sweet Prince – Placebo
    8) Ellioth Smith (all)
    9) Jeff Buckley (all)
    10) No fear of falling -I am Kloot

  • jen

    I cry very easily in movies and listening to songs so there are tons that I could put on this list. The ones that make me cry most are…

    Butterfly Kisses (I actually don’t listen to it any more because I cry as soon as I hear it)

    Fix You – Coldplay
    Even though in the song it says “I will try to fix you…” I always get a sense of helplessness from it.

    Hide And Seek – Imogen Heap
    I heard this for the first time on The O.C at Caleb’s funeral.. total tear-jerker

    Tears In Heaven – Eric Clapton
    Enough said.

    I don’t know who it is by… makes me cry because it was played at a very close family friend’s funeral as was “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston

  • riley

    Appreciate- Nicholas Jonas
    Tatoo- Jordin Sparks
    Goodbye- Miley Cyrus
    I Miss You- Miley Cyrus
    Invincible- Jesse McCartney
    Don’t Cry Out Loud- Diana DeGarmo
    Somebody’s Me- Enrique Iglesias
    Do You Know?- Enrique Iglesias
    Someone’s Watching Over Me- Hilary Duff
    Can’t Have You- Jonas Brothers
    Sorry- Jonas Brothers
    Confessions of A Broken Heart- Lindsay Lohan
    Dear God- Nicholas Jonas
    Happily Never After- Nicole Scherzinger
    Teardrops On My Guitar- Taylor Swift
    Tied Together With A Smile- Taylor Swift
    A Perfectly Good Heart- Taylor Swift
    Take A Bow- Rihanna
    I Wish You Loved Me- Tynisha Keli
    This I Swear- Nick Lachey
    What’s Left Of Me- Nick Lachey

  • Jeff P

    Hallelujah by Leonard Cohnen
    500 Miles by Bobby Bare
    Early Morning rain by Peter Paul and Mary
    Love is Blue by Paul Mariet and His Orchestra
    Empty Chairs at Empty Tables from Les Miserables
    Vincent by Don McLean, though the Josh Groban version is amazing. Better even.
    Who Wants to Live forever by Queen
    Sunrise, Sunset from Fiddler on the Roof
    Desperado by the Eagles
    Souvenirs by John Prine. In fact, most of John Prine’s work.

    And Have yourself a merry little Christmas is a very depressing song if sung right, and the original line “Until then we’ll have to muddle through somehow” is used…

  • jc

    I have to agree with
    Sinead O’connor- Nothing Compares to You.

    It isnt my favorite, but it isnt just about the lyrics, it is how emotionally it is sung. Also, whenever I am down,
    James Taylor-fire and rain
    seems to match the mood (usually on my way to funerals, unfortunately).

  • Jan the Lazyman

    Steve Earle – Goodbye
    Otis Redding – Pain in My Heart
    Robert Cole – Brent Best
    Van Dobro – Shipwreck
    Amy Winehouse – Love is A Losing Game
    Blaze Foley – If I Coult Only Fly
    Townes van Zandt – Waiting Around to Die
    Hank Hillbilly – Rootsclub
    Graham Linsey – Burn Me Down
    The Outsiders – the Outsiders
    Robert Plant and Alison Kraus – The Letter

  • Les

    you guys are so sad that i’m gonna write you one

  • hello

    Daddy, Alone I break by KoRn
    Shrinking Universe by The Muse
    Behind Blue Eyes by Limp Bizkit
    Welcome 2, Teardrops, It Was Easier by Slut
    Lonely Day by System Of A Down
    The Unforgiven by Apocalyptica, Metallica
    30 Minutes by t.A.T.u
    Stop Cry Your Heart Out by Oasis
    (I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight by Cutting Crew
    Fake Wings by Yuki Kajiura

    That’s all I can think of right now. 🙂

  • Beth

    I think these songs are sad and wistful-

    “Long Ago and Far Away” James Taylor
    “Sleep’s Dark and Silent Gate” Jackson Browne
    “Goodbye to Love” The Carpenters
    Most of Leonard Cohen’s stuff
    “When October Goes” Barry Manilow
    “At Seventeen” Janis Ian
    “Holding Back the Years” Simply Red
    “Alone Again, Naturally” Gilbert O’Sullivan

  • Oh, and also “Sarah” Bob Dylan

    The regret and memory of these lyrics is heartbreaking.

  • NAT


  • Jon

    These are my favorite sad songs

    Porcelain by Moby
    Cortez the Killer by Neil Young
    Honey and the Moon by Joseph Arthur
    Like a Hurricane by Neil Young
    Old Man by Neil Young
    Don’t Forget me by Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Something in the Way by Nirvana
    Love Hurts by Nazareth
    Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd
    Yellow by Coldplay
    Nutshell by Alice in Chains

  • ariellexx

    i reckon my immortal by evanesence is so sad!
    and you raise me up by westlife makes me cry everytime!! sooo sad! :…(
    also your beautiful by james blunt
    the last night by skillet
    you gotta listen to these songs! they bring me to tears every time!

  • lisa

    i think miss you my miely cyrus is very sad but also this other one i think its by somone caleecd mia where she is talking about not letting her daddy go out because he will run away its song is heaven the 911 verion that makes me cry everytime

  • Ace

    Here’s my list from my iPod
    Stay Close, Don’t go – Secondhand Seranade
    “If you leave me tonight, I’ll wake up alone. Don’t tell me I will make it on my own.”
    Heartbreaker – Tank
    “.. Never thought you’d have so much to say, never thought that I’d see the day where we almost crossed the line between love and hate.”
    I’m Going Down – Mary J. Blige
    “..Why’d ya have to turn away, boy? Look what you’ve done to me. I can’t stop these tears from fallin’ from my eyes.”
    Nobody knows it but me – Babyface
    “Nights are so lonely, days are so sad. I just keep thinking about the love that we had. And I’m crying inside, and nobody knows it but me.”
    Emotions – Destiny’s Child
    “..And where are you now, now that I need you. Tears on my pillow whereever you go. Cry me a river that leads to your ocean, but you’ll never see me fall apart; from the words of a broken heart.”
    If I was the one – Ruff Endz (Center Stage)
    “I see the way he treats you, I feel the tears you cry and it makes me mad and it makes me sad, there’s nothing I can do, Baby.”
    So Cold – Breaking Benjamin
    “Show me how it ends, it’s alright. Show me how defenseless you really are..”
    Sooner or later – Breaking Benjamin
    “Sooner or later, you’re gonna hate it but go ahead and throw my life away.”
    Prayer of St. Francis – Sarah McLaughlin
    “Lord make me an instrument of your peace; where there is hatred let me sow in love.”
    Life Goes On – Tupac
    “It’s time to bury another brotha, nobody cry.”
    Love Bites – Def Leppard
    “I know you think that love is the way you make it, but I don’t wanna be there when you decide to break it.”
    Divine Intervention – Taking Back Sunday
    “If you’re callin’ me out, then count me out.”
    Here’s to the night – Eve 6
    “Here’s to the night we felt alive; here’s to the tears you knew you’d cry; here’s to goodbye – tomorrows gonna come too soon”
    Unforgotten – The theme from Halo 3 (just listen to it, trust me) No lyrics.
    Breakdown – Plain White T’s
    “… I’ve seen his friends try just to help him get out; He never told them what the problem really was. I’ve seen a suicide; he couldn’t figure it out. He blamed himself because they couldn’t get along. I’ve seen his parents eyes, trying to figure it out; where did our baby go and what went wrong?”
    Car Underwater – Armor for sleep
    “In a car underwater with time to kill. Sinking back; can’t forget to tell you this. I didn’t care that you left and abandoned me, but what hurts more is that I would still die for you.”

  • CAM

    I didnt see Jeff Buckley’s cover Hallelujah! its prob there somewhere!
    brilliant song

  • d-man

    is a sad song governed by its lyrics or the melody? usually its the melody that does me, but ill throw another few out there:
    and also, these sad songs are all beautiful

    damien rice – 9 crimes
    blink 182 – adam’s song
    eskimo joe – london bombs
    devotchka – how it ends
    daft punk – verdis quo
    kisschasy – black dress
    louie armstrong – what a wonderful world
    counting crows – colourblind
    linkin park – in the end

  • cathrineee

    what about Alter Bridge – In loving memory..
    that song is amazing, and sad too.

    Jeff Buckley’s version of Halluja, Sinead O’Connor’s Nothing compares to you, and then theres the theme, with no lyrics, Clint Mansell’s the last man, from The Fountain.

  • Sasha

    I totally agree with most of the suggestions so far but I’m suprised some of these haven’t been mentioned yet…

    4 in the morning – Gwen Stefani
    If She Knew – Lemar
    Running up that Hill – Placebo / Kate Bush
    Boston – Augustana
    Lips of an Angel – Hinder
    Hello, I’m in Delaware – Dallas Green / City and Colour
    100 years – Five for fighting
    Tonight – Lyyke Li
    Until we Bleed – Lyyke li FT Kleerup
    Angel – Robbie Williams

  • Natta

    American Triangle- Elton John

  • Dawn

    These were already mentioned – I’m So Lonely I Could Cry (Hank Williams) and He Stopped Loving Her Today (George Jones). Country is the place to find the saddest songs, with the words, the tune and the voice coming together to convey heartache. How could anyone not be sad after listening to the plaintive voice of Hank W singing I’s So Lonely? Elvis said it was the saddest song ever written and I agree.

    Actually, another song I find really sad is a 60s pop number called ‘Please Stay’ sung by the Cryin’ Shames. The lead singer sings with a lisp which somehow makes it sadder than ever, though I’m not sure why!

  • I agree with Beth above on “Alone Again, Naturally” Gilbert O’Sullivan. Now that is one sad song.

    Phil Lynott / Thin Lizzy’s ‘Still in Love With You’ is a real classic worth checking out if anyone needs a cry :). guitanorak

  • duckiepoo

    Wonderful by Everclear
    Mad World by Gary Jules
    Here Without you by Three Doors Down
    To Where You Are by Josh Groban
    Friend of Mine by Eve 6
    Untitled by Simple Plan
    Slipped Away by Avril Lavigne
    Cannonball by Damien Rice
    One Last Breath by Creed
    Je Ne Vous Oublie Pas [Inédit] by Celine Dion

  • Not that “duckiepoo” is likely to check back, but “Mad World” is actually a Tears For Fears song covered by Gary Jules on the Donnie Darko soundtrack. Just in case anyone else is checking and would like to hear the original.

  • Thanos

    Some of these have been mentioned some haven’t.

    Nothing Compares to you – Sinead O’Conner
    My Immortal – Evanescence
    Without You – Harry Nillson
    Hurt – Christina Aguilera
    When I Call Your Name – Vince Gill
    Up To The Mountain – Kelly Clarkson or Kelly Clarkson & Reba McEntire Live !
    The Rose – Bette Midler
    Sweetest Thing – Juice Newton
    Leave Him Out Of This – Steve Warner
    You Lie – Reba McEntire
    Stand A Little Rain – Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
    Nobody Knows – The Tony Rich Project
    My Love – Lionel Richie
    I’m Already There – Lonestar
    I Wish It Would Rain On me – Phil Collins
    Everything I own – Bread

  • Sarah

    Its got to be;
    Hurt.. the Johnny Cash cover
    9 Crimes, Damien Rice
    Levi Stubbs Tears, Billy Bragg
    Sunshine, Steve Wonder
    You Sent me Flying, Amy Winehouse
    annd Dora, Laura Marling.

  • Rachel

    What a great list.

    Some of my favourite sad songs, some have already been mentioned but they are:

    Ben Harper – The Drugs Don’t Work (Not the original version but still sad)
    Eurythmics – Why
    Gabrielle – Out Of Reach
    Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah
    Kelly Clarkson – Because of You
    On My Own (from Les Miserables)
    One Republic feat. Timbaland – Apologize
    Tracy Chapman – Give Me One Reason
    Tracy Chapman – All That You Have Is Your Soul
    Pachelbel – Canon
    Usher – Burn
    Allure – All Cried Out
    Brandy – Have You Ever

  • tonyk

    Heard of ‘Fake plastic trees’ by Radiohead? – I cry everytime.

  • tony k


    ‘exit music (for a film)’ – by ‘Radiohead’
    ‘out to get you’ – by ‘James’

  • sophhhh :)

    listen to dj bonnie daddys little girl
    dance withmy father again
    missing you 1st lady
    my immortal evescene
    within temptation frozen
    madonna frozen

  • Interesting that the original blog post seems to be about songs that Mr. Manning does not like because they are sad and somehow annoying, but that most of the comments are from people who really like the sad songs that they list.

  • Dani

    my fav sad songs :

    Fade to Black : Metallica
    Mama Said : Metallica
    All Apologies : Nirvana
    This Love : Pantera
    Suicide note pt1 & pt2 : Pantera
    The Unforgiven 1,2, and 3 : Metallica
    Underneath the Bridge : Nirvana
    My Girl : Nirvana
    Heart Shaped Box : Nirvana

  • Jennifer

    Secondhand serenade- your call
    Secondhand serenade- Maybe
    Owl city- rainbow vains

    Its the teen scene music if you dont know these bands

  • Alinta

    I think a few of the Whitlams songs are really sad:

    The Curse Stops Here,
    I Don’t Believe Anymore.

    The last in particular, makes me sing a long with tears in my eyes.

  • raymond madden

    There are sad songs, then there are sad songs.I agree that many of the songs mentioned on this site are sad, and some are very sad.But they are what I consider personal, or “selfish” sad. On the other side of the sad coin is what I call tragic sad.

    A song that falls into the second category, and the one that I vote for as the saddest song I’ve ever heard, is titled “The Death Of Little Kathy Fiscus” by Jimmie Osborne.

    On April 8, 1949, this little girl fell into an abandoned well in San Marino, California, and like a large part of the nation, I was glued to the radio at every opportunity, listening for updates on the effort to rescue her, for the next two days. It was later determined that she had died shortly after falling down the well casing, so the effort to get her out was in vain from the start.

    Almost 60 years have passed, and hearing that song still makes me sad.

  • kristen

    dese songs r awsome:
    what hurts the most-rascal flatts
    teardrops on my guitar-taylor swift
    crush-david archuletta
    what you don’t know-monrose
    just so you know-jesse mccartney
    leave out all the rest-linkin park
    i’d lie-taylor swift
    in the end-linkin park
    come in with the rain-taylor swift

  • Erin Ryan

    i will remember you- sarah mclaughlin
    remembering sunday-all time low
    believe in dreams-flyleaf
    hallelujah-kate voegele
    lonely september-plain white tee’s
    tears i heaven-eric clapton/choir boys
    jesus take the wheel-carrie underwood
    where’d you go-fort minor
    fields of gold
    blackbird-the beatles**
    amazing grace
    Graduation song-vitamin C**
    titanic theme song-celine dion
    butterfly kisses-bob dylan
    stronger-the dixie chicks
    leaving on a jet plane-chantal

  • Jakah

    matthew ryan – follow the leader
    matthew ryan – return to me
    timbaland – apologizes
    enigma – gravity of love
    gianluca grignani – mi historia entre tus dedos
    chicane – offshore
    white lion – when the children cry
    alizée – tempete
    alizée – parler tout bas
    the fray – how to save a life
    lisa miskovsky – still alive
    the tea party – heavens coming down

  • kath

    These are all great songs! How about

    Chasing Cars-Snow Patrol
    Collide- Howie Day
    The Man Who Won’t Be Moved- The Script
    Sea of Love- Cat Power
    Speeding Cars- Imogen Heap
    The Pieces Don’t Fit Anymore- James Morrison
    Where Would we Be now- Good Charlotte
    Yellow- Coldplay

    These songs make me cry every time! Enjoy.<3

  • someone

    Whats up with all these songs being listed as sad when they aren’t even sad? Yellow by Coldplay? It’s your opinion I guess but Apologize? And it’s not Timbaland for gods sakes! If you actually want to hear a sad song, listen to “The Hand That Rocks The Cradle” and “Suffer Little CHildren” both by The Smiths.

  • ANeal

    “Mad World” by Gary Jules definately a sad one

  • Al.B

    Marianne Faithful, The ballad of Lucy Jordan, and of course “Happy” birthday to you, to anyone aged over forty lol


  • Jana

    Tears In Heaven – Eric Clapton
    Save The Best For Last – Vanessa Williams
    Holes In The Floor Of Heaven – Collin Raye
    Say – John Mayer
    Unchained Melody – The Righteous Brothers
    The Promise – Tracy Chapman
    How Can I Help You To Say Goodbye – Patty Loveless
    My Little Girl – Steve Kirwan
    Let It Be – The Beatles
    Your Guardian Angel – The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know – Travis Tritt

  • Heavenly Demoniac

    Without you- Mariah Carey
    Kissing you- (romeo and Juliette soundtrack) Desree
    Unbreak my heart- Toni Braxton
    Here Without you- 3Doors Down
    Everytime- Britney Spears
    My Immortal- Enanescence
    Incomplete- Backstreet boys
    Love by grace- Lara Fabian
    Creep- Korn

    French saddest love song evr:

    Je t’aime- Patrick Bruel
    Tu vas me quitter- helene Segara
    Ecris l’histoire- Gregory Lemarchal
    POur que to m’aime encore- Celine Dion
    D’amour ou d’amitier- Celine dion

    Bollywood Saddest/ love sng evr:

    Kyon Kisi Ko- Tere Naam
    Such Kehraha hain Dewaana- unknown film
    Mein bhi aashique- same film as (such kehra….)
    Tadap Tadap- Hum dil de chupke sanam
    Dil de diya hai- Masti
    Bheegi Bheegi- Ganster
    Koi Faryad- Tum Bin
    Tumko Na Bhool paayenge- Titlesong

  • Sambo

    My all time fave sad songs (taken from everywhere i can recall):
    King of the Road- Roger Miller
    Low Man’s Lyric- Metallica
    Spark- Tori Amos
    River of Deceit- Mad Season
    Stop and Stare- One Republic
    Home- Staind
    Freshmen- The Verve
    Brother- Alice in Chains
    A Song for Mama- Boyz II Men
    Sweet Euphoria- Chris Cornell
    More than Words- Extreme
    The Scientist- Coldplay
    Unbreak my Heart- Toni Braxton
    Counting Blue Cars- Dishwalla
    Easy- Lionel Richie
    Mind Riot- Soundgarden
    Some Devil- Dave Matthews Band
    Hallelujah- Jeff Buckley
    White Squall- Stan Rogers
    Mad World- Gary Jules
    Last Kiss- Wayne Cochran
    Hurt- Nine Inch Nails
    Streets of Philadelphia- Bruce Springsteen
    All Night Thing- Temple of the Dog
    Creep- Radiohead
    Yesterday- The Beatles
    Patience- Guns ‘n Roses

  • Mary

    Nobody knows the song of kansas… dust in the wind.
    This is the saddest song ever!

  • bill

    You guys… This is amatuer hour. The saddest song ever written is “Old Shep”, by Elvis Presley. If you’re a dog lover, fugget about it. Ten tissue song. It’s on youtube. Check it out.

  • Jake

    These are my sad songs:

    1. Moments Rewound by Vedera
    2. What If? by Safetysuit
    3. Day Old Hate by Dallas Green
    4. Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy
    5. Lonely Day by System of a Down
    6. Obsession by InnerPartySystem
    7. Lose It All by The Backstreet Boys
    8. Oh, Look What You’ve Done by Jet
    9. Lemon Meringue Tie by Dance, Gavin, Dance
    10. Growing Up by Fall Out Boy

    Hope you like the songs I frequently cry to!


  • I have a lot of sad songs. The ones that come to mind are (along with my top 5):

    #1 concrete angel – DJ Boonie remix (It’s about a young girl that is beeing abused. The song is slightly chipmunked but sounds like a child may be singing it which makes it more sad).

    “A statue stands in a shaded place
    An angel girl with an upturned face
    A name is written on a polished rock
    A broken heart that the world forgot.”

    #2 Hurt – Johnny Cash (his last song before he died… it’s so emotional)

    “What have I become
    My sweetest friend
    Everyone I know goes away
    In the end
    And you could have it all
    My empire of dirt
    I will let you down
    I will make you hurt”

    #3 Happy Birthday – Flypside ft TaTu (a rapper rapping about him paying for his unborn babies “murder” and how he feels guilty about it)

    “I think about it every year so I piked up a pin,
    Happy birthday,
    love you whoever you would have been
    Happy birthday…”

    #4 Heaven (9/11 Remix)- DJ Sammy (the song is made to sound like a young girl talking about her father’s death from 9/11 and how it’s affected her.)

    “It’s been a year daddy, I really really miss you. Mommy says you’re safe now, in a beautiful place called heaven.”

    #5 Tears In Heaven – Eric Clapton (eric clapton wrote this song after the death of his toddler son who fell off of a high balcony. Listening to this makes me cry every time for a lot of personal reasons).

    “Beyond the door
    There’s peace I’m sure.
    And I know there’ll be no more…
    Tears in heaven”


    Face Down – The red jumpsuit apparatus

    behind blue eyes – limp bizkit

    Black Roses red – Alana Grace

    Passive – A perfect circle

    Room of angel (silent hill soundtrack) – Akira Yamaoka

    Knocking on heavens door – Avril Lavign
    Forgotten – Avril lavign
    when your gone – avril lavign
    i’m with you – avril lavign

    When she cries – britt nicole

    tears don’t fall – bullet for my valantine

    listen to your heart (slow) – DHT

    Stay with me – Danity Kane

    Cancer – My chemical romance

    What if – Emilie Autumn
    save you – Emilie Autumn
    Willow – Emilie Autumn
    (A lot of emilie autumn’s music is sad… and especially her poems. She is an amazing woman with so much talent!)

    Linkin Park – My December
    in the end – linkin park
    leave out all the rest – linkin park

    Faith Hill – There You’ll Be

    runnin up that hill – placebo

    Here Without you – 3 Doors Down
    away from the sun – 3 doors down

    scars – papa roach

    May It Be – Enya

    My Immortal – Evanescence
    My last breath – evanescence
    last song i’m wasting on you – evanescence
    Broken – Seether Ft. Amy Lee
    Sally’s song – covered by Amy Lee

    superchick – beauty from pain
    superchick – Stand in the rain

    enrique iglesias – hero

    Your Guardian Angel – The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

    i miss you – miley cyrus

    saying sorry – hawthorne heights

    Am I not pretty enough? – casey chambers

    1000 words (final fantasy x-2 soundtrack) – jade from sweetbox. (this song is amazing and breath-taking. Watch the ffx-2 1000 words clip! If you’ve ever played the game then you will understand how emotional it is).

    To Zanarkand (ffx soundtrack)

    Monster – Meg and dia (this song is about a girl who knows she was unwanted and came into this world because her mother was raped).

    “…I’m a glass child… I am Hannah’s regrets.”

    Far away – nickelback
    if everyone cared – nickelback
    savin’ me – nickelback

    This girl – Nikki flores

    When it was me – Paula deanda
    Marching – Paula deanda (My favourite song)

    family portrait – pink
    who knew – pink

    because of you – kelly clarkson

    stole – kelly rowland

    30 minutes – TaTu
    gomenasai – Tatu

    Teardrops on my guitar – Taylor Swift
    Forever and always – Taylor Swift

    Sadness and sorrow – from naruto soundtrack (I know it’s from a anime but the melody is extremely sad and makes me tearful all the time… especially the hokage funeral version)

    video kid – The birthday massacre
    Blue – The birthday massacre

    thousand miles – vanessa carlton

    somewhere – within temptation

    Forgotten children – Forgotten children(German band who do sing in english too)
    don’t jump – forgotten children

    These are the ones that come to mind at the moment… I’ll be able to think of a lot of others with a bit of time and going through my mp3 player.

  • MorganD_325

    Okay. Considering that all of these songs are older ones, I’m gonna give my list of newer sad songs.

    In no particular order-

    My Chemical Romance-Cancer

    My Chemical Romance-Disenchanted

    Natalie Imbruglia-Smoke


    Fall Out Boy-Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet

    Fall Out Boy-Golden

    Panic at the Disco-Do You See What I’m Seeing?

    My Chemical Romance-Early Sunsets Over Monroeville

    My Chemical Romance-Helena

    My Chemical Romance-The Ghost of You

    Jeff Buckley-Hallelujah

    Miley Cyrus-Goodbye

    Natalie Imbruglia-Leave Me Alone

    Natalie Imbruglia-Goodbye

    The Fray-Over My Head (Cable Car)

    System of a Down-Chop Suey

    And like 347 more, but I don’t wanna list ’em all.

    Note: I know I have a lot of My Chemical Romance songs up there, but they’ve helped me through a dark time. And some of their music is actually sad. But, strangely, the sadness makes me happy…

  • camoreyia

    i like aaliyah “i miss u” it can relate to a lot of people who lost someone

  • berryjel

    LOVE HURTS – Nazareth, is a very good depressing song. MAD WORLD – Gary Jules’ remake of the Tears For Fears Song is also depressing. But the one that makes my girlfriend cry, (eventhough it suppose to be a pick me up song is EVERYBODY HURTS – REM. Sometimes it get to me too. Oh yeah, any song by Sarah McLaughlin, especially the one in that commercial about the abused animals just makes me wanna take a bottle of sleeping pills and wash it down with JACK DANIELS (DEPRESSING!!)

  • Mo

    Ah! I have sad songs! These made me cry:

    Daddy’s Little girl- Dj Boony (sung by someone else but I dunno who, some guy. The video clip is sad!)

    Concrete Angel – Celine Dion (I think)/ Dj Boonie- Ah this video clip and song is sad!!!!!!!!!

  • Jaykay

    Saddest song ever written is cancer by my chemical romance. Watch the music video and you will cry.

    Behind blue eyes is by the who not limp bizkit.

  • Will Brennan

    One of the saddest songs I know has usually been performed like a vaudeville number, but “Me and My Shadow,” is an incredible sad song. Imagine it done slowly, by the Cowboy Junkies, say…

    Me and my shadow,
    Strolling down the avenue,
    Me and my shadow,
    Not a soul to tell our troubles to . . .

    And when it’s twelve o’clock,
    We climb the stair,
    We never knock,
    For nobody’s there . . .

    Just me and my shadow,
    All alone and feelin’ blue . . .

  • berryjel

    I just remember one of the saddest songs ever!
    TIME IN A BOTTLE – Jim Croce. My goodness take your prozac before you listen to this one!

  • berryjel

    STARRY, STARRY NIGHTS – Don Mclean is a great sad song.

  • Mary

    Rilo Kiley* A Man/Me/Then Jim
    Rilo Kiley* Does he love you
    Ryan Adams* Come Pick Me Up
    Rachael Yamagata* Reason Why
    Rachael Yamagata* I’ll Find A Way
    Elliott Smith* Everything Reminds Me Of Her
    Damien Rice* Accidental Babies
    Lyle Lovett* Nobody Knows Me
    Angus & Julia Stone* Wasted
    Everclear* I will Buy You A New Life
    Kasey Chambers* Am I Not Pretty Enough
    Lisa Lobe* Jake
    Regina Spektor* Samson
    Amy Winehouse* Wake Up Alone
    Kate Nash* Nicest Thing
    Bitch & Animal* Miss Me My Dear
    Bitch & Animal* Traffic
    Dido* Marys In India
    The Stars*
    Beth Orton* Shadow Of A Doubt
    Beth Orton* Conceived
    Neko Case* Hold On, Hold On
    Jack Johnson* Do You Remember
    Fiona Apple* I Know

  • Mary


    The Stars* The Big Fight

  • Jon

    Josh Groban: You Raise Me Up
    Josh Groban: Remember
    Enrique: I Will be Your Hero
    Alabama: Christmas Shoes
    Josh Groban: Ave Maria
    Josh Groban: On Eagles Wings
    Garth Brooks: More Than A memory
    Josh Groban: I can go the distance

  • Emily

    Sugarland-Keep You
    -Very Last Country Song
    -Fall Into Me

    Mark Shultz-He’s My Son
    -Letters From War

    Steven Curtis Chapman-Cinderella

    Barlowgirl-I Need You To Love Me
    -Porcelain Heart

    Skillet-The Last Night
    -The Older I Get

    Seether ft. Amy Lee-Broken

    Evanescence-Bring Me To Life
    -My Immortal
    -My Tourniquet

    Flyleaf-So Sick

    Reba McEntire-Fancy
    -Every Other Weekend
    -He Wants To Get Married

    Martina McBride-Independence Day
    -Concrete Angel

    Mandy Moore-Only Hope
    -Mommy Don’t Drink Me To Bed Tonight

    The Beatles-Let It Be

    From Wicked-Defying Gravity
    -For Good

    Red Is The Rose(most versions are pretty sad)

    Annie Laurie(most versions)

    Alyssa Lies(forgot who sings it, but it’s pretty sad)

    ….I have a lot more, but I can’t think of them right now, and my list is long enough as it is…. Enjoy!!!!

  • mmmammamma


    i dont like this list.. sry

  • gvhfgsh

    xixixi 😀

  • I’m a teenager still, and I’m growing up with stuff like “Runaway Love” and “Where’d You Go” and “Don’t Jump.”
    I still love the stuff like, “My Heart Will Go On” and others.

  • Rachel

    Hi loads of amazing songs listed here..my favourite sad songs are:

    1. With or Without You – U2
    2. There You’ll Be – Faith Hill
    3. Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd
    4. I Hope You Dance – Lee Ann Womack
    5. You Raise Me Up – Josh Groban/Westlife
    6. Run – Snow Patrol
    7. The Scientist – Coldplay
    8. Fix You – Coldplay
    9. If You Believe – REM
    10. I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing – Aerosmith

  • Tristan

    (Makes me cry everytime, especially the Radio City version)
    1. Some Devil – Dave Matthews
    “You said always and forever, now I believed you baby, you said always and forever, such a long and lonely time”

    2. Gravedigger – Dave Matthews
    “Gravedigger, when you dig my grave, could you make it shallow so that I can feel the rain”

    3. Round Here – Counting Crows
    “Round here we talk just like lions,
    but we sacrifice like lambs”

    4. Name – Goo Goo Dolls
    “And don’t it make you sad to know that life is more than who we are?”

    5. Call Me a Dog – Temple of the Dog
    “But when it’s my time to throw the next stone, I’ll call you beautiful, if I call at all”

    6. Fallen – Sarah Mclaclhn
    “Though I’ve tried, I’ve fallen, I have sunk so low, I’ve messed up, better I should know, so don’t come around here, and tell me I told you so”

    7. Long Black Veil – Dave Matthews Band version
    “She walks these hills in a long black veil, she visits my grave when the night winds wail, nobody knows, nobody sees, nobody knows but me”

    8. Pool Shark – Bradley Nowell of Sublime acoustic
    “Now I’ve got the needle, and I can’t shake, but I can’t breathe, I take it away but I want more and more, one day I’m gonna lose the war”

    9. Heart of the Matter – Don Henley
    “I’ve been tryin’ to get down to the heart of the matter, but my will gets weak, and my thoughts seem to scatter but I think it’s about forgiveness”

    (I’m thinking this is probably the saddest song I’ve ever heard, and I don’t know why)
    10. Something’s Always Wrong – Toad the Wet Sprocket
    “Another day,
    I call and never speak,
    and you would say
    nothing’s changed at all,
    and I can’t feel
    much hope for anything,
    if I won’t be there to catch you if you fall

    it seems we meet,
    in the spaces,
    in between,
    you always say,
    it won’t be long,
    oh but something’s always wrong

    Another game,
    of putting things aside,
    as if we’ll come back to them sometime,
    ?? of pride and innocence,
    and you would say,
    something has gone wrong

    it seems we meet,
    in the spaces,
    in between,
    you always say,
    it won’t be long,
    oh but something’s always wrong

    And again,
    it seems we meet,
    in the spaces,
    in between,
    you always say,
    it won’t be long,
    oh but something’s always wrong
    something’s always wrong
    something’s always wrong”

    (Just wanted to add this one, couldn’t leave it out)
    11. Safari – The Breeders
    “He couldn’t cry on safari,
    in over his knees,
    he couldn’t leave the finer life,
    always huggin’ the ground,
    and cryin’ out for me

    He couldn’t cry on safari,
    in over his knees,
    He didn’t leave the flock, he couldn’t leave
    always hugging the man,
    and cryin’ out for me”

    These aren’t my favorite “sad songs”, but close enough. “Some Devil” would probably top any list for me, with “Something’s Always Wrong” not far behind.

  • Sophie

    I know this song is old but
    Peter Sarstedt- Where do you go to my lovely
    This is so sad its supposed to be about Sophia Loren.
    Taylor Swift- Tear Drops on my guitar
    The lyrics are really awful, i go weepy straight away.
    Billy Joel- Piano Man
    I know this song is about life, but isnt life soo sad.

  • coreyboy

    wow, how did ya’ll miss this one

    Annie Lennox “why?” – haunting

  • Sarah brown

    running up that hill – placebo
    fast car – tracey chapman
    sailing – rod stewart
    speeding cars – imogen heap
    karma police – radiohead

  • Thomas

    eleanor rigby – beatles
    death of cedric – harry potter soundtrack 😀
    now we are free – enya

  • Silas Marner

    Jeff Buckley’s cover of Hallelujah. Supremely sad.

  • Rhea

    I’m suprised I haven’t seen anyone (however i havent read all the comments) write about ‘everybody hurts’ – REM that has to be one of the all time saddest, moving songs I’ve ever heard

    also other songs that are very sad – day old hate by dallas green, metal heart by cat power, see you soon and we never change by coldplay
    and a lot of songs by radiohead are also very sad, including fake plastic trees

  • hady

    the saddest song is “9 crimes” Damien rice

  • randa-22

    (( My Heart Willoh my god
    it’s the best sad song

    ((Love can touch us one time
    And last for a lifetime
    And never let go till we’re gone
    Love was when I loved you
    One true time I hold to
    In my life we’ll always go on))
    Go On ))

  • natasha.

    hurt-johnny cash
    walk away-ben harper
    city of angels-goo goo dolls
    broken-seether ft amy lee

  • amber

    chantal kreviazuk – feels like home

  • dave

    nick cave and the bad seeds- people aint no good

  • jamie

    i totally agree with forever autumn
    but i think that ,no one but you – Queen is quite a sad song

  • Lala

    I don’t care if anyone thinks it’s cliche, because Tears In Heaven get’s me everytime.

  • C

    Who the hell does not know Trent Reznor wrote “Hurt”?

    Jesus, you call yourself a fan?!

  • Tony

    Karen Carpenter’s “I can dream can’t I” and her version of “End of the world”.

  • tom

    landslide by fleetwood mac. Song written for a dying dad about growing older. Yeah.

  • jessica

    hi i am new i am a singer i am not famous i just love sinning i am gonna post a song and please i hope you love it here it is
    There will always be another mountain,
    Never, ever say goodbye
    Always remember to keep your head up high,
    Someone’s always trying to find me,
    Something inside my head is… saying,
    But I can’t turn around and face the world,
    On who you are,

    It is not good bye just yet
    It’s written in your eyes,
    It’s written on your face,
    I know that that is true
    Reach for the stars,
    And when that rainbow’s shining over you,
    That’s when your dreams will all come true,

    There will always be another mountin
    Just keep your head up high
    Don’t fade away
    No no
    I covered my face and looked away
    I turned back round and opened my eyes
    Tears started dripping
    You started fading

    I can almost see it
    That dream I’m dreaming
    My faith is taking but I
    I may not know it
    I’m always gonna wanna make it move
    I won’t lose you no
    I’ve got that way of knowing
    You’ve got that heart beating slowly falling

    Every step I’m taking
    Your eyes started closing
    But I said
    This can’t be true
    I need to know and question how I’m feeling
    Theirs no use looking back
    No no no

    There will always be another mountin
    Don’t carry your fears away
    You’re the one I think about each day
    You’ll always be in my heart
    No no no
    Take a look in my eyes
    I carry you away like a rose on water

    I carry you away like a rose on water
    I carry you away like a rose on water
    I carry you away like a rose on water

  • Connor

    I would add “Last Kiss” – Pearl Jam. and “I Give Everything I Own” – Bread

  • Anders

    Hard one, but on the top of my mind it would be a top 10.

    1. Linkin Park – Hands Held High
    2. Turn – Close Your Eyes
    3. Linkin Park – Shadow of the Day
    4. Jeff Buckley’s cover – Hallelujah
    5. Oasis – Little By Little
    6. Pink – Dear Mr. President
    7. Oasis – Don’t Look Back In Anger
    8. Pink – I Don’t Believe You
    9. Poison – Every Rose Has It’s Thorns
    10. REM – Everybody Hurts

  • Mii

    Song: The Little Girl by John Michael Montgomery

  • BWSMihai

    lori perry – up against the wind ….

  • ssss


  • Recsan

    curucucucu (spanish classical song)interpreted
    by caetano veloso ( brasilian singer)
    get the lyrycs translation ,listen and cry

  • Lel Michelle

    ‘I did what I did for Maria’ – so sad.

  • mary

    1: where were you when the world stopped turning – alan jackson.
    2: kenny chesney – who you’d be today.
    3: brooks and dunn – cowgirls dont cry.
    4: shebeen – grace.
    5: andy craig – you stand accused of murder.
    6: radiohead – just (you do it to yourself).
    7: dixie chicks – travelling soldier.
    8: tracy chapman – fast car.
    9: wolfe tones – patriot game.
    10: mary black – the time has come.

    ten of my saddest songs.

  • brad

    Willie Nelson. . . blue eyes crying in the rain. . . . “when we kissed goodbye and parted, I knew wed never meet again. . .love is like a dying ember. . .only memories remain. . through the ages ill remember. . .blue eyes crying in the rain. . .

  • Tom McInerney

    At the risk of being self serving, if you’d like to hear a really sad song, you should check out a song I wrote for the Alzheimer Society of London and Middlesex. Its called “Bits and Pieces.” You can hear/see it, as it was performed at the latest Nashville Songwriters Showcase, on You Tube (search Tom McInerney), or the full version at sonicbids.com/tommcinerney. Thanks.

  • The Living Years by Mike and the Mechanics

  • tlewis

    candle in the wind- elton john
    tears in heaven- eric clapton

  • No country or blues?

  • i believe Sad Songs has a great list of sad songs

  • Thalia in Jamaica

    wow -good list, great comments. My nominees are:

    HURT by Christina Aguilera (I cry everytime I hear it and see that video, seriously, sobbing at my keyboard – it’s pitiful!)

    BROKEN VOW by Josh Groban (may I never live to empathize)

    I WHO HAVE NOTHING by tom Jones (this version is particularly mournful)


    LIVING YEARS by Mike and the Mechanics

    TOO LATE, TOO SOON by Jon Secada ( a knife in the heart, really!!)

  • Ugly_Kid_Curt

    I would say Everybody Hurts by REM is the most saddest song ever..

  • Ebony Bowie

    Bright Eyes – Messenger Bird Song
    You have to listen to this. It’s amazing. You’ll feel like he’s in the room.

    Alex Reed – Gloomy Sunday (cover)
    This song makes me feel like I’m the only person alive in the world. It also reminds me of graveyards and that feeling of knowing someone who died before you knew them.

    Famous Blue Raincoat – Leonard Cohen

  • Jo

    wow so many, lets go for top 20?
    -Dido- Isobel (about a best friend)
    -James Blunt (pretty much anything by him)
    -Somebody’s Baby- Jon Foreman
    -Paolo Nutini- Autumn Leaves (about his grandfather)
    -Mayday Parade- Three Cheers For Five Years (acoustic version)
    -Kooks- watching the ships roll in
    -Delirious?- Mountains High
    -The Fray- Heaven Forbid
    -Fergie- Big Girls dont cry
    -Joe Brooks- my heart will wait
    -Mumford and Sons- Timshel
    -The script- Im yours (not so sad as sweet but still)
    -James Morrison- once when i was little
    -Damien Rice- The Blower’s Daughter
    -Damien Rice- Cannonball
    -Jack’s Mannequin- Hammers and Strings
    -Pink- Save my Life
    -Nichole Nordeman- Why?
    -Paolo Nutini- Million Faces
    -Roberta Flack- Killing me softly..

  • Jo, good call on Nutini’s “Autumn”. He wasn’t much more than a kid when he recorded that album, but he sounds amazingly mature.

    “Autumn” not only manages to sketch the sort of person his grandfather was in a few terse lines, it also captures the grief of those at the funeral who were closest to him, and what they will miss:

    “‘My little fish, don’t cry'” – gets me every time.

  • Molly Rose

    Well Theres Pieces By Red, Hurt By Christina Aguilera, Orchard Of Mines By Globus, My Heart Will Go On And The We’re In Heaven 911 Version With The Little Girl Speaking Over The Top Of It..

  • Harvey

    Nat king Cole’s version of “Stardust”

  • Nando the spanish one

    I would like you to listen to black or release from pearl jam. If you are still strong after that try everybody hurts from r.e.m, so loved and hated.

  • Nawin

    Ukiss round and round

  • Tim

    whiskey lullaby

  • Anonymous

    Britney Spears – Everytime.
    So so sad

    Avril Lavigne – Nobody’s Home and Fall to Pieces.

  • iosdhfdsfoj

    in the arms of an angel – sarah mclachlan

  • katie

    carry you home and no bravery byjames blunt
    and lightning crashes by live are the saddest songds i know

  • Arsham

    I believe Gary Moore’s “Still got the blues” is the best blue one ever created.

  • trueblue

    Pearl Jam – Last Kiss

  • Kristen

    I came up with a list of 80 sad songs, but needed to narrow it down lol, so here goes:

    1. In the Winter by Janis Ian (or At Seventeen or Between the Lines)
    2. Little Motel by Modest Mouse (&the music video… oh my)
    3. Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy
    4. Rooftop by Melissa McClelland
    5. ADRIAN by Jewel
    6. Fix You by Coldplay
    7. Postcards from Italy by Beirut
    8. Beauty from Pain by Superchick
    9. Magic by Ben Folds
    10. The Drugs Don’t Work by Ben Harper
    11. Blue Light by Bloc Party
    12. Those You’ve Known from Spring Awakening (or The Dark I Know Well or Left Behind…or Whispering)
    13. One Song Glory from Rent
    14. Ode to Divorce by Regina Spektor
    15. Boy with a Coin by Iron & Wine
    16. Mad World (Gary Jules’ version)
    17. Upward over the Mountain by Iron & Wine
    18. Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap
    19. Winning a Battle, Losing the War by Kings of Convenience
    20. Hallelujah (Rufus Wainwright’s version. I love Jeff Buckley’s voice, which tends to be the favorited cover, but I like how this one’s faster)
    21. He Was My Brother by Simon & Garfunkel
    22. Transatlanticism by Death Cab for Cutie
    23. Killing Me Softly with His Song by The Jackson 5
    24. How it Ends by DeVotchka (Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack)
    25. Cologne by Ben Folds
    26. For No One by The Beatles

    And this song used to be so sad that it hurt my soul:
    Two Headed Boy by Neutral Milk Hotel. But now it doesn’t hurt my soul or make me sad, but give it a listen, because I still absolutely love it!

    Alright enough of this.
    On the contrary,
    Home by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, I’ve Just Seen A Face by The Beatles and M79 by Vampire Weekend are the happiest songs ever. 😀

  • Kristen

    Now if you’re looking for upbeat sad songs, go with Just a Thought by Gnarles Barkley.

  • Kristen


  • Nobody

    How about Japanese songs?:D
    For example:
    1.”It was” by Ayumi Hamasaki
    2.”Together when” by Ayumi Hamasaki
    3.”Sunflower their color” by Garnet Crow
    4.”Suteki dane” by Riki
    I love sad songs!!:x

  • JC

    Glen Hansard, “Lies” – my absolute favorite

    Red, “Pieces” – I can listen to this one forever on emo spiral

    and I can’t help it –
    Avril Lavigne, “When You’re Gone” – the old guy in the MV always makes me choked up

  • daniel

    eminem-every song hes ever wrote

  • Chance

    How about I Eat Dinner- Rufus Wainwright and Dido…originally done by Rufus’ mother.

  • Claire

    1.Hurt – Johnny Cash
    2.Hero of War – Rise Against
    3.Travelin Soldier – Dixie Chicks
    4.End Credits – Chase & Status
    5.Does Anybody Hear Her – Casting Crowns
    6.Heaven – Bryan Adams
    7.What If – Kate WInslet
    8.Whiskey Lullaby – Brad Paisely
    9.Listen – Beyonce
    10.Stan – Eminem

  • Rose

    Iron and Wine : Flightless Bird, American Mouth.

  • Andrew Damon

    Lou Reed- Perfect day
    Duran Duran- Ordinary World
    The Beatles Something
    Evanescence- My Immortal
    Procol harum- Whiter Shade Of Pale
    3 Doors Down- Here Without You
    Dire Straits- Brothers In Arms
    John Lennon- Jealous Guy
    The Verve- The Drugs Don’t Work
    Sam Cooke- A Change Is Gonna Come

  • jay

    Enya-May it be…. this song so touching….

  • Pawel zPolski

    without saying the saddest song (if you can understand) is Lady Pank – Wciaz Bardziej Obcy and runner up is Lady Pank – zawsze tam gdzie ty

    Both songs titles mean – Yet more a stranger and 2nd title is Always there where you.

    Lady Pank is an early 80s Polish Rock band and they have the best emotional response.

  • Monica

    Hi my name is Monica,I am 17 year’s old and i am a senior at highschool and graduating on june 16th. Going to NOVA Unniversity. I understand what these people must be going through. Hunger,Coldness and Homeless without anything to eat, or stay warm. I feel sad and sorrow for those people because it’s hard to go through life sleeping in boxes on cold,wet floors and it’s just too hard to have a life like that. I also understand that some of you have probably lost your parent’s and you’re doing the best too keep your sibling’s alive by taking your parent’s place. and that is really wonderful:). I love you all and God is taking so much care of you all every night/day. he stand’s by your side at night and pray’s for you and watche’s over you to make sure that nothing will harm you in any way. God will alway’s be there for you.

    God Bless You All :).

    Thank you.

  • Jordan Graybill

    I have to say… This is a terrible list for sad songs. I think I could come up with 50 songs that would be better than any of these. Granted you may have some kind of nostalgic connection or they worked out for you, but quite honestly you dont even seem that convinced when explaining why some of these songs made the list. The lyrics are.. decent and thats probably the first thing I look for, but a lot of these songs dont even have the sad ring to the music itself. I have to say for the top ten, these are probably the worst choices.
    Where’s the emotion? Wheres the feeling that is so overbearing you almost cant stand to listen to the song, but its hitting it dead on so sharing a similar feeling is better than turning the song off, even though its a close call.
    Wheres Ray LaMontagne’s Burn, Jeff Buckley’s Our Last Good Bye, Staind’s Excess baggage, Candlebox’s Far behind, Fuels’ Hemorrhage, Living Syndication’s Choke… I mean these are just a few off the top of my head, and a variety for you too.

  • Briana

    This song gets me every time:
    Center Aisle by Caedmon’s Call

  • Kirra

    I have always found Atmosphere by Joy Division to be sadder than Love Will Tear Us Apart. It really gets to me.
    People have rightfully already mentioned Johnny Cash’s cover of Hurt,

    Another particularly affecting one is The Scientist by Coldplay

  • Dud

    Pink – Who Knew
    Radiohead – Creep (i prefer korn’s cover)
    Eric Carmen – All by myself
    Poison – Every rose has its thorn
    Air Supply – All out of love

    hope this helps someone ^^

  • chloe

    my fav sad song would be hero -enrique inglesias it may not make you cry but listen to the lyrics and his tempo

  • Leroy

    Mahlers ¨Der Absheid”(The Farewell) from ¨Song Of The Earth¨.

  • Al

    *Superstar – Bette Midler version
    *Only a Moment Ago – Partridge Family
    *Operator – Jim Croce
    *New York’s Not My Home – Jim Croce
    *Taxi – Harry Chapin
    *Time After Time – Cindy Lauper
    *Careless Whisper – Wham!
    *Hand To Mouth – George Michael
    *Your Wildest Dreams – Moody Blues
    *All The Time – Barry Manilow
    *Sunday Father and Son – Barry Manilow

    But the one that shreds me every time with a profound sense of loss:

    Puff the Magic Dragon – Peter, Paul, and Mary

  • Al

    Geez, can’t believe I forgot this one:

    *Vincent – Don McLean

  • james

    one of my sad song is lost without you from delta goodream

  • james

    and have three door down here without you

  • james

    Jordan Graybill you listen to lost without you that is the greatest saddest song ever and everyone song isn’t bad it great to just like my sad song

  • Scotty Kelford

    Garth Brooks -Standing Outside The Fire. I think it is a very sad, inspiarational, mind changing song. It’s about a boy with down syndrome, and basically doesn’t get to do anything with the other kids.

  • raynay

    sarah brightman- the last words you said to me

  • sahilhussain

    love is painfuul
    so don,t love
    but only love can touch my broken heart, its very senstive i like sad song so i i am lover. love is different world

  • pegah

    somtime a song is so sad for me because I have sad memories with it

  • Aitor

    Suzanne, by Leonard Cohen. It’s the most melancolic song i have never heard,recommend it.
    (Sorry for this ‘english’, i’m spanish)

  • Spazz

    I Have One For One I Have a Hard Time With is ” Dance With My Father Again ” by Luther Vondross ! Takes Me Out With Tears For Sure

  • mcinnis

    no tom waits? really? ‘If I have to Go’, ‘Martha’, ‘San Diego Serenade’, the list goes on. Even just the short song ‘You’ or ‘Take Me Home’… just saying

  • Elle

    There are quite a few sad songs I know that will definitely make even the toughest of people tear up: Whisky Lullaby by Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss, Cancer by My Chemical Romance, The Poet and the Pendulum by Nightwish, Concrete Angel by Martina McBride, Angel by Within Temptation, Ghost of You by Good Charlotte, Mad World Gary Jules, and Missing by Evanescence. I feel that I must also have an honorable Melancholic songs mentioning: 30 minutes by T.A.T.U, Numb by Linkin Park, and Someday by Nickleback. Enjoy 😀

  • Chris

    “Left and Leaving” by the Weakerthans. That song puts me in a bittersweet mood whenever I hear it. John K Sampson sure can write.

  • kathryn reed

    Every fucking song by Damien Rice

  • Hamilto

    I’m So Afraid by Fleetwood Mac

  • This is the saddest song in the world: “Even When I Smile”