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My Ten New Best Friends

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When you turn on the TV, it’s like you are entering a different zone. It’s like books, but for the 21st century, whether you turn it on to see a familiar face because you want to go “where everybody knows your name” or because you are looking for the adventure shows like Lost or Alias may be able to offer.

With a different reality comes different people, a.k.a. our characters. You are suppose to hate some, like evil Henry Gale of Lost, or maybe the villain on whatever soap you watch. But you also have those characters you like. Maybe if they were real, you would totally be crushing on them. Well, I have picked ten characters from TV shows who appeal to the older generation, as well as the youth of the site, characters I totally would love as my best friends. I would have picked ten guys I would totally be madly in love with…but that might get a little boring after you hear “He’s hot!” for the eighteenth time. So, I’ve picked the top ten people I would love to meet in real life.

Shawn (James Roday) from USA Network’s Psych: For those of you who don’t know, Psych is USA’s newest detective show. This one doesn’t have OCD, though. He’s a psychic. But he’s not really a psychic. Everyone just thinks he's a psychic. He can get away with pretending he’s a psychic because he is so quick at following the clues. In fact, he is faster than the police.

The reason I think I would get along with him is his humor. Shawn is so funny. It’s very easy to make me laugh and I love laughing. For example, his partner, Gus asked him how he could just eat when there was a dead guy lying there. Shawn responded sarcastically by asking if he was suppose to share. If I’m having a bad day, Shawn’s clever jokes always cheer me up. That’s one of the major things that makes a friend a good friend.

Will from the addicting reality show, Big Brother, specifically Big Brother 2 and Big Brother All-Stars: Okay, this one may technically not count, but I couldn’t help it. Will is famous for winning Big Brother 2 because of his clever lies and ability to manipulate people. He is even sometimes referred to as “the Puppet Master.” He is part of the famous alliance that will never separate – Chilltown. The members include him and his best friend, Mike Boogie. I love Will’s charm. He can charm anyone into doing anything. He hasn’t won HOH (the power position in the house) and he’s still running the house. He practically begs to be put on the block every week because he knows no one EVER votes him out. In some way, he reminds me of my friend, Chris. Chris can always manipulate me to do anything. Luckily, it’s to pay attention in math, not to do drugs.

Will’s very entertaining. For example, he always talks about how in Big Brother 2, there would be banner planes above the house, and in Big Brother All-Stars there aren't. And, apparently, banner planes are very interesting. So, he tells the live feed viewers to send banner planes and starts giving out the house address. Yeah, Big Brother wasn’t too happy about that – but it did give me a nice smile.

Nicole (Alexa Nikolas) of Nickelodeon’s Zoey 101Nicole is the character who is very boy-crazy and preppy. The reason I put her on my top ten list is because of how I think she would be easy to go to for guy advice. Only one of my friends – Julie – and I can talk about guys and the rest of them kind of stand there, blinking at us. Nicole is the kind of person I could see having sleepovers with. Also, like her, I am very hyper and optimistic. I have a lot of pessimistic friends (actually the only real optimist is, again, Julie) so their pessimistic ways get on my nerves some days. Therefore, I think Nicole would be a great addition to our group, for my sanity and Julie’s, too.

Robbie (Nathan Stephenson) of the unknown Canadian show, Radio Free Roscoe: First of all, Radio Free Roscoe is a show that was cancelled about a year ago. It used to appear on The N, an MTV-like network. The show was about four teenagers who just started their freshman year in high school. Tired of being nameless, they created their own underground radio station (Radio Free Roscoe), so they could say what they wanted, as loud as they want. Robbie was A LOT like me. Both of us have a strong passion, which we pursue, to find our voice. For Robbie, it’s his radio station. He was the one who went to all of his friends and started it. For me, it’s my writing. When I am upset or pleased with a show, I write here. I really respect his character and would value him as a friend.

Stewie (Voice of Seth MacFarlane) on the beloved Family Guy: I think everyone at one point in time wanted to be friends with a talking baby who plots to take over the world. Because, let’s face it, that’s just awesome. Enough said.

Jack (Matthew Fox) of dramatic Lost: I just watched the pilot of Lost again the other day. I kept noticing that right from the beginning, Jack was the heroic, brave leader on the island. Instead of thinking of himself, he goes to help Claire, the pregnant lady who can’t help herself after the crash. He is the one who becomes the unofficial leader in the camp. People are constantly asking him what to do. I think why I picked him is because I strive to be like him. I would love for him to be a leader role model for me. However, I would not be willing to go the island and take first-hand lessons – (shudder) – he’d have to come to California.

Zack and Cody (Dylan and Cole Sprouse) of the hilarious Disney show, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: Zack and Cody are twins who live in a hotel because their mom works there. They tend to cause a lot of problems and big messes. Amanda, my twin, is extremely similar to Cody, the good child. I am, to some degree, like Zack because I am laid back and can be lazy at times. I think the twins’ personalities are fun and they're a delight to be around, even if they do get in trouble because they seem to think it’s okay to hide a horse in their hotel room.

I think they would keep me entertained, at the very least. Unless, of course, they blame their pranks on me; that’s just mean. If they blame it on Amanda, well, that’s a different story. No, I’m just kidding. Zack and Cody have a tendency to cheer people up without even noticing. That’s an important thing when I’m looking for a friend.

TV’s funny woman, Lucy (Lucille Ball) of I Love Lucy: All though elementary school, I loved I Love Lucy. I would watch it right before I went to bed, and got mad when it wasn’t on a certain day of the week. I even had a Lucy Box, which included my precious Lucy books, a hand-written list of every episode I saw (it was pretty close to all of them!), my Lucy candies and mints, and so much more. I was a Lucy fanatic. Lucille Ball was my idol. I don’t know why, but I think it had to do with the fact I did a biography about her where I learned the struggles of her career. I really admired her and fell in love with her character, Lucy.

Lucy is a lot like me. For example, Lucy puts the flower pot on her head. My dad actually said she pulled a “Madeleine.” I am known to put pencil shavings in my eye as well as eat (toxic!) blue paint. Or even perhaps slipping on a Cheeto and breaking my arm. Wow. Her eccentric ways fit perfectly with my oddball personality and we’d get along great.

Justin (David Chokachi) of the new hit show Beyond the Break: Justin is a laid back guy who just got a job coaching an all-girl professional surf team. He has to deal with a ton of hormones. I would get along great with Justin because of the way he deals with life. He’s very laid back and takes life one step at a time.

For example, one of the girls, Birdie, has a military boyfriend, Marcus. He says to Justin, “I’m waiting for Birdie to get ready. I’ll wait here unless it’s against regulations.” Justin replies, very coolly, “We don’t really have any rules, except no tampons in the toilet, but I don’t think you have to worry about that.” I think that quote basically wraps up why I love Justin. First of all, any guy who is willing to talk about “girl stuff” to another guy has my respect. He’s comfortable around girls, that’s totally awesome. And, secondly, it just proves he’s chilled. I really need more laid back friends. Some of my friends' uptight personalities really bug me.

My last pick is Monica (Courtney Cox) from the ever-missed Friends: The only reason I picked Monica is because she’s my sister. Not literally, because that’s pretty much impossible. Amanda may never admit it, but they are two peas in a pod. And I like my sister. Unless, of course, I’m mad at her or she’s mad at me, which is like 50 percent of the time, but whatever. Amanda has the whole “perfect wedding” planned out already (it’s going to be at Disneyland and she’ll pull up in Cinderella’s coach and…). She’s a bit OCD, whether she’ll admit it or not. She has things she does similar to Monica’s cleaning. And, most importantly, she has a tight circle of friends with whom she’s very close. My sister is important to me, so it would be nice to have a friend who reminds me of her.

So, those are my top ten. Who are yours?

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  • Your Lucy tribute was right touching and sweet.

  • Nice article how I love Stewie, he is to Family Guy as Fez is to That 70’s show. Referring to your author bio, I completely agree. I hate it when English teachers, or any teacher for that matter tries to change your style of writing. Who are they to say I must use proper grammar. I don’t hear them talking as if they were a member of 14th century England when English was truly spoken correctly.