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My Take On Badu’s “Window Seat” Video

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Neo-Soul Artist Erykah Badu never ceases to shock the world and her fan base alike with her outrageous lyrics and video concepts. Her latest video entitled “Window Seat” is not for the weakest of hearts. Badu’s long awaited album New Amerykah Part 2 Return of the Ankh, which hit the stores yesterday. will be no different.

The "Window Seat" video for the single of the same name has brought a lot of controversy leading up to its release. The video depicts Miss Badu in the streets around the area of the infamous Dealey Plaza in Dallas, TX ( a popular tourist spot since the 1963 Kennedy assassination) Los Angeles, California (CNN) stripping down to the nude as she sang the lyrics to her latest single.

The video which was released ahead of her latest album aired this past Saturday, shocking mothers, fathers, fans, and critics. The one-take gorilla-styled video shows Ms. Badu in the rarest of forms, undressing in front of kids and parents who were in the area at the time.

The video opens with a November 22, 1963, radio broadcast describing Kennedy's motorcade turning onto Elm Street seconds before fatal shots were fired. In the video, Badu is behind the wheel of a 1965 Lincoln Continental, parked along Kennedy's route. A single camera focuses on her as she walks toward Elm Street and the book depository where Kennedy's assassin fired his rifle.

In the waking hours after the release, the singer took to twitter to justify its existence, saying that she hoped that the children present were not traumatized. The singer’s management could not be reached for comments and there were not charges filed as of this blog post. Badu tweeted that " I was petrified while shooting this video … but liberation began to set in. I conquered many fears in that few moments."

Indecent exposure is a Class B misdemeanor in the State of Texas and law enforcement could only have charged her if she was caught in the act. Fans on twitter were sending praise to the singer for her artistic creativity. After watching the video I am not sure if this was artistic or a poke at society at large, as is customary for Badu in some of her previously released songs.

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  • Jordan Richardson

    It’s a good video. But what exactly is your take on it, Dascoop? I couldn’t seem to find your opinion on it anywhere, except for perhaps a smidgen of it in the last line.

  • Coodie and Chike of Creative Control directed this amazing video. Miss the days when MTV and VH1 played videos more, but it seems everyone’s watching on the Web. Maybe this one will start a new wave of increased music video airplay on television.

  • samantha

    u can sing but that video you made when u went naked and was dead were j.kenndy died that was not cool at all even if it was a video