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My Superpowers Are Gone

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Not all of my superpowers have disappeared, but two on which I heavily rely have and I couldn’t be more distraught. Oh? You didn’t know I had superpowers? I suppose that means you want to know what they are…I mean “were.”

I had the ability to communicate with any person I wanted, any time I wanted. Can you imagine? The other lost power is the power to go from any one place to any other without getting lost. Pretty amazing, huh?

Now, I’ll bet you’re wondering what happened to them. Well, last Thursday, I didn’t realize it but when I got out of my car, I dropped my Blackberry. Not missing it at all, I didn’t even realize it was gone. On Saturday we had torrential rains. Oops. My Blackberry was sitting outside my car on the ground and it’s now filled with water.

I feel lost without it, which is weird since I never really wanted to get a cell phone. When you live in the mountains miles from everything and everyone, it seems like an okay idea. As resistant as I was to getting one, I gave in because, let’s face it, it’s easy to get lost up here. In the past nearly five years I didn’t realize that my cell phone had become an extension of myself. And now my extension is off the hook!

Since the Blackberry has no miracle restorative powers of its own, I’m just going to have to bite the bullet and visit that other superhero—Verizonman. I’m sure he’ll remember me as the wacky redhead who didn’t care what kind of phone she got as long as it was pink and had a keyboard. I wonder what he’ll have up his sleeve for me this time.

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  • Honey, your extension has been off the hook for a while…

  • maskay

    I don’t know if it will work for you since yours was left in the rain all night, but my husbands phone fell in our pool and sunk to the bottom. We took the battery cover off, took the battery out, and put it in a ziploc bag of white rice for a day. It works fine now.

  • the real bob

    Thank you, Maskay. My husband read in a photography magazine that if your camera gets soaked, leave it in your car because it gets hot and dry. That’s what I did with the phone, and now it works. PHEW! Even though there’s mud in the slots, I could charge it! Yay!

  • Good to know those Blackberries can be restored by a day in the car. My husband drops his on a regular basis.