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My Speculations on Who Will Be the Winner in UFC 124

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UPDATED November 30, 2010 at 2:12 PM EST

UFC 124 is an upcoming event sponsored by the UFC this coming December 11, 2010. It features the rematch of Georges St-Pierre and Josh Koscheck inside the octagon and is expected to be one of the most watched UFC matches of the year. For the St-Pierre vs. Koscheck match, opinions run high on who will be the winner, and a lot of people expect that GSP will win since he’s the most popular fighter in the UFC to date.

For me, St-Pierre has high chances of winning this fight considering that he already defeated Koscheck in their first rematch in UFC 74. However, Koscheck had been practicing and gathering experiences from his past UFC fights, so let’s find out what each player can bring into the table and how can they win this UFC 124 matchup.


Georges St-Pierre is a very good wrestler and has the advantage when it comes to grappling his opponent on the ground. He is a very technical fighter and some people say that his performance is bordering into the boring category because of that, but I think he is just a very wise fighter who knows when to strike and avoid hits.

If St-Pierre takes down Koscheck, it will be the end of the road for the latter because GSP has amazing ground control. But don’t underestimate his striking skills because he is very well in the above average category, maybe due to his training with Manny Pacquiao’s famed coach, Freddy Roach. He is an opponent that is determined not to lose.


On the other hand, Koscheck is definitely a great power striker compared to St-Pierre, and he can take down the champ in one concise strike. That’s if he manages to hit GSP. He is also very athletic and a great match against the tough guy, “St-Pierre.” Koscheck has also a very good wrestling capability and can do well in other aspects of the martial arts.

My Prediction

George St-Pierre will win by TKO. He is the better wrestler between the two and if he manages to take down Koscheck (and I believe he will), then the fight is over.

UFC 124 is going to be a very big event. It will happen in the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada. So if you have time and you’re near the location, watch UFC 124 live on the Bell Centre or the live telecast of the event through pay-per-view. Just don’t miss the fun!

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  • Jeff

    cool prediction………………………..

  • WHAT

    Haha yeah that article was the definition of ‘fence sitter’

  • Marvin8

    “Fence sitter” ….totally. 😀

    Smart money has to bet on GSP, although Kos has indeed improved a lot. Too bad I still can’t stand the guy.

  • MattBFG

    Decent prediction but completely underplayed GSPS Striking, GSP is an excellent striker he joined into MMA as a striker with almost no wrestling ( If u watch his first fights hes a beast striker ).