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MySpace is primarily a social networking website where members store personal profile information about an individual, or group in order to socialize and interact with an online network of user added friends. MySpace profiles include a personal blog, spaces for photos, music, video, and multimedia. Users are able to make comments on friends pages, share their current mood, make announcements, and post bulletins to their friends.

MySpace offers its users games, news, classifieds, TV, karaoke, instant messaging, polls, forums, and the ability to use mobile devices to access a profile page. MySpace Music launched its own Record label in 2007 and it's a popular platform for music artists to showcase new releases, be discovered, and interact with their fans.

The Beverly Hills, CA based company is owned by FOX Interactive Media.  The idea for MySpace was based on a previous network called Friendster. Several employees of eUniverse (renamed Intermix Media) developed MySpace and launched the network in August 2003. Intermix Media and MySpace were bought by Rupert Murdoch News Corporation in July of 2005. MySpace was the number one social networking website until being surpassed by Facebook (its chief competitor) in April 2008 for number of unique website hits.

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