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My Reading Habits

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From Untimely Death, by Cyril Hare:

He had brought plenty of books with him…. He picked up successively a historical work which he was very anxious to read, a neglected classic which he had always intended to read and a cheap thriller which he had brought along because Eleanor [his wife] liked that sort of stuff. One hour, eight chapters, and 120 pages later, he was contemplating the predicament of a heroine who owed her perilous state entirely to her pig-headed refusal to inform the proper authorities that in chapter I she had found a dead body….

That’s my MO, all right, the worthwhile book, the neglected classic, and finally, curl up with the trashy detective story.

I guess I’m intellectually lazy. How about you, bloggers?

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  • I have moved this post from “Satire” to “Opinion,” based on two parameters:

    1. There’s nothing satirical in it.
    2. It fits into no other category.

    And for the terminal question: I seek balance in my life. For every kale and cauliflower salad, a chocolate shake. Likewise, for every “deathless classic,” a “mindless thriller.”

    Enjoy your milk-shake, Miriam. We’re having liver for dessert.

  • Again, this was supposed to be humor.
    Also, I don’t eat liver. Eeeew!

    How about steak?