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This is a short, sweet article to let everyone know that, due to the mass amount of CD’s that I have been getting to review, I feel it time to add a rating scale to the bottom of my reviews. The scale will be as follows:
1. A simple, scholastically based A+ through F scale will be used for the overall album.
2. A “Lyrics” sub category will also get an A+ through F rating. This category will rate the style of lyrics (relevance, poetic style, etc.) and not the objectionability.

3. A swear word/objectionable content/violence rating of G, PG, PG-13, R and X will be used, as well as a short explanation of why the rating was given.

That is it. If nothing else it will help me to give a completely fair, unbiased opinion to each area of the album. Any suggestions, comments or snide remarks are welcome.

By Jeff Petermann

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  • The Theory

    YOU’RE stealing MY lines, boy! *wink*

    just kidding.


  • I was going to say that Theory…dang. Stealing my comments

  • The Theory

    no problem.



  • Jeff Petermann

    Very true. I should have said a more fair and unbiased opinion. Thanks, Theory. You rock.

  • The Theory

    it’s impossible to be completely fair and unbiased.