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My Question for You

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With the House passage of the “Real ID” act, I’m greatly concerned about the state of the Republican Party. While I’m a registered Republican, I’m not proud of how our Congressional majority is acting. These “conservative” Congressmen are acting like liberals, taking rights away from the populace to make the country more “secure.” It seems that with power for this party, came a wave of liberalism. The party that used to stand for small government now stands to increase the power of the state. I’m beginning to question how heathy the recent electoral victories have been for this party. By saying this, I’m not implying that I wanted the electoral outcomes to be different, but my party has become power-hungry, fat, and lazy. While I heartily agree with quite a bit of Bush’s agenda, giving the government more power is a liberal ideal, and these ideals should be far removed from the Republican Party. The hard truth is, they’re not. So, my question is, what do you think could be done to fix the Republican Party?


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