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My Most Anticipated Movies of 2011

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It’s been a long year, but some of the movies I’m most thrilled about have finally started to arrive. Thor and Kung Fu Panda 2 were a couple of the better recent ones, and though I haven’t seen X-Men: First Class yet, I’ve been hearing great things about it.  However they’re only the beginning, as there are plenty more films on the way that are looking good.

Green Lantern:  Let me get this out of the way.  This movie does look a little hokey, but I can handle that.  What’s really appealing about this movie is the science fiction aspect to it.  Take a look at the trailers and you’ll see what I mean.  Some of the alien designs are top notch!  Sure, it will have the usual comic book movie trappings, including a costumed superhero and evil villain, but it will also have an expansive Sci-Fi world right along with it.  If that’s not a cool combination, I don’t know what is!

Captain America:  Another comic book movie, this one is set apart because it isn’t about someone who suddenly is endowed with superpowers.  Rather it’s someone who earns this power through a passion and love for his country.  That’s the whole reason he’s selected. It’s a story about an underdog who achieves greatness, and those stories are often some of the best.

Winnie the Pooh:  Oh that silly old bear has had it rough.  I remember seeing those old shorts when I was little, and then watching The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh on TV.  Since then there hasn’t been much of the bear in sight.  However, this new movie will hopefully get back to what made Winnie the Pooh so endearing and nostalgic.  If they can get it right, this could be a contender for best animated movie the the year!

Real Steel:  It’s a movie about robots beating each other up.  What’s not to like?  Seriously though, another well-known robot destruction franchise has a lot of action and little character development, which is why this movie feels like a breath of fresh air.  Is it possible to have a good movie about machine?  Maybe this movie will tell us.

Cowboys and Aliens:  Man, this also one sounds hokey, but if you look at the trailers it looks less so than Green Lantern.  As cool as that movie looks, this one looks cool and intense at the same time.

Cars 2:  I know some people weren’t that impressed with the first one, but once you accepted a world made of talking cars it was good clean fun. The second one looks like it’s going in a different direction though, which might be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how they handle it.  Still, the company that made it hasn’t let me down yet. (Unless you include that first movie, which I don’t)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2:  Who isn’t excited about this one?  The story is about to end once and for all.  This movie looks like the finally is going to be a little different from the book, but that’s understandable.  If the final battle is exactly like the book it will be predictable and boring, and a movie needs a more visual element than the verbal sparring that won the day originally.  However, if they take the very last and final scene from the book and recreate it word for word, I doubt anyone will really object to that.  So Long Harry Potter, It’s been fun.

The Hobbit Part 1: Part of me wishes they had done this movie first and then The Lord of the Rings, but what can you do?  Either way this is the movie I’m most excited about this year.  We’ll get to see Bilbo in a starring role, a return of Gollum, and…well I could go on and on, but anyway, what’s not to be excited for?

And that’s it.  Those are my most anticipated movies.  It’s interesting that quite a few of them are based off of comic books, but then again I’m usually interested in those.  Anyway, it’s looking to be a great year for movie lovers, and I hope we all love every moment of it. 

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