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My Love/Hate Relationship with The Wizard of Oz (Mostly Hate)

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Sometimes people don’t know what questions they just shouldn’t ask. Our esteemed publisher, who under normal circumstances (if there ever are any) is a paragon of both wit and sensitivity, foolishly asked, “Who doesn’t have something to say about The Wizard of Oz?”

Don’t blame me, he asked. I am breaking my many years of silence on the subject to admit that I have nothing to say about The Wizard of Oz. Mine is a minority opinion, and—as such—I’ve learned to keep it to myself.

I see The Wizard of Oz (the MGM version) as two movies. One is very, very good and the other is cringe-inducing. The very, very good one is in black and white, and for some strange reason the studio inserted the boring color section smack dab in the middle. I am perfectly happy watching The Wizard of Oz, if I only have to watch the black and white beginning and end.

Oh, yeah, I love flying monkeys and melting witches, but you can only drag that stuff on so long. The Wizard of Oz drags it on too long. Like I said, it’s a minority opinion. It will now be returned to the deepest reaches of my unconscious mind.

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  • I’ve always loved the movie but at the same time had mixed feelings about it, mostly because I knew the book first – it was given to me as a gift for my third birthday and my crayon drawings are still all over it. So it always saddened me a little that the movie is missing important stuff like the Queen of the Field Mice, the Dainty China Country, the terrifying Hammerheads, and that scary raft ride. Still, as a movie, it’s pretty awesome.

  • Wow, Jon, I’d completely forgotten that stuff until just now. I didn’t read the book myself as a child, but I did read it with my son when he was little, and it sure is a bit different than the movie. I’ve always loved the movie, but the flying monkeys scared me to death as a kid. Maybe they still do a little.

  • Dorothy’sDefender

    Seems to me you need a heart, friend – along with a brain. Gotta say you’ve got courage, though, dumping on an undisputed classic.

    And if color bothers you so much, I’d suggest a good pair of glasses, especially of they’re of the rose-colored variety.