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My Life Revolves Around Food

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Most people eat around their schedules. At some point over the past year, I came to the realization that I do not fall into that category; instead, I plan my schedule around what I eat and cook each week.

One day out of every week I sit down and go through various sources for recipes to pick out what I am going to eat for the next seven days. I actually plan my daily activities around what time I want to eat and how long it will take me to cook. I would move my classes around if I could because I get stuck with some peculiar eating times on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and it just throws off my entire schedule.

Sometime after that realization came about, I had another epiphany in which I discovered that my weeks have food themes. I do not just choose any old recipe that looks good and then mix and match. I choose all recipes from the same book the same genre, using a similar ingredient, or any other category that you can possibly think of. There is always a common link between everything that I make in a week.

Let’s take it a step further just to really show how much my life does revolve around food. I plan my vacations by where and what I want to eat. My family will take vacations together on occasion, and I always spend time beforehand researching places to eat. There are often times when I will visit family in my hometown in Canada, and there is always a long list of places that I have to eat at before the trip is over because they cannot be found here in the States. I will even bring an extra, empty suitcase on the trip to fill up with groceries that I cannot get in San Antonio. It is almost as if the entire purpose of the trip is to get otherwise unobtainable food.

My discovery of how food plays such an important role in my life has led me to my life’s passion. The best parts of my week include everything from grocery shopping to doing the actual cooking. I am a student majoring in a rigorous Accounting and Finance program, but I always make the time to cook each week because it is something that I really enjoy outside of the regular routine.

What sort of a role does your passion play in your life?

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