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My Favorite TV Commercials

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We watch them voraciously during the Super Bowl but ignore them the rest of the year. There are some fun commercials out there.

Generally, beer commercials overall are the best. The Guinness commercial urging us to make St. Patrick’s Day a holiday is great. Young men come tumbling down the stairs to find the tree decorated in shamrocks and presents underneath. All the presents are Guinness of course. Another fine beer commercial is the woman leaving one light beer for another and explaining her reason to the rejected beer.

Coors has the twins. The original theme song “I love quarterbacks eatin’ dirt” gets sung around our house a lot. Of course, we’re a family that invented our own “sack dance” for when the opposing quarterback goes down.

While beer commercials overall are better than the others, not all beer commercials are good. The Miller for President campaign leaves me cold. Additional note: I don’t care which beer has the fewest carbs. By the time I’m opening a beer, my carbcounting is done and the dark beers I prefer all have more carbs than are worth mentioning.

We have a local commercial for Six Flags where an old man comes out of the bus and starts dancing up a storm. It seems cheesy but it works.

However, my absolute favorite commercial now running is a car commercial. Five guys packed into a car while the guy in the middle back sings “Feel like a woman” while the others grow clearly uncomfortable. The point is that there’s enough room. Who cares? He sings it with just the right amount of pleasure without becoming a satire and the other four do a fine job with the facial expressions.

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  • Lynn

    want to find a video ad from the 60’s or 70’s. It depicts several Japanese boys getting ready for a communal bath. The ad won numerous prizes and I’d like to be able to download it. Thanks for any help.

  • Hayden Price

    There was a beer commercial where two guys were trying help a guy from India with pick up lines. In one scene the guy is in the bathroom facing the mirror saying, ” What are you doing ” as he practices his moves. Where can I find it on the net.
    Many Thanks

  • Haven’t seen the commercial, but are there lyrics to the song? Is it dance or rock music?

    That is all.

  • Victor

    Date: Sept 8-th / 05

    …I was curious if you had seen a certain beer commercial ( possibly Heineken ) where it’s a bar scene and the one guy is dancing eraticly with his legs and his upper body is stationary and when he “clinks” the next guys beer bottle, that guy starts to dance the same way and so on and so on…I’ve been searching endlessly for some info on this commercial and I came up empty…I’m more concerned with the nusic track used on that commercial…if you should happen to have any insight on this, I would appreciate it…thanks for your time…

  • Nick Jones

    One of my favorites of all time was the Outpost.com “Wolves” commercial. It seems to have disappeared from the Internet, but I was lucky enough to find it for download (albeit in a kind of crappy, low-res version) before it did.

  • My favorite is the Degree antiperspirant commercial. It’s the one with an Asian guy putting on the deodorant and getting attacked by ninjas while he puts on clothes. He fights them off while dressing himself. Then he goes to visit his girlfriend at a restaurant and his gf’s father attacks him with a punch (or something) and he blocks it while revealing that his armpits are still dry. They all are amazed and smile in pleasure and amusement.

    Yeah I know, it’s a bit un-pc, but it’s darn funny.