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My Encounter With Lucky Dube

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“The fall of apartheid, I knew that I was part of it in some way”-Lucky Dube

Polepole Festival July 4th 2004-Linkeroever-Antwerp(Belgium) By Joel Savage

Lucky Dube is ranked as one of the world’s greatest reggae artists in this modern times. Participating at polepole festival in Antwerp, the South African born reggae star, gave this exclusive interview to The Voice Magazine Belgian Correspondent.

TV: When you started music at a young age, did you ever dream that one day, your music will be much accepted by reggae fans worldwide today?

Lucky: Well I have an idea. Really this was a dream for me. I wanted to be like that, even though I wouldn’t have a clear vision as to know how big it can be. But I have an idea I wanted the music to reach people every where in the world.

TV: Many reggae fans think you are another Peter Tosh in the field of reggae with strong lyrics of liberation. How do you react to this credit?

Lucky: It’s a very great honour really, because Peter Tosh was the greatest musician ever lived and so I respect him so much. And to be given the same stage as him is a great honour to me. I do really appreciate that.

TV: On one of your albums ” Soul Taker ” there is a special track called “Teach The World” Please what inspired you to write such a great song?

Lucky: Well “Teach the world” started actually, because when we go around, there are a lot of things that we see and people from different countries, different cultures and everything. But only to find out that the people don’t know much about Africa. They have some mis-speculations about Africa and I just wanted people to teach each other. People in Africa must teach the outside world about their culture, beliefs and everything and I wanted the outside world to teach Africa about their culture.

TV: You fought against apartheid in your songs. How did you feel ten years ago, to see apartheid falling like the Berlin wall in 1989?

Lucky: It was great. Beause it was the biggest dream I had at that time. So I was very happy when it finally happened. I knew that I was part of it in some way. So I was very happy when it happened.

TV: You played in Washington DC on September 2000, with Joseph Hill’s culture, what was your experience with that group, since Joseph’s message in music is in line with yours?

Lucky: Well it has always been great with Joseph Hill. You know, I have done many concerts with him. He is one of the good men in the music industry.

TV: Being a South African, you have visited many African countries. Have you ever visited war torn countries like Sierra Leone and Liberia? Since you have thousands of fans over there.

Lucky: Yes, we have visited those countries.

TV: It’s great to hear that.

TV: “Reggae in jail, reggae in church, every body likes it” That’s a true statment by you. But why is it that reggae music is given less attention than any other music, is it because of it’s strong message?

Lucky: Yes at times, that’s what is it. Reggae is a kind of music one time it will be up and one time, it will be down. But it is a kind of music that is always there. It will never go away. It’s always there you know, that’s the way it is.

TV: August 3rd 2004, is your 40th birthday, with a heavy programme ahead of you, how would you celebrate this important chapter of your life?

Lucky: Normally, I don’t celebrate birthdays. It’s just another day and things went just normal for me. I don’t celebrate birthdays.

TV: Lucky, thank you for granting me this interview.

Lucky: Yeah! man.

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  • Arap Birgen Y.

    Great Lucky Dube. May your decentants live to emulate you.

  • olivia

    why all eyes on every successful black?????
    i will be the next black legend watch.

  • Victoria – USA

    I’m not a ‘star struck’ person. HOWEVER, when it comes to Lucky, I must say I’d have been one of those women throwing myself at his feet. (no disrespect intended) He was such a beautiful, humble man with much talent and the most soothing voice. I’d have loved to been able to talk to him about his hope for peace, so much as laid out in the Bible; to perhaps have visited his farm and ridden horses…SIGH. But alas–I never even got to see him in concert. My heart hurts…

  • serioustymes

    it just hurt my heart to know that such a great singer with such inspirational songs and messages was shot to death so foolishly.and to ad insults to injuries infront of his kids.he wasnt sick and it wasnt an accident ,he was killed for what he was and what heworked hard for.may his soul rest in peace but may his spirit lives on and torment the minds and livesof those who killed him for no reason.may they be so tormented that they turned themselves inn or commit suicide after living a note of confession behind.i just pray at this moment that his family and fans all over the world will hold strong and with gods help go through this painful period.

  • May he rest in peace…His spirit lives on…

  • pam

    is lucky dube married? cos i would marry him anyday, in fact i have loved him since i was 10!!!

  • Hey, Dube I like your lyrics basically for the Good Messagge that you expossed in your songs. man.. that’s amazing… I hope some day you visit Honduras you have Thousands of fans here.

    god bless you man…


    if &only if the people of de world will hearken 2 d voice of d “PROPHET” then the world will be a better place 2 live in. One of the best 2 eva sing de song of reality i.e lucky dube. He is truly A SON OF THE SOIL. LET JAH BE PRAISED. “Nuel -A- Adeyeri. LAGOS, NIGERIA

  • collen maruapula

    Hi, Lucky and everybody!

    Lucky last performed here 3 months ago and he sure put up a very huge show, despite hiccups by sound providers and a local resort pestering his entourage. This man is a must to see live and on record, just purchase one album and the rest will be history. On a personal experience, you may not notice Lucky Dube’s aura and eccentric drama but once you watch just one live show, you are likely to end up wondering why you had not watched him the last 10 or so years ago, and thats when every one of his recorded albums begin to register a lot of feeling and reggae nostalgia.

    Im always posting comments about Lucky Dube on the internet but a would fancy a personal exchange of mail with him, do you know how to go about that?

    All the love,
    Gaborone, Botswana

  • lucky dube i want you to vist my contry nigeria cuz i kwon that you have alot of fans there and they want to see you life pls i have see ones i zimbabwe and i will like to see you again in my contry pls thanks for you good.

  • Patrice Kagabo

    Dube you are amazing with your music
    please visit the countries like Canada where they do know much about you and raggea music in genearal

  • david

    like his musik is the best sofar to and the massages

  • Good job, Joel!!!!!!!!


  • joel savage


    The world is increasingly becoming a dangerous place with crimes, ranging from fraud, terrorism, and killings. Your letter to me falls in the category of trying to defraud. Unfortunately your mail came to a wrong person. As a journalist, living in Belgium, I work together with the Police. Such letters like yours have been handed over to me for publication to warn the general public.

    So please I’m not interested, you must look for another partner. After all Europe or America is rich than Africa, thus! if you have such an amount of money why don’t you use it to develop your country, when hundreds are dieing of aids every day.

    From the Writer

  • Joel,

    You can sure pick them out. LUCKY DUBE puts on an outstanding show. I have seen him a few times over the years and am always amazed.

    Good of you to mention his birthday. He was here in Seattle on his last birthday. I was doing the promotion/production thing. I knew it was his birthday. I told my wife to go wish Lucky a happy birthday. That was cool. He is low key about the birthday thing, but he got off on the fact that someone remembered.

    Anyway, the word and performance of Lucky is good. He sings about human struggle and emotions of the human heart. “How Will I Know” or “I’ve got you, babe” are classic examples.

    Great artist to post about. Thanx mon!