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My Chemical Romance on Teenage Gun Crime

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Bob Geldof feeds the poor in Africa. Madonna adopts the supposedly orphaned. Bono does anything political under the sun. My Chemical Romance… talk about teenage gun crime. The issue seems to pale in comparison, but then again, that is their demographic, and they seem to take up that cross with enough vigor to feed their army of followers.

Prior to the official release of their third album, The Black Parade, on October 23, the emo/Queenmo quintet have spoken to NME about the issue of teenage gun crime. Constantly-changing frontman Gerard Way expressed the band's feelings about the problem. He even reached far back into his memory of when he was in high school, saying "the only thing I learnt in high school is that people are very violent and territorial."

The band have committed an entire two minutes and forty one seconds of album space to the issue. The song "Teenagers" talks about the issue with the accompaniment of a punkified Scissor-Sisters-esque melody, and almost countryish guitar riffs. The song doesn't seem to take the issue too seriously, but, according to their image over time, neither do they.

The army motif has been a part of their image since their second album, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, and fair enough, that's pretty harmless. However, last year, My Chemical Romance took the form of action figurines, dolled up (excuse the pun) in black suits and red ties. Their packaging was in the form of a coffin, and, where the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt were buried with jewelry, it seems the bands' members prefer to be buried with miniature guns.

Of course, it is unfair to take a band who are subject to their 12- to 14-year old demographic seriously. While these mixed messages have occurred, the same link probably wouldn't be made in a world where, one minute, Britney Spears is the perfect virgin, and the next she is pretty much lined up for a spot on the Jerry Springer Show. Sad, to say the least, but unfortunately with stardom comes the responsibility to make really bad decisions.

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  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    You’re absolutely correct and now that they have made their million(s),it’s only right that people listen to their words of wisdom..*Smirk*

  • Mysti

    Please, don’t be a lazy journalist. It does you a disservice. Research your material more thoroughly, or don’t write anything at all.

  • Sorry? If you’re going to make a point, make it thoroughly or don’t make it at all. If you care to point out where exactly I didn’t research it, fine, but don’t just make a general comment without any such expansion.


    It’s good that MCR is talking this issue seriously; you know what they do to guys like them in prison.

  • The Black Parade Is Taking Over

    I have been a fan of my Chemical romance since there first album and hate it when people write crap about them. gerard quit working as a cartoonist to make great music that saves lives. These guys are legends maybe you should sit down and watch there dvd life on the murder scene. Maybe then you will respect them

  • The Black Parade Is Taking Over: I’m simply comparing the message they are giving on teenage gun crime to the reality of their efforts. Nevertheless, I will take you up on that offer – I’ll try and secure a copy of their DVD to ensure I know all the facts.

  • The Black Parade Is Taking Over


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    Omfg the song isnt talking abought going and shoot up a school listen to it again its talking abough kids that live a hrd life and they get sick of it and then since they get pusshed around so much they want the other person to feel the same way i know ive been picked on ive seen peopel get picked on ive picked on people so like they said resarch it throuhg and through again and understand it from a point were u are the one getting picked on everyday in ur life imagine being pushed down sating shuved into lockers people throwing food on you yes i have had all that happn to me b/c of the way i dress its just like someoen from another country coming to a country they know nothing abought and trying to take them over are you gona sit tehri and let them do that? now you tell me how this song is a bad influence!!

  • I find this article quite patheticly researched. Its way to opinion based, and doesnt make a point at all. And as for the teenage gun crime issue..this has to do with the bands action figures..how?

    And i think you should take this band very seriously.
    Might i remind you, myself, and thousands of other kids, can say that those 5 boys are all theyve had in the long-run.

    And i do hope that watching LOTMS, has maybe given you a different point of view on them.

  • Well, im no teen, im a grown woman, 32 to be exact, and i get their message. There message is to live. And that its hard in this would to be who you are. But they want everyone to see that theres hope and they help kids get their frustration out so they DONT do anything to harm themselves or others.

    the way it is worded is actually saying that he understands their grief and the way that they feel. And hes letting people know that they arent alone.

    I keep getting these things in my email, cause i follow MCR news, and i wish just once, that someone that doesnt like their music would at least know a little more about the band before they start spewing their rants and they spill over into my email!!!

    We need them to finally feel ok about who we are, because the world tells us that we dont fit in.

  • Kristie

    I agree that you were very lazy when writing this article. Have you even HEARD Teenagers?? I think it takes the issue of teenagers and guns very seriously. Kids need a band like MCR who understands where they’re coming from because most of the world isn’t listening to what they have to say or even trying to understand what they’re going through. I’m also 32 years old but I wish I’d had a band like MCR to listen to when I was a teenager, maybe then I wouldn’t have felt so alone in the world. Please, watch LOTMS and learn something about them before you pass judgement. Because right now, you obviously have no clue what they’re all about.

  • Molly

    Phfft. Please.
    One of the key things to know when writing a paper or article is to pick a side AND STICK WITH IT.
    Did you pass your 10th grade English class?
    My Chemical Romance cares about kids. They aren’t sending mixed signals. If they didn’t take it seriously, why write the song against it? Why talk to magazines against it?

  • Charlie

    Excuse me? EMO? My Chemical Romance is not ’emo’. A lot of kids who listen to the band are, but the band and their music is not. I stopped reading after that.
    If you can’t even get the genre correct, why should I read more?

  • mcr fan!

    MCR is NOT EMO!! please get they’re genre of music right PLEASE. and another thing. i listen to mcr and i am the ANTI-EMO not like against it,
    im just not emo at all!! teenagers is a song about being bullied and not taking out your anger on other people!! gerard and all of mcr really encourage kids to LIVE LIFE and be who you are!! try listening to them first, before you judge them??

  • Jackie (MCRmy)

    FYI: The demographic is not 12 to 14 year olds. More like 15 and up. I know parents who love MCR. You know, it would be nice if you wrote an on article on something that you knewabout. Research next time!!!

  • lucifer

    Omg mcr is about understanding what a persons life is like and yes I have been picked at and on to the point were I wanted to shoot sombody then I realise that would not be good for me I am interested in the emo/goth I feel very safe around them