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My Boys Begins its Third Season

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It’s no April Fool’s Joke, My Boys revs up again on Tuesday, March 31, at 10:00 ET on TBS. Let’s recap what this small but lively ship of fools has been doing since the Italy trip.

The boys get banned from Crowley’s while PJ tries to romance Bobby. Big realizations about men turn into bestselling book for Stephanie. Bobby brokers a benign beginning with Elsa, the beautiful au pair. Wedding bells soon bellow while the boys make bizarre shirts and Andy prepares for baby number two. Mike has no babes while Kenny has a bounty. No bachelor party for bereft PJ, but Bobby’s big brother might float her boat. Brando plans to open a bar with Bobby’s friend. Beautiful California is the setting for the beloved couple’s blissful binding in marriage, but then they are beset by bouts of jealousy between brethren. The boys all become best men to bolster Bobby and Stephanie beds Kenny.

Oh boy!

As season two of My Boys ended we got another cliffhanger; this time we were left wondering what happened after Bobby (Kyle Howard) came to tell PJ (Jordana Spiro) that he thought he was marrying the wrong woman. He then stopped in his tracks because he realized that his brother Jack was in PJ’s room and the two of them were slightly embarrassed and disheveled.

Season three will not only continue that story, but if the first two episodes are any indication, it promises to be even better as they explore new friendship dynamics, new babies, and facial hair.  As for some of the specifics of the episodes, read on.

In “Welcome Back, Kalla Fötter,” after what began in California as a silly lark, back home the boys continue a moustache growing contest, which prompts Andy (Jim Gaffigan) to dub Brendan (Reid Scott), “D’Artagnan'” Kenny (Michael Bunin) gets “American Chopper;” and a scary “Amber Alert” for Mike (Jamie Kaler). Andy also hangs on to his brief role as a member of the clergy, reminding PJ that he couldn't divulge any of Bobby’s earlier wedding jitters because of “priest-client privileges.”

Meanwhile, Stephanie (Kellee Stewart) wonders why PJ kept mum on certain affairs, and offers council on how important it is to bring the truth to light, while still hiding her own dirty little secret about Kenny. In “Private Eyes,” the boys in general begin to wonder about PJ’s behavior, and organize a surveillance operation involving code names and walkie-talkies. They are lovable, but certainly will not put any police detectives out of work.

Sit down, ante up, and drink your beer; the games are about to begin!

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