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My Big, Fat Fat Actress Review

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Here I was, all set to dismiss Fat Actress as the next logical step in the de-evolution from the brilliant Larry Sanders to the barely mediocre Curb Your Entusiasm. But now, having just seen the first episode, I stand in awe of its genius.

You see, Kirstie Alley’s character is allegory for the big, bloated media companies — ankles buckling under the weight of their inflated sense of self-importance, stumbling through the wilderness, blissfully ignorant of their own obsolescence. And her personal assistants represent us, the hapless consumers, having no other option but to be at big, fat media’s beck and call.

So kudos to you, Kirstie and company, for this subtle but effective satirical masterpiece!

… Um, that was your intention, right?

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  • Nice one, Andrew – so a weight loss experience would be what? A liberation of the consumer? I think not:)


    i watched this because my wife wanted to and laughed my A** off.

    Great show and it shows again she is a great actress.

  • Eric Olsen

    from what I’ve read, she loses considerable weight over the course of the show so there’s a “happy ending”

  • I loved the show! First time I ever really liked Kirsty. If she’s smart, she’ll keep politics and her religion out of the show. And seeing the preview with Kid Rock? OUTSTANDING!

  • Richard Porter

    So a fat actress in a reality style type show? Hmmm…sounds familiar.
    Anna Nicole Show? Roseanne Barr’s life?

  • She may be healthier at a smaller size, but Kirstie Alley is no less hot as a plus-sizer. Wish I had cable.

  • Thanks, Andrew. Watched an interview with her about the show on Larry King last night I think it was. She seemed to have a lot of fun acting in it.

  • Eric Olsen

    you mean “being” in it

  • I am not sure I really liked it, too much emphasis on her being fat, and I don’t have anything against overwheight people, but enough whining for half an hour

  • llulua

    I have always liked Kirstie so I was looking forward to her new show. What a disappointing waste of time. If this is humor, then so is a root canal.

  • Randolph

    It was coarse, crude and tasteless. I am not talking about the part about being fat. If this is what American humor is supposed to be like, I am ashamed. It was not funny. A woman talking about her sexual escapades like some drunken male is pathetic.