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My Baby’s Got The Bends

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I hate Radiohead. There I said it. They have got to be the most overrated group to ever grace the planet, and frankly I find the elitism of their fans to be absolutely annoying. That band could sit around in their living room, fart into a mic, and people call it genius then say to the people who hate it, “you just don’t get it.” In fact, didn’t they do that on one of their albums? Kid A perhaps? Anyway, the point is, I can’t stand this band.

Except for “The Bends”. Don’t ask me why. I’m not quite sure. Maye it’s the association I make with the album. You see, I was 15 when that CD came out. A friend was driving me to a show, and he put the disc in. He said I had to hear this one song called “Just”. The song started playing, and I was floored. Then it got to the part where the guitarist does that solo thing, and climbs and climbs up the neck to like, the last fret and hits that note, and it just rings out for it seems forever. Damn that was so smooth. I immediately went out and bought the album, on tape mind you.

I must have played that tape 5 times a day when I was 15 or 16. Constantly in my walkman on the bus going to school, in my tape player at home while doing homework, I ate, drank, and shat that album. Then, for some odd reason, I misplaced the tape, forgot about it, and didn’t listen to it for a good 6 years.

The other week I was at Circuit City with a friend helping him find an affordable Foghat CD when I came across the album for around $12. Oh how the memories started coming back! I had to buy it, if not for sentimental reasons alone. I spent my last bit of spending money for the week on the CD, and I don’t regret it one bit. Since then (this was Monday of 2 weeks ago), I’ve played the entire album probably around 15 times. I just can’t explain why I love it so much. It’s not as if the music blows me away the way it did in 1995, but those feelings of excitement seem to come rushing back to me every time I hear that album. It’s almost like being 15 again.

I’m sure if I think about it, there are a few albums that have the same effect on me. However in most cases, it’s not an album from a band who I can’t stand. Kinda funny I reckon.

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About Andy

  • Summarizes my thoughts on Radiohead perfectly, except for the part about The Bends.

  • andy

    oh well haha. What can I say?

  • Louis

    You guys are ignorants! Sounds familiar, nevermind. Instead of ignoring “people”‘s opinions like Homer Simpson might, you maybe should listen to them. Of course I have to respect your opinion but when it comes to Radiohead I no longer thinks your blashphemy stands as an opinion and I pity you as I would the village idiot. Have you seen “High Fidelity”? Besides, if you love “The Bends” are you really a hater of theirs? Moreover, it sounds to me, you likely don’t know any other of their albums or that you really have absorbed “The Bends”, otherwise you wouldn’t use “My Baby’s Got The Bends” as a title for this article.

  • The Theory

    What are you talking about? Posts like this are the reason people don’t take radiohead fans seriously…

  • andy

    hmm I love elitism. Go suck your indie scene queen’s egg my friend.

  • frost@work

    well, radiohead isn’t my favorite band, however I do recognize the overwhelming effect that they have had in shaping and directing the scope of modern music.

    I’m kind of confused though… of all the radiohead albums to love the most approachable has to be OK Computer. Oh well, to each his own I guess.

    I don’t think you are the village idiot, maybe a distant cousin, but… heh

  • andy

    maybe I heard the Bends at the right time and OK Computer at the wrong time in my life. I just can’t stand the band at all really. Definately not genius. Not say…White Stripe genious;)

  • its only a joke

    radiohead have to be the most sophisticated modern band i have ever heard. You said that ‘The Bends’ was the only album you owned by them, so how can you judge them if you haven’t heard the variety in their music? Radiohead are unique; I cannot explain the music, or put it into a single genre. They are a great band.

  • jun

    why is it fashionable to bash radiohead these days? “Hey all you indie-tards! Radiohead aren’t ingenius. In fact they suck! Why? Because they are childish and stupid and they suck!” – ad infinitum

  • BobGervais

    It’s fashionable to bash them because they’re a prime example of putting a talentless bunch of people in a recording studio, produce a disc full of garbage and then morons call it ‘art’. Don’t piss in my hand and tell me it’s raining. Likewise, don’t tell me they’re technical. Or creative. You think Thom Yorke is the only whiny-heroine-overdose-waiting-to-happen to ever sit in front of a mic and *cough* “Tell it like it is”? Please, you’re gonna have to go pretty far back in time before that becomes original.

    Face it, Thom can’t sing, none of them are proficient enough to play their instruments and their lyrics are prosaic.

    It’s great if Joe Blow likes the screeching noise that is their ‘music’. Great, enjoy it to the end of time. But don’t sit there and tell us how they’re the greatest stick-it-to-the-man-band in the universe. They’re simply not.

  • Brittany Lozano

    Did you ever wonder why that album “floored” you. Maybe because the band really is genius and deep down you know its true you just can’t admit it…

  • Brittany Lozano

    Also how dare you compare Radiohead to the white stripes. Radiohead totally blows them out of the water. You are an ignorant person if I do say so myself…sorry 🙂