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Musicians Come Together to Fight Cancer with New Charity Single

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Tragically, nearly all of us have been or will be affected in some way by cancer. Whether personally or through family, friends, colleagues or simply people we admire, the disease is an all too frequent visitor to our day-to-day lives.

So when a song by a collection of eminent rock muso’s for which 100 percent of monies raised goes directly to the MacMillan Cancer Support Charity it’s time to help.

The Macmillan Cancer Support is busy doing wonderful work helping to improve the lives of people affected by a disease that many of us still find difficulty in talking about. They help provide practical, medical and financial support whilst busily promoting better care.

“We’ve set ourselves an impressive ambition,” says the organization’s mission statement. “Our primary goal is to reach and improve the lives of everyone living with cancer.” The reality of what is being achieved is remarkable and the pages of grateful and glowing acknowledgements resulting from this much-needed charity are testament to the difference they have made to many lives.

“LovePower and Peace” features guitarist/producer Robin George’s LovePower Band which includes Pete Haycock (Climax Blues Band), drummer Charlie Morgan (Elton John), legendary Sax-meister Mel Collins (King Crimson), and bassist Charley Charlesworth (who worked with Robin’s Dangerous Music).

Robin George has worked with a host of the best including Phil Lynott, Glenn Hughes, Carl Palmer, Pete Way, and Uriah Heep vocalist David Byron, whose former colleague Ken Hensley also contributes to the new single. Add to that the Sister Sledge vocal trio of Ruby Turner, Jaki Graham, and Jacqui Williams, along with sax-master Mel Collins, The Women in Music International Choir, and 200 school children, and you have a powerful cast.

The result is a solid mix of soul, rock, and R&B that is powerfully uplifting and well worth having. With musicians queuing up to help out, what was originally intended as a one-off single has expanded into a soon-to-be-released, 17-track charity album.

Everyone, from the musicians to the studio workers and designers, all gave their time and talents for free. So, all that remains to do is to spread the word as far and wide as we can and, of course, download a copy of the song, which is available for 69p (around $1.20) at the LovePower website.

For a few cents you get an excellent single as well as the knowledge that every one of those pennies is going directly to the hard-working people at Macmillan. For more details of what they do visit their website. Please support the cause. Remember, cancer doesn’t discriminate.

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  • Happy to do it. I really enjoy seeing post about ways to help the less fortunate. Charity is something that affects us all even if we don’t realize it. Medicine, advocacy, animal rights, human rights have all been advance because of the efforts of charitable organizations. It’s important to try to remember them when we aren’t immediately in need.

  • Jeff

    Thanks Erica – just by looking at the MacMillan site and seeing what they do helps their cause – thank you. Thanks too for taking the time to do that and for the info re Homepage Heroes – all really appreciated. Jeff