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Music Video Review: “Stupid Girls” by Pink

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I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Pink. Actually, it’s more of a like/don’t like relationship, since she’s never done anything I’ve absolutely loved or completely hated. She keeps presenting herself as a “bad girl,” but I don’t know what’s so bad about her besides the fact that she smokes and likes to snarl and flex her biceps for the paparazzi. If you’re going to be bad, be bad! Trash a hotel room! Kick a puppy! Light someone on fire! Apparently, now you just have to say you’re tough and that’s it – no verification necessary.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw her new video for “Stupid Girl.” In it, she makes fun of Magazine Stars (I don’t even think I should call them actresses or singers at this point): Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and the Olsen twins. Now, you may say, “So what? Everyone I know makes fun of them anyway?!” While every normal person might actually understand that Paris Hilton has no talent, or that Jessica Simpson’s mediocre musical career does not warrant the attention she receives, the point is that no one in the media acknowledges this. Every magazine cover, every entertainment news show, everything pouring out of the TV/music/film/magazine industries would have us believe what these people ate for breakfast is important.

So while Saturday Night Live and Kathy Griffin have gone here first, it’s rare and refreshing to see a female pop star make fun of her contemporaries. Cynics may say Pink is using their non-stop presence in print and on TV to help promote herself (and therefore exploit the very problem she’s condemning), but I say: who cares? She’s taking a risk. Even though Pink has fought against being musically associated with the likes of Spears and Simpson by angling for a more “rock” sound, she’s still considered a pop star, and a lot of her fans (especially the younger ones) might take offense to her making fun of their role models.

More importantly, there’s a message behind it. “What happened to the dream of a girl President? She’s dancing in the video next to 50 Cent,” she sings, standing at a podium in a business suit. “Girls with ambition, that’s what I want to see,” she declares, apparently forgetting Paris’ and Nicole Ritchie’s new-found status as “authors.” In the video she’s trying to persuade a young girl to drop the TV remote and pick up a football while making fun of tanorexic singers who writhe around on soapy cars and toothpick munchkins who get into car accidents every other day. Not exactly deep, but hey, it’s a music video, and how many of those even have a message at all?

Unfortunately, the song itself leaves much to be desired. While I’m not a fan of all of Pink’s hits, songs like “Feel Good Time” and, especially, “God is a DJ” are great, booty-shaking anthems. In “Stupid Girls,” the above lyrics make strong points, but the rest consist of boring cliches. Even worse, the production is bland, uninspired pop, the very sonic landscape that she has been fighting to distance herself from on her last two CD’s.

A spoken interlude where she whines that eating over 300 calories is so “not sexy” before sticking a toothbrush down her throat reeks of unoriginality and tastlessness. Can’t Pink mock the media and magazine stars guilty of promoting unhealthy body images without making fun of girls suffering from the results of unrealistic body expectations? And if she can’t, couldn’t she at least be more creative about it?

So I’m back to my like/don’t like relationship with Pink. Even with the song’s flaws, it’s still great to see a female pop star be funny and sexy at the same time while belting it out with a raw, rock-tinged voice. However, considering how eager she is to criticize the lack of authentic talent and personality in our celebrity-obsessed culture, I wish Pink had made sure her music was up to her own creative standards.

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  • Smile Sweetheart

    Personally I enjoyed the song and music video. I can understand people finding the bit about the gril throwing up offensive and at first I was confused about why she would do that. But then I realized. She is not mocking the people who are suffer from eating disorders in any way. She is actually mocking the media industry that ‘promotes’ it, mocking the girls like paris hilton who set this example.

    I think it was fair of her to mock the people she did. They are boring and talentless and their sucsess is mainly down to their fame, rather than their work. Pink should make fun of the cartoon like figure that they show us.

  • tom

    tell me about it man it all bullshit man.

  • Bob

    Kl tom, init man what are these idiots on about, this whole ting dont even make sense for fuck sake, i want to READ SOMETHING FUCKING INTERESTING, U FUCKING IDIOTS ARE SO BORING

  • tom

    i dont kon what this about

  • Sophia Babai

    Brilliant. You hit the nail on the head. At first I thought it a commonplace review, but when I read this line
    “Can’t Pink mock the media and magazine stars guilty of promoting unhealthy body images without making fun of girls suffering from the results of unrealistic body expectations? And if she can’t, couldn’t she at least be more creative about it?”
    I realized you had put my opinion on the song into clear words.
    Except that the chorus was annoying, but that may be on purpose.

  • Tawny Hymas

    I love your music so much stupid girls is my fav.

  • Pink Hypocrisy

    Just saw an interview with her …

    She’s actually pretty cool, I retract the previous comments.

  • Pink Hypocrisy

    This is laughable.

    If anyone remembers her first few videos, she was vamping it up to the max. Now that her beauty is fading, she’s taking a stance against being objectified.

    No, it doesn’t matter … but let’s set the record straight here.

    Had she tried this same attitude/look when she first arrived on the scene, no one would have given her a second glance.

  • laura

    i think the video is shocking and in the song where you here pink saying “i ate over 300 calories today tht is so unsexy” and you then here her vomiting , it is disgusting to hear and as an ex-bullimic and anorexic i think that pink has put no thought into what the public and peopple will think of her lyrics. It is a complete load of rubbish and should be banned from radio stations and music channels. It is wrong to make fun of people with eating disorders. they have a serious problem and having pink make fun of them does not help them get over it by any means.

  • Megan

    God what is so wrong with being a girly girl? If your a girl you were born to be a girl wernt you? If everyone turned into punk tomboys and the world revolved around them then everyone would have a problem with that. People just need to find a reason to complain. Secondly Jessica and Paris obviously have a lot more talent than Pink since I hadnt heard a single thing about her until she made this waste of a time song.. True Paris could find better things to do with herself than party and shop and be famous for it…. but I think Pink could use her talent for something better than making fun on girls just to justify why she dosnt “fit in”

  • alisha

    I think Pinks video is totally correct! jessica simpason and paris have no talent what so ever and are absolutely LOADED for achieving NOTHING. She is not scared to stand up for what she believes is right! its a cool video and the people who are criticised in the video need to be criticised, young teens see famous people do ridiculous things that make them famous. So many young people have eating disorders and they need to be shown this is wrong. As for Paris she is a disgrace she is a slag and needs 2 be shot, she is an embarasment to her family, she is ugly and soooooo talentless. I dont care if people think im wrong n ‘i dont even know paris’ but i have saw enough of her in magazines and on TV to know i dont like her. i think Pink has lots of talent and her video is TOTALLY cool!! so F**k yas all!!!

  • I think the video is so unoriginal, cliche-ridden and totally reeks of “high-school feminism”. It’s filled with messages that you’ll see on after-school TV shows ad I guarantee you that you’ll see a number of 14 year old girls doing their high school social studies report on songs lyrics like these, and then grow up to go to college and bitch about ‘women’s rights’…
    GROW UP!!!!

  • Yabbi, I agree. Pink is underrated and hasn’t been able to opitmize her talent yet. I hope her next CD will be a step in the right direction.

    Shan, even though Pink never makes any direct statements, the implications and imitations are pretty clear. You only need a minor passing knowledge with pop culture to know who she’s referring to.

    Tammy, wow, I don’t know where to begin. You DO realize that the first paragraph’s suggestions on how to be bad (kick a puppy, etc.) was sarastic? tongue-in-cheek, if you will?

    and, you don’t need to have big biceps to flex them while posing in front of cameras. and Pink is very toned anyway, even if you don’t see it in that particular album cover.

    I DO know she smokes because when she let MTV’s “Diary” show follow her around…she smoked. and she says she smokes. and there’s pics of her smoking. that’s not being a critic, that’s being a human being with eyeballs.

    and she wasn’t showing that girl football because it’s a way to be skinny, she was doing it to be tough and strong and anti-“girly girls” that just go shopping all the time.

    But thank you for the compliment at the end!

  • Tammy

    Okay, do u even KNO Pink? She’s too sweet to kick a puppy, or light sumone on fire. That can get u arrested. And theres a pic of her at the top, do u see any biceps, i dont think so! And how do u know she smokes, ur such a critic! In the video, she’s showing the little girl all the crappy stuff that teenagers do to keep skinny, and all she has to do is pick up a football! I thought some parts were totally unrealistic and stupid, but some parts were very creative and good. Nice job Don!

    PS- Yea Yabbi! Jessica Simpson has NO talent whatsoever. and to drop Nick the hottie, she IS a stupid girl!

  • Shan

    I think you all are such winers. Its a music video for gods sake! Get over it, Pink has the right to say/sing whatever she wants in her music videos. It’s a song, and she never directly attacked Jessica Simpson, or Paris Hilton, the Olsen Twins, or who ever else. It’s a good song, and we ALL knows teens with eating disorders aren’t “stupid girls.” so, in conclusion

  • Sally

    I tottally agree with pink! Paris Hilton treated Tinkerbell (her dog)like she just bought her at an acessory store. Jessica just got divorced. I know her next video will be great.

  • I think that by mocking Paris and Ashley and the rest, Pink is satirizing both the media and the individuals. These women are famous – but in reality they are both laughable and bizarre. Why are we even familiar with this imagery? Because the media shoves them in our face at every opportunity. Perhaps she is even mocking the viewers – is this what you like to see? Because you keep buying In Touch, so I’ll just re-package it for you within my video.

    Furthermore, as these “magazine stars” are not exactly the greatest role models for young girls, perhaps Pink is taking a step in the right direction by blatantly pointing out how ludicrous their behavior really is. Perhaps Paris never intended to be one in the first place, but that hasn’t stopped ten year olds from idolizing her.

  • Yabbi

    And PS. Jessica Simpson is a talent-free person who’s father has promoted her beyond belief, simply for the sake of fame, as if being attractive were the only thing a person needed (like Anna Nicole Smith) to gain our interest and admiration. If the media didn’t pay attention to Simpson, she wouldn’t exist on our ‘radar’, and would have no reason to exist. She lives for publicity. If you offered to take the paparazzi off her back, she’d scratch yer eyes out.

  • Yabbi

    I’m glad Pink made that statement, and I’m not concerned if it’s not up to even Pink’s standards. It’s good to see her performing again. I do think she’s underrated, and hasn’t optimized her talent yet in her young life. And to the Commentor who said we should feel sorry for performers as victims of the paparazzi, I’d like to point out that Pink’s not referring to the loss of privacy that performers suffer. She means to poke fun at the insufferable constant public appearances (a la Paris Hilton). You know she was PAID to do that hamburger commercial. She volunteered for it. Hello.

  • pink watcher

    I find the video an interesting commentary, but I don’t agree with Pink that attacking these public figures is the way to go. It’s not like they force the tabloids to stalk them and write about every tiny detail of their lives.

    Women like Jessica Simpson are just puppets of the media. And the media has fallen victim to itself. It perpetuates the myth of the stupid beautiful woman being the ideal. 🙁

  • Thanks, Beth. I agree. The fact these people are on the covers every single day and no one in the mainstream media has even questioned this until now is ridiculous.

  • I think the video is bitchin…It’s about time these “Us Weekly”/”In Touch” twits were fabulously satirized. Great piece, Don.