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Music Video Review: Christina Aguilera – Hurt

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In a day and age where the majority of music videos consist of someone standing there singing while random unqualified "video girls" shake their rear ends around them with some gratuitous "bling" to boot, it's nice to not only see a video that creative thought went into the concept, but also where a story is told. Granted, "Hurt" is the type of song that sort of demands a storyline for the video in order to do it justice.  Even still, many young artists (who by the way, must pay for their own videos) would've just pulled a cop out and given us some cheap Three minute mess with velveeta cheese written all over it. Christina Aguilera gave us something a bit different.

Teaming up with innovative director Floria Sigismondi to co-direct with her (the same woman who directed "Fighter", Aguilera's best video to date), Aguilera created a heartbreaking tale with beaucoup imagery splashed right and left. Following the circus themed "Enter The Circus" and "Welcome" from her now gold album "Back to Basics", the video has elephants, tight rope, circus performers, tents, and more.

 The video's biggest weakness is the sequence with Aguilera under the tent by herself, singing the song.  It really serves no purpose and the video would've been nearly perfect without it.  The hand movements are too much, her facial expressions are melodramatic, and it's just distracting from the story that's unfolding in the video. 

Many people have been ragging on Christina's acting in the video (particular the aforementioned sequence), and although I agree it is quite bad, I must come to the woman's defense a bit.  Having to act without any words or action is probably the most difficult thing to do as an actor.  Just sitting there in a room by yourself — and you must to emote with nothing but your face (and in this case hands).  For someone who's actually an actor it's quite a feat but for someone with little or no experience it's nearly impossible to pull off successfully.  But like I said…the entire sequence should've been cut from the video.

The emotional climax (and the most brilliant part of the video) is at the last chorus before the bridge when Aguilera realizes her father has died.  The room starts spinning and memories flash left and right.  We experience the emotion the way Christina does in the video.  Then when the bridge kicks in she sings:

If I had just one more day
I would tell you how much that I've missed you since you've been away

Oh, it's dangerous
It's so out of line
To try and turn back time.

 As she sings she runs out of the tent and falls to the ground in grief — holding the elephant necklace her father gave her when she was a child.  When she looks up she sees her father in the distance and reaches out for him, only to realize seconds later he's not really there.

It's a gorgeous song with a fitting video that will likely be one of her classic and signature songs years from now.  She may not be bringing "SexyBack" or having a case of "Deja Vu", but Miss Aguilera sure is singing her heart out — and I'll take that over brainless Billboard-bait any day.

More pictures from the video are available over at Breath of Fresh Ink

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  • Its not that her acting is bad…its actualy ok….even good. We saw that she can do comedy (SNL) and comedy is the hardest type of acting. Pay attention to her face and her movements….she is doing that 20’s 30’s style of acting…silent films…vaudvill (spelling?)…anyway just wanted to say that lol….love your review…love the video

  • Raul

    exactamente!! ella esta actuando al modo de esos años!! por eso la vemos con esas expresiones y movimientos…la cancion supera al video..

  • tyty

    i think christina outdid herself i mean without the video the song was amazing which is very rare nowadays i think the only other person that is really in her league right now is jojo and tht girl hasnt reached her potential but her album is amazing but anyway i think christina did a great job in the video she has an amazing voice i mean thts one white girl tht can sing her behind off i mean there are hardcore rappers giving her props i mean snoop dogg said tht she has probably the most amazing voice tht he has ever heard and he has been around for a while even nelly knows tht she rocks but yeah GO XTINA!!!

  • dennis Tuwahan

    First and foremost Chris Evans you are indeed an amazing critic. I always read your reviews and it is wonderful that you always suspend ur judgments first and you always back-it-up with facts! I salute you Chris!!!

    As for the video Christina Aguilera presents to us her very narrative and powerful music video to date. The song is astounding and here comes the video which is definitely the best today. I mean Chris is right…”In a day and age where the majority of music videos consist of someone standing there singing while random unqualified “video girls” shake their rear ends around them with some gratuitous “bling” to boot, it’s nice to not only see a video that creative thought went into the concept, but also where a story is toldIn a day and age where the majority of music videos consist of someone standing there singing while random unqualified “video girls” shake their rear ends around them with some gratuitous “bling” to boot, it’s nice to not only see a video that creative thought went into the concept, but also where a story is told.”

    It’s really nice to know that aside from Christina’s amazing voice she is indeed an effective artist ( in her own way). True 2 what she says that she loves to explore new things for her to grow. Christina does not only proves that she can just grab that mic and belt but also excel in other fields. The video touched the chords of our hearts…I believe! And as well a s the song. Again like what Chris said…”…this year comes her Grammy time!”

  • Christian

    The acting isn’t bad (and definitely not awe-worthy either), it’s easy to see that the acting was stylized. Cool video.

  • Eli

    I totally agree that the scenes where she’s in the tent alone bogged down the whole video. If those scenes were excluded it would be so much more effective, because there is really no point to ’em. But she put on a very good performance, I think she’d be a good actress.

  • charley

    Who is the man who plays her dad? is her very famous?

  • guy

    Christina it’s very beautiful and i like this

  • SHAQ

    i abousolutly love this clip its vibrant really sets you in this era of the 19 ,20 early 30’s i lov it lov it lov it. keep it up, ohh and what’s this about her ‘ACTING’ ability i think its top notch and beautiful perfect 4 the song……

  • Michelle

    Christina is a pretty good actress..better than Britney’s no good Crossroads,haha. i hate it when people always finds flaws in everything. 😉 Christina is great in this video,it’s a unique video…come on!enough with the whole hip-hop thing,it’s so overrated! girls shaking like they’re having a seizure,shaking their booty,geez,nobody wants to see that crap anymore,it’s not even interesting to watch anymore… but this Hurt video is awesome! everybody could relate to it,and thanx Christina for reminding the world that there’s still a true talent out there,and it’s YOU!

  • Neli

    I love her! n her songs she juss different…and dats kool!

  • samantha

    i loveeeee the song!!!its beautiful!!it makes u fell tingelly inside!(lol)i hope she continues the good work.i love u cristina!!!!!

    ur fan samantha

  • Susan

    i absolutely love this song and this video!! my new favortie. <3

  • alisia

    I think christina is great. she doesnt have to shake her arse all over the screen to be sexy she’s just herself and i dont think that jojo will ever steal her crown she doesnt have the edge and as much talent she’s too boring. Hip pop is boring its just the same sound in the background all the time dont get me wrong i used to love it more than enything but it sounds all the same now and the videos are all the same cars, bling and naked women. Keep it up aguilera carry on being the best!!

  • Riccardo

    Love the song, a song that touches my heart… and the video is in style of the song, better that 80% of the videos nowerdays. Greetings from The Netherlands

  • kam

    i LOVE this song,
    it makes my cry everytime i see it
    i don’t know why
    maybe it has to do with me and my dad and our relationship
    good review
    but the way she is acting goes with the 20s 30s 40s genre
    the melodramatic type of acting
    i liked it
    stop criticizing the acting,
    it’s a good music video

  • adrienne

    omg! this vdeo is brill i just keep watchin it over n over agen. and eventhough iv only seen it like 6 or 7 times i kno all the words. who ever doesnt like chrisy after watchin this video they probrbly would.

  • adrienne

    n agen i just luv her. i asked my mum if she wud take me to a concert n she sed yh i cant wait!

  • sonia

    how is the name of the fathe r in the video? is so cute

  • sonia

    plis answer the question

  • adrienne

    sonia wats the fathers name? cos i wanna kno y its cute.

  • tika14sheltown

    christina has a amazing voice and i really mean because look at all the accomplishements shes completed. I think she expresses her self in her songs you know what im saying because i just look up to her, im even won a talent show from singging this song hurt , i just felt like it was the most perfect song. yu gurl tika.

  • I like Christian’s voice. She can sing her butt off. I love all of her music. Keep on making good songs, and I’ll keep on buying them.

  • gloria trevi

    xtina is a cocksucker whore, i wish she dies soon

  • steffiee

    this video is touching and gorgeous.
    she was my favorite for so long.
    and then when she disapeered to reinvent herself.
    I forgot about that genre of music and moved on to rock.

    This song makes me cry, its so unbelievably beautiful.
    She is so talented.
    and this song reminds me of my grandfather who died.
    Thank you christina

  • Tayce

    christinas voice is outstanding ..shes a amazing presence and fun to watch..but as for everyone saying she doesnt have to shake her booty to look good…uhhhh dont ya’ll remember dirrty?..oh and the little booty shot she adds in on the new video hurt.

  • JimboDJ

    The actor is Ed Harris, husband of Amy Madigan. Sorry girls. You can see him in “Swingshift”, where he has a short part at the end that’ll make you wanna cry.

  • I think it was ttly awesome video i mean that girl can sing! NO one has that good of a voice man! i can’t blieve it. GREAT VIDEO!!

  • David

    The “dad” in the video is name Tim and is from Ireland. The little girl playing Christina as a child is my daughter Laci Kay. They hit it off well and the best part of this video was the way that Christina Aguilera acted with my daughter. She was wonderful and for my daughter’s first experience in a video, it was very nice. We only wish good things for Christina. David



  • hailey

    Hi I love her soo much i love her song lol im liseing to it right now
    i love how its like old shoool i think that is really cool i love her and she will keep up the good work i love you chris

    oo ya how did her dad die :[

  • ashley

    What is this song really about? is it about her father? i dont understand bcuz in her songs on the stripped album she sings about the domestic violence in her home growing up as a child and she talks about physical and mental abuse soo this is really different and i just wnt to know watsupp..

  • alexa

    hola cristina aguilera

  • Sherlene

    hiya! I was reading ashleys comment above me!! i thought that too but at the end of the day, its her daddy!! yes xtina will be annoyed, angry and hurt at him but she will still love him!! anyway i think the song is lovely!! i bought it the day it was out and then bought the album! i think the song will touch everybody weither you have been in the situation christina is in or not!!
    Bye xx

  • I don’t think the father in the video is Ed Harris. For one thing, Ed’s eyes aren’t that blue. The actor resembles Terance (?) who was in the 60’s movie, My Name is Nobody. Is there anyway to find out who the actor is?

  • Valkyria

    I for one think that there are two actors playing the dad, the one at the end looks a lot like Ed Harris but perhaps the one when she is young is this tim caracter, if you look at his profile its clear to see that its not the same person

  • Errr zee song is sound as owt i love her voise its like amazing tho and also she has a meaning behind the song singing that song made me thing to not take advantage of whay you have now because the next day u could not have it eny more u rock keep on going woooo loageeee >333333

  • ewe

    jojo? what a little who**, shes like 12 and looks like a streetwalker

  • Julia

    hey ppl! ‘dad’ is not Ed Harris! just compare and u’ll c! it’s one and the same guy all the way, but in the end just in make up! Tim?? i wish i knew his surname, he’s great!

  • Georgie

    There are two actors playing the dad, I’m not sure about the younger one but Christina’s Dad at the “end” of the video is called Timothy V. Murphy
    It’s on wikipedia 🙂

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  • sarah

    i think that Xtina is a beautiful girl and her video was very powerful. she did pretty good acting, and where she finds out about her dad being dead, its like near perfect.. but no one is. i think its great that she can be herself AKA not a bimbo or anything, and still be so popular and yeah well liked.

    SHE ROCKS!!!! bye

  • Jenny


  • AznhotBot

    The actor who played Christina Aguilera’s dad (both the younger and older)is Tim Murphy. I love the video. Very sad and moving. YouTube has the Jonathan Peters Remix which makes this song upbeat.