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Music Reviews: Sweet, At Vance, Ancient VVisdom, Brand New Sin, Dark New Day, Job for a Cowboy and Stormwarrior

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It’s time for a new column, and this one will be a bit eclectic.

Sweet have released a covers album called New York Connection and the only question has to be this: Why? The only decent tracks on here is “New York Groove” that was made famous by Ace Frehley from Kiss, and “Join Together” (originally by The Who) is ok. The rest range from god-awful, like the Dead Or Alive cover “You Spin Me Round (Like A Record),” to the almost mind-blowing bad version of “On Broadway”. Sweet are a band with some great songs but avoid this waste of a CD like the plague.

At Vance have released a cracker of an album in the form of Facing Your Enemy. Take equal parts Whitesnake and Rainbow, and then mix it with a touch of power metal to taste. I could not get enough of this and deliberately spaced reviewing it last week so I could have another seven days with it. This might even be their best release to date. Top quality hard rock for your listening pleasure.

Ancient VVisdom come from Texas, despite sounding like they popped out of the Scandinavian wilds. This is prog-tinged, dark, and folky rock which is both melodic and creepy all at the same time. A Godlike Inferno takes a few listens to sink in but when it does, there is a lot to like about it. Who knew Austin could spawn such a band?

Brand New Sin deal in a modern form of rock that is quite popular. United State is their latest release, and it is suitably full of angst with a touch of whine. Probably not what I would find myself listening to much, but for what it is, it is done well.

Dark New Day have a new release called New Tradition. This band features a bunch of guys from Evanescence with a Sevendust alumn, and they play modern rock. This is a decent release that will fit nicely in the genre. Nothing too fancy or gothy, just some straight-ahead rock music. I found it hard to resist, to be honest.

Job for a Cowboy have Demonocracy for your death metal pleasure. To me, it sounds like more of their normal fare and I am sure their fans will adore it. If you ever liked these guys, then this release will not disappoint. It is hostile as anything and heavy as you would expect. Lineup changes have not diminished this band at all.

Stormwarrior so want to be Iron Maiden that it is not even funny. However, instead of going for a Bruce Dickinson-like vocalist, the guy singing on Heathen Warrior has a distinctive voice that sounds a tiny bit like Udo. This is power metal that gallops along at a good pace. Nothing spectacular but there is certainly nothing wrong with it.

That should hold you lot for a week or so. Stay safe and rocking, ya hear?

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