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Music Reviews: Loverboy, Anvil, Helstar, Marty Friedman, Outlaws and Rush

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This week it is about old bands trying to put a new twist on life and doing it well.

Loverboy are back with Rock n Rock Revival a collection of hits re-recorded and a few new tracks that sound like they could have come from their hey-day. Is it any good? Well let’s put it this way I caught myself loudly singing along as I bombed down the road with windows and the sun-roof open. Call it nostalgia if you want, but damn this stuff sounds great.

Movie stars and lovable loons Anvil are back with a set of re-releases combining Back to Basics/Still Going Strong on one disc and This is Thirteen on the other. If you like Anvil and haven’t picked any of these up, this is a great chance.

Helstar have the cleverly titled 30 Years of Hel live release to celebrate wait for it… 30 years of the band. If you like old-school heavy metal played for an adoring crowd then you might like this release. Obviously Helstar fans will enjoy the nostalgia trip and it ain’t bad for the rest of us.

Marty Friedman, ex-Megadeth, is re-releasing some of his solo albums. Bad D.N.A., Future Addict and Loudspeaker are a mixed bag of releases. Fans of the guitarist will eat it up no doubt but they are hardly essential. FA is my least favorite of three because it has vocals and the songs aren’t that great.

A few years back I reviewed a country band called Blackhawk with great praise. Well the lead singer Henry Paui of that band is back fronting Outlaws and they have produced It’s About Pride. Incidentally Outlaws (w/Molly Hatchet & Stranger) was the first gig I ever saw. Whatever your reason for listening, it is well worth the ride.

Rush are back with Clockwork Angels and Rush fans already have consumed this and dissected it. For the passing Rush listener I have to say this is a great return to form. I can’t get enough of this album and discover something new with each listen. Rush continues to prove they have talent to spare.

That is your hard rock lot for this week. As always stay safe and rocking.

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