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Music Reviews: Joe Perry, King Hell, Social Code, Blood Cult

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Another week, another pile of discs to ponder. There have been a few that have been on the wobble as to their inclusion. One I could have included is from a  group called The Last Tibetan Midnight that seems to sound like a combo of Modern English and the Beach Boys. Interesting and catchy, but not very hard rock.

CD Reviews

Joe Perry: Have Guitar, Will Travel.

Rumor has it that Perry & Steven Tyler have patched up their differences and are touring this summer as Aerosmith. So, you might be forgiven for seeing the bust-up as a PR stunt. One to raise interest in Aerosmith and by implication this solo album of Perry’s. But that would be terribly cynical of me surely?

After all the smoke and mirrors, what it boils down to is that Joe Perry has released a decent solo album that won’t rival any Aerosmith record for sales. It"s Perry expanding his horizons a bit and having a whale of a time. While there is no “Let the Music do the Talking” level of hit from this release (later covered by Aerosmith), it's good fun just the same. To add to the hype Perry chose his lead singer via the Journey-approved scouring YouTube approach. The CD is given away to subscribers of the UK’s Classic Rock Magazine in the UK.

The guy has the chops to keep up with the licks and does a decent job keeping up with Perry. If you enjoy a talented guitarist having some fun with his mates, then this release could be just up your alley. Is this an essential release? Not by a long shot. Is it one you will enjoy?  Probably.

King Hell: Rhythm & Bruise

This band produces some damn good, pub heavy rock that seems familiar from the first listen. They take every instinct of every good pub band and combine it into something very pleasant. The lead singer looks like Judas Priest’s Rob Halford, but the music is pure heavy rock. There is a touch of AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, and Hanoi Rocks, yet they hail from the east coast of the U.S..

This is the type of heavy rock that we all love to hear. And please don’t think the “pub” rock thing means this is a bad recording. This is a proper, professional CD that goes some way to capture this band’s live sound. The timing of this release could not be better with bands like Airbourne from Oz taking the world by storm.

The band is meant to be made up of five stage personas and have toured with the likes of the Misfits and Green Jelly. On record at least, they come across less campy, schlock rock and far more straight ahead, bar-room boogie. No matter what you can it, I am sure you won’t regret the buy. Good to see some fresh new hard rock from New York.

Social Code: Rock n Roll

This is Buckcherry-tinged, proper rock and roll that apologies to no one. While not as gritty and sleazy as GnR inspired Buckcherry, these guys still know how to deliver the hard rock goods. I was fortunate to get this album quite a while ago and was banned (requested) from reviewing it until now. It was great to have an excuse to spend some quality time with this band.

Tweaking the nose of all rockers with the pretentious title, the band delivers the good with ease. If you are a fan of street level, heavy rock than these guys might be someone to seek out on your next CD shopping foray. The album might not be as immediate as some of the great releases of the genre, save for the great title track, but it grows on your nicely. The title track has all qualities you want to hear with its catchy chorus and great vibe.

The band are offering a free download of the album track “Satisfied” from their web-site. I urge you to check out this bunch and they do a nice line in hard rock. It's pretty much a case of rock 'n’ roll indeed.

Blood Cult: We are the Cult of the Plains

Just when you thought you have heard every type of black metal possible this sort of thing falls onto your plate. These guys do death metal as if they were a hard rock band from the late 70s early 80s. Thin Lizzy comes to mind when listening to this lot. There is a hell of a lot more than just screaming and fast as stink guitars.

Like some of the keyboard laden, atmospheric, death metal that is very symphonic in places coming out of Europe or the acoustic laden stuff out of Scandinavia, these guys stick a bit of local culture in their DM. Hints of Southern rock pop up every so often. In fact, it's probably one of the most pleasant death metal albums I have heard in quite a while.

Black metal purists probably howl with derision about this band. Rednecks and black metal seems to be match made in somewhere that smells of sulfur. If you want a touch of black metal that is far from the cliche then have a listen to this lot. These guys should get on tour with Ihsahn soon.

That is all for this week. A little bit of something for everyone. I hope you all stay safe and rocking.

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