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Music Reviews: Harm, Aluk Todolo, King Dude, Eldorado, The Intersphere, and Mob Rules

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We have a bunch of new stuff this week, a mixed bag for sure.

Harm have released an album called The Nine which readers of Revolver magazine seem to like. Not exactly an original name as there are two known bands called Harm already. The second problem is that this is some bloke screaming over fairly blah music. All in all it leaves me with a feeling of meh.

Of course, if you want the really freaking weird and “out there” with odd vocals, then you can always go for Aluk Todolo. Their album Occult Rock is very much for the adventurous only, that is for sure. Kitchen sink (as in, it is all thrown in there) art rock is possibly a good way of putting it.

While we are talking about the tad odd, we should not forget the nuttiness of King Dude. The album is called Burning Daylight and I have not figured out if you are meant to be stoned for it to make sense or whether it is meant to make you feel stoned while listening to it. The strangest folk rock you will hear this year for sure.

Now Eldorado is more my style, even if it is just for the cowbell in their song “Space Mambo” on their latest release, Antigravity Sound Machine. This is some catchy stuff that gets to you right from the first lesson. Plenty of funky vibes mixed with some fine hard rock. This manages to sound new and familiar all at one go, quite a feat.

The Intersphere is categorized as “alternative” on ITunes but their album interspheres><atmospheres is just good rock to me. There is a touch of English heavy pop of the ’80s about here, with a heavy lashing of prog. What is most important is that whatever it is, there is no denying how catchy it all is. While it might be a bit “light” at times, there is never any fluff on here.

Mob Rules are out with their latest, Cannibal Nation, and despite the name this is pure power metal glory. It just seeps quality. Everything from the title track on down is some great metal. This bunch of Germans produce consistently good melodic power metal and this is no exception.

That is your batch for this week. Enjoy your music and stay safe out there.

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    Correction: Aluk Todolo are instrumental.