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Music Reviews: Gamma Ray, The Graviators, Iron Savior, and Skull Fist

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Here is a bunch of fun heavy rock for your spring pleasure.

Gamma rayGamma Ray are back with Empire of the Undead on April 1, and what a cracking album. As you would expect it is their wonderful amalgam of Iron Maiden, Helloween, and all matters power metal. As you would assume, there is not a duff track on here and you can’t help get into it all. GR just make it sound so easy and fun. Tracks like “Born to Fly” are amusing as they are soaring and epic in scope. This is a band that can produce damn good albums at will. If you haven’t checked out GR for a while and have ever liked the band, this is the release to bring you back.

The Graviators are set to release an album called Motherload on April 8.This amalgam of stoner and mellow jazz rock has quite the charm to it. This is an album for the morning afterwhen you want some substance, but not too much. Not entirely mellow, but there is enough variety on here to keep things quite interesting all round. At nine songs, the album does not stick around and outlive its welcome either. Certainly not for everyone, for sure, but an interesting album that rewards several listens.

Iron Savior are set to release Rise of the Hero, March 18. This is exactly what you would expect from the merry German mad-men. This is singalong festival fodder at its absolute best. It never fails to put a smile on your face. The fact they are able to consistently put out such releases is quite impressive. “Last Hero” is a great track that has every element it needs to make it a hit with fans and newbies alike. And, despite all the albums under their belt, this lot always make it sound so much fun and easy.

Skull Fist offer up Chasing the Dream for hard rockers looking for something fun. Unlike what you expect from the name, this is not black metal at all. It is more fun hard rock fun, with a touch of Anvil. Yes, they do a nice line in flailing guitars, but this is just some old-fashioned hard rock goodness. Songs are suitably daft, catchy, and ephemeral, but while they last they are quite fun. “Sign of the Warrior” is suitable foot-on-monitor, which will no doubt go down well on the festival circuit. While nothing groundbreaking this a great slab of rock, Canuck style.

Stay safe and rocking out there everyone.

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