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Music Reviews: Dragony, Spheric Universe Experience, Stratovarius, Tarja, Vision Divine, World Fire Brigade, and David Watt Besley

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This week it is time to return to some music that is a bit more heavy.

Dragony have a new album called Legends and it is very progressive power metal in scope. Oddly my fave song on the album is the epic operatic “The Longest Night”, which is more like old Nightwish or Delain than the rest of the album. The music on here is great, but this song seems a tad out of place, good though it is in the end.

Here are a few things about Spheric Universe Experience. First of all, they are French and second their last album got slaughtered in some circles. The New Eve in their latest release and it is not bad. It is modern sounding in its progressive vibe and there might be a few too many electro bleeps and burps for some. Not a bad album but tread très lightly if a prog-metal purist.

Stratovarius have released a live album called Under Flaming Winter Skies and it is a corker. The band are on fine form and manage to keep things interesting over two discs with only a few okay covers getting in the way of their own stuff. Certainly this is recommended for anyone who likes this bunch and newbies might not do badly here either.

Tarja is out with a live album called Act 1 and it is rather good example of a mixed bag. Unfortunately Tarja has decided to subject us to some really bloody awful covers, includingwait for it“Still of the Night”, and a compilation of ’80s songs that is painful to the ears. When she actually sings songs designed for her voice, like her solo & Nightwish stuff things, are pretty good and enjoyable.

Vision Divine produce a fine line in Scandi-power-prog with a healthy hint of Dream Theater. With a collection of guys who have been, or are in, bands like Rhapsody, Kamelot, Rhapsody of Fire and Labyrinth, it is no surprise this is quality stuff. Destination Set to Nowhere is a great seventh album for this band and worth checking out.

World Fire Brigade have an album out called Spreading my Wings. It is a mixture of good old hard rock, some touches of metal, and a few tracks that are quite “modern”. Not surprising considering it is made up of members of bands like Fuel, Smile Empty Soul, and Candria It all works quite nicely together and produces a decent collection of tracks.

Finally I want to mention David Watt Besley, which I spaced including in last week’s column. This is not metal at all, but soft rock-tinged outlaw country or country-tinged soft rock, if that suits. Hopeless Romantic is worth seeking out for those more mellow moods.

Stay safe all and keep dry if in the way of Issac.

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