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Music Reviews: Doro, The Gathering, Magica, and Seven Kingdoms

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It’s time for another review of a fine collection of hard rock featuring the fairer – if no less heavy rock – sex.

Doro is back with another album called Raise Your Fist. Yet again it is an album that will be loved by her fans with guests like Lemmy of Motorhead. However, like the latest Manowar release, it will leave many people wondering what all the fuss is about. There are too many tracks and some just don’t cut it. This is a Doro record, make of that what you will.

The Gathering used to be a lot heavier than they are now – a bit like Opeth’s drift to the Floyd side of metal. Disclosure is a great release that makes for very pleasant and enjoyable listening. There is no wonder why the band are used in soundtracks. Atmospheric goth-tinged rock is what you get at its lush best.

Magica are out with a great new album called Center of the Great Unknown. The Romanian band continue their quality journey into the high echelons of melodic power metal. They eschew the gothic-tinged metal trend when it comes to female-fronted bands and are going for power metal at its purist. If you liked their last album then this one builds on that rather nicely.

Seven Kingdoms are an American bunch and produce a fine line in thrashy power metal. The Fire Is Mine is a clear statement of metal intent, that is for sure. Sabrina Valentine, Seven Kingdoms’ lead singer, has an almost Taylor Swift tone to her voice which adds a nice twist to the music. There is a touch of fellow Floridians Iced Earth on here and that is always a good thing.

Well that is your lot for the week, so stay safe & rocking out there.

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