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Music Reviews: DJ Tony Roguez feat. Didi on “Strong Pace”, Hesham Watany’s “Progression of Life”, and DJ Jumax’s Control EP

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DJ Tony Roguez feat. Didi – “Strong Pace”

The first minute or so of the original mix is missing any sort of bass, and it wasn’t until that got added that I realized why it sounded so mechanical. With the bass comes infrequent male vocals repeating a few lyrics throughout. The cool-down and build up in the middle is not a rehash of the cold intro, but has a warmth provided by synths that evoke symphony strings. The Logyk remix modifies the percussion to include more low-end and acoustic drums, giving it a tribal vibe. Alonzo’s Lost Tribal Mix goes even further down that path.

Hesham Watany – “Progression of Life”

The original mix has a chill vibe throughout, but maintains an undeniable groove and energy. The Lith K remix is more dance-y and less chill, but maintains the essence of the original mix. The Weela remix adds a melody line that sounds like it could be from a late 80s console adventure game. Hesham Ghoneim’s mix removes the bass from the intro and adds some brighter percussion, along with strobing synth patterns. This mix is the most expansive in sound, with hardly a lull. A&Z’s mix rounds out the collection with a dancefloor-driving bass beat and a darker synthpop melody.

DJ Jumax – Control EP

The low end of the title track is flat or missing in the opening few minutes, giving it a tinny sound. The song warms up, but in the end, still feels like someone forgot to breathe some life into it. “Fake People” has a fuller house sound, with trance-like repidity. “One Day” continues the trend, adding a little more pop and snap to the dance beats.

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  • Manchy

    Well i believe that Hesham Watany’s The Weela remix is more alive than what you described, as it gives the feeling of maintaining the mood of the passion.
    Thats in my opinion.