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Music Reviews: Coralspin, Michael Des Barres Band, HellYeah, Hollywood Burnouts, Oedipus and Herman Frank

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Some music suggestions for your fourth holiday week.

Coralspin are a band I have never heard of and to be honest the first listen didn’t do much for me. It took several listens to get Honey and Lava to sink in. That is possibly because the lead singer’s voice is a bit odd. Nearest I can find to describe it is Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac fame. The music is progressive with lashings of synth. Not the most immediate of releases but give it time and you will be rewarded.

To some Michael Des Barres is more famous for his ex-wife than his music and his acting. Course that would be a bit unfair on the guy and a new album called Carnaby Street backs that up. It is no wonder that Power Station brought him to replace Robert Palmer. This is a nostalgic look back at the heady days of the 60s on that famous London street. His voice is best described as Rod Stewart at his best and tunes on here are very retro. An acquired taste for some who read this column, but catchy and interesting none the less.

HellYeah are back with their album Band of Brothers and I confess to not getting it. To me most of it is tuneless noise played very well with some bloke screeching over the top. Unless the joke is on us and it is meant to be bloody awful. HellYeah fans please tell me why anyone would give a damn about this crap if Vinnie Paul wasn’t involved?

Now on to something fun, but just as dumb. Hollywood Burnouts offer up Excess All Areas and boy what an offering. There is nothing original on this release you have heard done continually since early 80s. The lyrics are trite and the cliches fly in thick and fast. Course when you have the top down and driving with wind in your hair you couldn’t give a damn. Perfect music to start a night on the town with (LA preferably). These guys make Faster Pussycat seem deep and meaningful.

Oedipus are another band that has yet to cross my path. With their release Vicious Little Smile they produce some damn fine pop rock. With tracks like “Cheat” they do get under your skin with a degree of catchiness. There is quite a lot going on here and this is not your normal pop rock fare. One minute there is a touch of Lenny Kravitz, then it is the RHCP. And how many bands of the type have the balls to end with a track called “Moonlight” with an added surprised at the end? Great name for a band too boot.

Herman Frank has a new album out called Right in the Guts and what a corker it is. Think a touch of Whitesnake, a bit Rising Force era Malmsteen and a touch of Accept-esque heavy rock. What really makes this album is Rick Altzi on vocals with his Jeff Scott Soto quality of voice. Song-writing works well and the tracks are all catchy as you would expect. A great release from a talented guitarist clever enough to surround himself with a band to match his ability.

Well that is a good smattering of rock. Stay safe and rocking as you dodge the weather.

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