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Music Reviews: Burn, Circus, Mullets Rock, David Surcamp and Void

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Got a nice selection of music this week from the brilliant to the absolutely dire through the decent.

CD reviews

Burn: Global Warning

Burn released 2 absolutely cracking CDs in the 90s, including one I waxed poetic about in one of my former writing gigs and Kerrang! gave 5ks (max). Then the band ended just as quickly as it blossomed due to a motorcycle death that was witnessed by the entire band. Well now after a suitable decade of mourning the band are back and in their cracking form. This CD is quality from start to finish doing hard rock the way it should be, but free from clichés.

From the anthemic 'Shadow of the Satellites' to the final note of quite lovely ballad ' Give me Tonight' this is exactly what you would expect from this lot. Its so nice to have a great British rock band back in gear and kicking arse. Other than the mighty Thunder there is no better hard rock band in the land today.


Having waxed poetic about Circus live, you might probably think that the young lads would not translate that well onto demo CD. Well overall it does lack some of the amazing punch and pace of the band live. However when you hear 'Lady Margaret' with all pomp and presence that the band can muster. It was rather clever that this demo left this gorgeous track until last.

The entire rest of this demo is lead-up to this track which should be enough to get them a deal by itself. Not that the rest of the tracks are at all bad from the cracking Prince-fuelled 'All 4 the Fight' right to the end. Its amazing stuff there is no other way of putting it.

Mullets Rock: Too

Eighteen tracks divided into Psyched and Bummed as if it were 2 sides of a record. Readers of a certain age and type of disposition will probably have everyone of the tracks on this CD. I would bet you either have it on a creaky cassette on the various records or CDs. This is an absolutely cracking CD for the summer with the top down. It will put a smile on your face and bring back some great memories.

With tracks like J Geils 'Love Stinks', Aldo Nova's 'Fantasy' and even a tear-jerker from Cinderella in the form of 'Don't Know What You Got (Till its Gone)'. The whole thing kicks off with that caring and sharing ditty by Ted Nugent 'Wang Dang Sweet Poontang'. There is nothing more fun that hearing these 80s rock tracks in their full CD glory. And you will 'Hate Yourself for Loving You' (Joan Jett & The Blackhearts).

David Surcamp: Dancing on the Edge of Teacup

Leader of Pavlov's Dog in the 70s, they had several hits including 'Julia' and 'Song Dance' — neither of which I have ever heard, nor am able to find anywhere online. Considering they were hits, I rather hope they were better than the dross on display on this disc. I have rarely heard anything as bad as this.

This is just self-indulgent, waffling dross. No doubt fans will think me cloth-eared for not appreciating the "uniqueness' of this CD. I rather think none of you readers would be keen on this stuff. It's just ghastly and painful to listen to one has to say.

Void: All Because of You

While seeing Void live I was handed a copy of their latest CD. I actually quite like these guys personally but their music continues to leave me cold as the tundra. I have yet to figure out what I don't like about it. I always get this feeling they are holding back something. They remind me a bit of Nickleback and that whole grunge-lite movement that happened a few years ago. There is just nothing on here that ever sets things alight. 'Behind my Smile' is quite a good track that goes somewhere to getting the jams out. There is lots of potential here and it will be fun to watch how it pans out.

Well that is your lot for the week. A mixed bag indeed, that is for sure. As always stay safe, rocking and chat whatever you can live whenever you possibly can.

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  • That old Pavlov’s Dog stuff you reference features Surcamp’s helium vocals, which make Geddy Lee sound like a tenor. He also had a band with Ian Matthews called Hi-Fi in the eighties, based out of Seattle. FYI —


  • The Haze

    David Surcamp and Pavlov’s Dog came out of St. Louis,I believe in the early 70’s. Had three albums:Pampered Menial,At the Toll of the Bell and Hounds(I think*). I personally thought they were unique given the times. Pampered Menial was a very good album overall but unfortunately they did not make the cut in America and I think they went to Germany where they have carved a career with the helium lovers of Europe.Haven’t had a chance to listen to his latest “waffling dross” but I’m sure it can’t be any worse than the stuff they ram down our throats today.