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Music Reviews: Assembly of Light, Hexvessel, Sabbath Assembly, Seremonia, Essenz, and Jess & the Ancient Ones

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This week in the dog days of August, I am bringing you some of the odder releases in my review bin. They are pretty much for the aurally brave.

First off we have the self-titled debut from Assembly of Light, which finds an all-female choir doing some heavy stuff. It is beautiful, haunting, and unnerving all at the same time. Very much the type of music you would expect to hear on a soundtrack. If in the right mood, with the right speakers it can be bliss.

Hexvessel is another band that manage to produce music that is creepy one second and beautiful the next. No Holier Temple is quite an epic soundtrack, with haunting piano lines in tracks like “Wilderness Is”. It’s psychedelic music that is quite endearing.

Along a similar vibe and just as odd is Sabbath Assembly. They are back with another soundtrack-that-never-was, Ye Are Gods. This is the type of music that draws you in and almost forces you to listen to the lyrics. Not exactly chill out music, but fun all the same.

More creepy soundtrack music comes in the form of Seremonia. Their album Seremonia sounds like the soundtrack to that dark, avant-garde foreign language film that everyone went to see at midnight when you were in college.

Essenz have unleashed Mundus Numen on us all and it is very doomy. Mix some death metal vocals deep down in the mix and you have something that is both enthralling and creepy as stink. One listen you will think it is a load of noisy bollocks, then the next one you might like it.

And finally we have news that the Ancient Ones of the Cthulhu Mythos have started a band with someone named Jess. Well their self-titled debut is called Jess and the Ancient Ones, and it is suitably atmospheric, bluesy, and psychedelic. The lead singer has a quality that could be compared to Grace Slick in the early days of Jefferson Airplane.

Stay safe and rocking out there, no matter how odd the music you listen to.

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