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Music Reviews: Asia, Birth of Joy, Iron Dogs, and Miracle Master

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Here is a nice selection of the variations of hard rock on offer these days.

Asia have a new album called Gravitas on offer on March 25. It is their first since Steve Howe left, again, for pastures new. Fans need not worry that about his departure as this is Asia as you know and love it. They surely have not lost any of their gravitas as a premier prog rock band. In fact I found this quite the album that, should you let it, washes over you like a lovely stream. There are hints of Asia of old, both the poppy and more muso version. “I Would Die For You” would fit nicely on one of their first hit albums.

Birth of JoyBirth of Joy offer up Prisoner, with its roots-heavy rock. This album is a great slab of heavy rock goodness. Every track is very much a sing-a-long in one way or other, from the opening track “Sound” through the end of this release. This is some of the most approachable psych-rock you will hear in a while. It is wonderfully catchy and just makes you wanna move. A true soundtrack to your first outdoor party of the year.

Iron Dogs have released Free and Wild EP on the listening public. This is pogo rock that is meant to get you moving. More fun stuff to kick out the cooties of a long winter. At times the tunes are the punky side of rock, but there is enough instrumental meat to keep the rockers happy. This is stripped-down, simple rock that never gets too complicated and is more the better for it. Free and Wild is worth a listen and a smile, when you are in the mood.

Miracle Master offer up Tattooed Woman on March 7, in which they declare during the first track their plan to conquer America. And there is no reason why this bunch should not be able to deliver on that plan. This is a great hard-rock delivery by a talented bunch of guys. Some might find the hard rock on here a tad clinical, or at least the production, but to dismiss it would be a mistake. The album very much is a grower that starts off with a good foundation and gets better with each listen. This is very much a band to watch. And let’s be honest, a good title track never hurts the cause.

As always, stay rocking and safe out there.

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