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Music Reviews: A Liquid Landscape, AtomA, A Whisper in the Noise, Frames, OSI, and Skyharbor

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I hope your last week went well, time for some new rock, this time on the proggy end of the spectrum.

First of all we have a band called A Liquid Landscape with their album Nightingale Express. I am not sure what “post progressive rock” means, but that is what they call themselves. Whatever you care to call this, it is in fact pleasant prog-tinged rock that satisfies quite nicely. Perfect for sitting in the spring sun and sipping a gin & tonic.

Then there is AtomA with their album Skylight, which is described as “apocalyptic post rock/metal”. Sometimes the sub-genres just seem a bit silly and contrived. These are more soaring soundscapes that would not sound out of place in a movie or computer game. At times it sounds a bit if Enya had suddenly gotten all gloomy and decided to do heavier stuff. Anyway whatever you call it, this is quite nifty music.

Sticking with the bands that start with an “A” we have A Whisper in the Noise, with their moody mood music entitled To Forget. This is very orchestral in scope and is quite enthralling all the same. It’s very much music that would fit in a good soundtrack. It is, in the end, quite mellow and relaxing.

Then we have a band called Frames with their album In Via, which is all instrumental. Like many such albums it has a soundtrack feel to it, but this one is something special. It is quite a pleasant journey that has a very Pink Floyd feel to it much of the time. That is not a criticism in any way. This album is quite varied and that is a good thing.

OSI have their fourth album on offer and it will surprise no one to know that Fire Make Thunder is of the quality you have come to expect from this lot. If you were a fan of the previous stellar releases then this is more of the same. OSI follow the path between progressive rock and metal with ease. Jim Matheos, Kevin Moore and Gavin Harrison have made sure to keep their streak of impressive releases going. One of the best things I have heard so far this year of any type.

Skyharbor are a band that I have never heard of and they play an interesting kind of progressive metal. Then again, that is not a surprise as the band is from India. Marty Friedman of Megadeth fame appears on the album to lend a hand. Blinding White Noise: Illusion & Chaos marks quite an impressive debut. This is certainly a band to keep an eye on if you like clever prog metal. Oh yes and not a sitar in ear shot.

Anyway I must bring this progtastic journey to an end and bid you farewell. Keep safe and rocking until next time.

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