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Music Review: Wolfgang Gartner – Weekend in America

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It is pretty rare to see a musician/DJ in the genre of electronic dance release a full-length album, but the best of the bunch can do so, and do it with success. A couple of Tuesdays ago (September 20), producer and DJ Wolfgang Gartner did just that and released his first album. It is not a disappointment.

With his first album, Weekend in America, Wolfgang invites his listeners to experience his type of weekend. Each song on the album suggests a weekend full of excitement, fun, and scandal. The first song, “Get Em,” features Eve and sets the stage for the album with its addicting beats, which are paired with Eve’s consistent vocals. Although most of Wolfgang’s popular songs have not included vocals, “Get Em” proves that they’re not a bad addition to his beats. Moving into “Spacejunk” allows Wolfgang to incorporate more of his signature deep beats into the album.

Songs such as “Spacejunk” and “Menage a Trois” focus completely on Wolfgang’s deep rhythms, beat drops, and synthesizing, allowing Wolfgang to express his true talent. The soon-to-be hit, “Circus Freaks,” perfectly illustrates Wolfgang’s idea of his weekend in America. Not only does it feature a more upbeat rhythm and extreme synthesizing, but it also speaks to the exact concept of Wolfgang’s weekend with its explicit lyrics describing all the activities taking place.

On a different note, “818” brings a new sound to Wolfgang Gartner with its darker rhythms and heavier bass drops. It’s not the typical sound that Wolfgang usually delivers, but it will still drag a listener in. The dance anthem of the album, “Illmerica” will have everyone in the club on the dance floor within seconds. By far, this song contains the most addicting beats and synthesizing. It is the exact definition of Wolfgang Gartner.

To close the album, and thus end the weekend, “The Champ” starts off calm, only to introduce a much-anticipated beat drop. In addition, the song does a fantastic job of closing the album; rather than simply ending on a heavy note, Wolfgang fades out to nothing.

The album features some previously released hits such as “Spacejunk,” “Menege a Trois,” and “Illmerica.” Although long-time fans might be disappointed to not hear as much new material, these songs are necessary in promoting Wolfgang as a producer/DJ to new fans.

Overall, Weekend in America appeals to a wide variety of listeners and is already representing itself in clubs all over. Within seconds of listening, any listener will become addicted and dance along. It is an absolutely successful first album from the already widely acclaimed producer/DJ.

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