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Music Review: Wired Desire – Barely Illegal

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When someone with the hard rocking pedigree of Nazareth main man Dan McCafferty says, "This is the best support band we’ve had in forty years" you would be criminally insane not to sit up and take notice.  I am really grateful that I did because within seconds of pressing play on Wired Desire’s Barely Illegal E.P. I knew I was in for a rare ride.

Because this is a band with real hard rock ‘n’ roll attitude. Let’s face it, it is attitude that is all too often missing and Wired Desire literally pins you up against a solid wall of rock and punches you out with the stuff.  So beware. Barely Illegal and Wired Desire should come with a government health warning. They will make you drink harder, live faster but die with a smile on your face.

Wired Desire are from Scotland and the city of Glasgow where their quick rate of progress has been nothing short of phenomenal. They have literally worked their rocks off since forming only two years ago and have already supported the likes of Bad Company, Eric Bell, Wishbone Ash, and of course legendary Scot rockers Nazareth. The world of rock is hard and this is hard rock.  Yet, all this has been achieved within two years. Now it is all starting to pay off for the band who are all still in their very early twenties with a whole series of tub thumping reviews from every quarter.

They are fronted by singer Kieran Daly who possesses a voice drenched in scotch and a stage presence that is truly exceptional. Guitarist Jam happily drives out solos whilst drummer Jeeves hammers the band forward with a power usually reserved for comic book heroes. Bass player Danny, all of twenty-one and rhythm guitarist Eddy, a year younger complete the highly impressive line up of Wired Desire. The E.P.’s four tracks supply a tantalizing taste for what this band can go and achieve. All are of equal quality delivered with a full on committed passion that is just so irresistibly infectious. “No One Sleeps”, “The Hard Stuff”, “Damn Hard”, and “Ride” are exactly what the titles sound like. If I have to choose one above the other (the curse of the reviewer) I would go for "The Hard Stuff" – it could become Wired Desire’s  entire mission statement.

Every so often a band comes along that you become compelled to follow to see their progress. This Glasgow group is most definitely one of them. I am sure I will be reading equally raving reviews about forthcoming albums and tours both at home and abroad over the next few years. I don’t necessarily like to hark back to times gone by, but I just have to in this case. A long time ago when my hair was bigger and my jeans were a lot smaller there was a young London band called Stray. They had that rare ‘A’ word too.

They turned heads, sure, had a lot of success as well but they always remained just one tantalizing step away from the real recognition that they undoubtedly deserved. So, this time, let’s keep this music alive and support it. So get on out there and see this band and, of course, buy the E.P. Barely Illegal  and give them that extra push over the top. That is all they need and I swear on a bottle of the “Hard Stuff” that you won’t regret it.

For Live Dates and all the info on Wired Desire go to their official website or their MySpace Profile.


For those near London – here’s a start


19th Aug – The Fly 36-38 New Oxford Street, London

29th Sept – The Fly again

30th Sept – Metro Club, Oxford Street, London

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