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Music Review: Wilco’s Sky Blue Sky, On a Clear Day You Can Listen Forever

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All I've heard of the new Wilco album, the lucky number seventh CD entitled Sky Blue Sky, is the title song. I listened to it on YouTube.com because my cursed computer is only set for one player. That's fine because it's a beautiful, slow, soft and graceful tune — a nice ride of a song like you were sailing a boat through forgiving waters on a perfect afternoon.

After I heard this, I wanted to hear more. The computer gods just aren't smiling upon me right now. Even my car with the Wilco sticker next to the license plate is in the shop. Everything's a bit amuck, but I feel so groovy having listened to the mellow vibes of this here Wilco song, I know everything's going to be stunningly ok. Hell could freeze over or a great tidal wave of grief could hit us all at once, and I get the feeling that if we listen to a stellar disc like Sky Blue Sky that Jeff and the band will wash all our blues away in the part sunshine/part rain CD that could just in it's own subtle way, signal the commercial emergence of this band — whether they like it or not.

Sure, I only experienced one song, but I've also heard the buzz, and I can see it in the air.

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  • Gladys Day

    Seize the day.

  • Jane Ripley

    It is nice out today.

  • andy

    you can listen to a stream of the entire LP on the official site, http://www.wilcoworld.net in the music section

  • jane ripley

    I know. I just didn’t have the necessary plug-in on my computer. I’m old school.

  • Jane Ripley

    #4 on the U.S. charts according to wilcoworld.net