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Music Review: We Are I – We Are I

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After days of listening to their music constantly, We Are I does not becoming boring or irritating or anything negative. Instead the songs became contagious, infecting the music library of the brain and placing themselves in the litany of our own personal soundtrack with ease.

The six tracks on the self-titled We Are I’s EP are certainly worth the infection. Aggressive and melodic, the band is tight, they have direction, and they pound out their tunes with a certain brio. They have tremendous potential. The band's name implies unity, and that motif is evident throughout the entire recording.

They have compared their melodic selves to Queen. That operatic showmanship does shine through on some tracks, especially “She.” The intro to that song does sound Queen-ish, but then the song takes a decisively metal turn, spewing out some old school shredding that is certainly neck-cranking if not quite head banging. This track seems to be the centerpiece of the recording, showcasing all the aspects of the band: powerful singing, powerful guitars, tight rhythm, and intelligent lyrics.

Hints of other good bands arrive throughout the songs. Staples singing oftentimes sounds like a macho Geddy Lee; some of the intros have some sensitive Collective Soul elements to them; and the influence of bands like Staind and Disturbed can be heard throughout. Yet, We Are I retain their own voice.

The lyrics and music need a little more structure and they will gain that with time and producers. Even now, the band sounds polished and confident. They know their music is good, they know they are a good band – and all that shines through on each song. The music is thick with conviction.

As they continue to refine their melancholy melodies, epic chords, and thick metal sounds, they are sure to be a force in music for some years to come.

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